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  1. Great examples, Justin! I've have denoise for years, and just upgraded to get the other 2.
  2. Congratulations! I am still debating myself between this (and switching to a new system) or upgrading my Olympus EM10 to an OMD EM1 mark iii. I have a great collection of lenses, but still leery of what new company will do in the future.
  3. Nice shots! They all came out to pose for you!
  4. Snow here too! Lots more coming tonight!
  5. Almost hard to remember being in a crowd like this!
  6. Oh, that must have been disappointing! I hope it works out for your re-bookings.
  7. What a beautiful keepsake for your family! My cousin worked with my grandma to get all her cookie recipes written down, because she didn't use a recipe. Some of the amounts are strange, because 4 scoops from the blue teacup didn't translate into cups and tablespoons well.
  8. No blue waters here - just a muddy Mississippi and a wide Missouri! (I live in the wedge of land where they meet up!)
  9. I miss fancy and exotic foods! I miss seeing sights from far away! I miss beautiful blue water! How about you?
  10. Sunflowers from Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area, Missouri
  11. This is a problem for me. My EM10 mark ii is almost 5 years. I have a great collection of lenses. Do I purchase one more Olympus camera, which in all likelihood, would be the last camera I will buy? Or do I dump it all now and switch to a new system? Or figure to switch to Panasonic, which will use my m4/3 lenses? Five years ago, I sold all my Sony a-mount camera/lenses/accessories which paid for all my Olympus equipment. I have added only a few lenses since then. I wasn't happy with Sony e-mount, for it's lack of image stabilization. Now that finally is available, but that would
  12. I keep a map of Missouri in my car. On the backroads, gps and phone service is spotty.
  13. Nice shots! I didn't realize the TG4 did so well on macros. I have a TG5, and I love it for food shots, but haven't tried closeups. Your first shot looks like some kind of monster!
  14. Princess customers don't wash their hands as well? Buffet procedures encourages spread of viruses? More elevators/more buttons for more floors that people are touching?
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