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  1. Hello, is anyone else booked on this? We have been on Star Flyer twice, westbound TA and Cuba.We love the days at sea and the stars. Ashley and Paul from sunny Brighton
  2. We booked through Star Clippers UK and have the have had the same response as you has been
  3. Our (patently, ut patet, wrong) belief was that we would visit this Cayo Blanco: Cayo Blanco del Sur / Ernst Thälmann island, 22 degrees 01' N 81 degrees 22' W - a bit further east, 15km x 500m long strip, (from wikipedia) '...contains highly developed reef formations with a high degree of biodiversity and hosts a number of endangered species, including black coral and various ornamental reef fish species. It has extensive largely untouched beaches... is uninhabited, other than occasional tourists and the indigenous Cuban Iguanas and birds that have their habitat there', which would fit the description somewhat better than what we encountered. The tiny island you mark, apuleius, is, indeed, the outcrop alongside which we hove to - well within sight of Trinidad. Come to think of it, we were in sight of Trinidad for rather too, too long...
  4. not heard anything yet either!
  5. I am sure you will have a brilliant time, we are looking forward to being on the good ship Star Flyer again. We have been on Azamara and Silversea and it is a very different experience. Minus 20 sounds cold it will be a bit warmer here in sunny Brighton (UK).
  6. we arrive in Cuba on 27th January for a three week tour prior to the sailing, looking forward to being on the Star Flyer again, see you on board
  7. We sailed from malaga to barbados last year on the star flyer (this included 12 days at sea with no sight of land). We had done very minimal sailing before that. It was a fabulous experience and we soon learnt the ropes! We are now booked next February out of Cuba for a week. Others will be able to answer your other questions.
  8. we are booked on the 16th Feb too.
  9. thanks for finding that out, only a week to go, yippee!
  10. Yes see you on board, we are in 404. Do you know how full the ship is?
  11. our travel documents arrived today, not long now.
  12. thank you for the link to the star flyer blog, very interesting. i have posted it on the Star flyer TA thread. Ashley
  13. just found this on another thread. check out the excellent four-part blog, on http://maritimematters.com/ about the current Star Flyer trip from Southampton to Lisbon, on its way to Malaga.
  14. Have fun getting your costumes together, we shall start now and see what we come up with.
  15. I seem to remember reading somewhere that there is a dress like a pirate day on board do you know if this is the case?
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