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  1. I can log in. I'm using firefox. Maybe try a different browser?
  2. Please don't hit the Nieuw Amsterdam in retaliation!
  3. If you think it's fun, go for it! While the 2 other people who replied to you aren't interested, there is a facebook page for Holland America Cruising Ducks, so there are going to be some people who get into this. I don't plan on bringing any, but I would be tickled to find one.
  4. I wonder if it's a function of what browser you're using. I used Firefox without problem. I agree the website could be more user-friendly, but I didn't get any errors like you listed.
  5. Does that happen frequently or were you on the same cruise as we were? I think it was Canada Day because I remember fireworks as we were anchored.
  6. The cruise line usually has buses that will go to either FLL or MIA. For our cruise, $19 to FLL, $29 to MIA.
  7. If you don't need to do a lot of editing of the videos, I like ProShow Gold (photodex.com). You can download a free trial of it to try.
  8. Congratulations, almost as exciting as a new camera (ha, ha!) Looks good, Justin! As I drive down the road in my Sedona Sunset (orange) Tucson, passing hundreds of white/gray/black cars, I wonder how people ever find theirs in a parking lot!
  9. Thanks for these, mary, I never knew about anything like this.
  10. Is this like a roller coaster for boats?! Thanks for sharing, I've never heard of that.
  11. A few from the botanical garden: This is a corpse flower. It should be blooming in the next few days. Stinks like rotten meat and draws in all the local flies. It's about 6 ft tall. Just a reflection: A little dragonfly love:
  12. We took our first cruise on the Monarch Sun, which was part of Holland America at that time, on Dec 19, 1977. It was it's last sailing as the Monarch Sun, the next cruise it was renamed something else.
  13. If they have lobster, it would probably be on a gala night, otherwise I don't see much of a difference. One thing we like about Holland America: if you don't want to sit through the long dining room service, they serve most of the same food in the buffet. (On the flip side, that can be annoying if you didn't like the choices!) Don't worry, you'll never go hungry, even if you're vegetarian! For guys, a polo and khakis are fine, for women, a nice top and slacks. Alaska especially is known to be more casual.
  14. I'm guessing that the photo from on the ship will be a copyrighted photo that cannot be published in another place. I don't know about the Black Label photos - do they give a digital copy? Otherwise, the picture would have to be scanned in.
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