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  1. Any chance you could find out what is on the connoisseurs list for tequila selections? We board Tuesday and the Silversea rep to day told me they have Pepe Lopez, Cuervo Gold and Herrudura Silver. The first two are awful and the Herradura is ok for mixed margaritas but would prefer a sipping option. If they don’t have anything else , I will BYO😬
  2. I saw that . It was just what I was looking for! Thanks:)
  3. Thanks! This is our first on SilverSea. Also on such a small ship. My family has been on Spirit before the stretch and they loved it. We are excited to try something new. Feel free to post any photos of your cabin to this thread:)
  4. We Sail Jan 29th on the 10 day. Actually , I didn't post those photos. Jwag82 did. That being said , I am grateful as there are next to none on the inter web 🙂 If anyone else has any others of the bathroom, balcony etc - feel free to share. I will take a bunch and share in this thread after we sail.
  5. Just back from the 12/1 sailing. We thought the ship and our Infinite Veranda cabin were beautiful.That being said , they have some work to do to win us back. About 50 of us failed to read the fine print that our sea passes would not be loaded with drinks the first day, showing up to an empty - The Club. Instead there would be a welcome party at 7:15 where we could have our Captains Club drinks. Only problem was that on a 3 night sailing on a brand new ship , most were either at dinner or a show during that time. Or exploring. Some ordered drinks after being told by guest relations to go there for their CC drinks. Man were they mad when they were handed the bill. The next night in the Grand Plaza it took 20 minutes or more to get served due to understaffing. Same on day 3. Our internet experience was equally underwhelming. Repeatedly messages or photos would not load. We met with the Internet person who opened a ticket for our two cabins to resolve the slow or sometimes non existent internet. We never heard back and the wifi was poor right up until we left this morning. He explained that Royal uses a different company and different satellites when I asked why the wifi was so much better on Quantum/Oasis class ships. There were multiple times when a crew member had the chance to excel when handling a special request and just didn't. Not because they couldn't but just because they event been trained to make service a priority apparently. Dinner in Normandie was just ok. Rooftop Garden Grill had no flatbreads (even though listed on the menu in the app and online when I booked)and the entrees were just ok. I was shocked at the quality of the apple/cherry pie dessert there. For a specialty restaurant , really unacceptable. Tuscan was a better experience and the service at the three restaurants we tried was good. Hopefully the food and service issues outside the restaurants will improve. The Captains Club benefits should not have to be a fight to enjoy. And the stipulations for things like your 4.00 speciality coffee (has to be ordered in a specialty restaurant) should be removed. Was thinking on NCL we enjoy a status similar to our Elite on Celebrity. We are given two specialty dining opportunities, free internet and laundry, bottle of wine,2 bottles of water, chocolate covered strawberries etc. Anyway - some honest suggestions for making Edge better. Hope someone is listening...
  6. Noted. I came up around 8 and have had the whole martini glass to myself. Monday will be different I'm sure!
  7. Hi, We are on Spirit in January for our first time. Wondering if anyone has post refurbishment photos of a cat B4 Verandah Stateroom. We are staying in 628. Was curious if the Tv is now on the wall in front of the bed? Any photos greatly appreciated:)
  8. A little off topic but does anyone have updated photos of the Veranda Suites?
  9. Actually , the only thing left was the two options for guarantees as I stated. I too have booked on other cruise lines but have never seen deck specific options until this time.
  10. In this case it was deck specific. Hence the thread. The CSR I spoke to acknowledged it was.
  11. To be clear, this was a DZ forward deck 15,16 guarantee. They had two choices at booking. Deck 8 mid guarantee for 400.00 and deck 15,16 forward for 497.00. i ended up deck 8 obstructed mid for 497.00. Had I thought that was a possibility , I would have paid the 400.00 and taken the the former.
  12. We booked a guarantee forward deck ,Marina or Lido for the 10/27 sailing of Regal. Their website gave me two options mid ship obstructed deck 8 for 400.00 pp or forward deck 15,16 for 497.00 a person. After some research I figured the eight cabins with the big balconies and steel under the handrail were way better. So we paid for that guarantee. Yesterday I got an “ upgrade” email that put us on deck 8 e514 with a giant lifeboat right in front. Had I chosen the first guarantee for less money I would be fine with that. However , I would have never thought it was an upgrade to move down to deck 8 midship. in all our cruises I’ve never been presented with an option to pay more for a higher deck guarantee so the whole idea seemed pretty good , narrowing down where you could land on the ship. And since it was already an obstructed category silly me thought that any upgrade would be on the same higher decks . Has this happened to anyone? I called customer service yesterday twice and was told the ship is waitlisted and there is nothing they can do. They offered a dinner in a specialty restaurant. Am I being unreasonable? It just seems to be a bit deceptive to advertise a higher deck obstructed and move you to a lower deck obstructed that you could have purchased for 200.00 less.
  13. Just wondered if someone had and could post current breakfast , lunch and dinner menus. I could not find via search. Thanks!
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