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  1. I buy QVC Susan Graver Liquid Knit for Travel. Love the Liquid Knit Skort. I also have many Eddie Bauer Travex shirts that are great for day/ excursion wear.
  2. Look at the post cruise shore excursions with your cruise line . I would NOT recommend the airboat ride with airport drop off but there will probably be other choices. We went on a wonderful bus tour of Fort Lauderdale with a water (Riverboat?) tour, with airport drop off. These tours meet at the cruise port and would limit walking and transfers your family would need to make in the steamy hot sun. Happy cruising.
  3. We received a full refund from Holland on July 4, 2020. We had requested the refund online on April 17, 2020 for our June 21, 2020 Alaska cruise/tour on the Noordam. Thank you to all who posted. We miss visiting with fellow cruise travelers. Stay safe and well.
  4. I had that yesterday on my IPhone. Today all is back to normal.
  5. Zappos.com has free shipping and free return shipping. Easy to use return website. I use them when I am looking at new brands and styles. Unfortunately I always end up taking my Brooks running shoes and two pairs of Birkenstock’s . Old for use around water , with new heavy coat of cork protection and a pair for evening wear. Unfortunately many times I end up wearing my black Brooks to the dining room because of hip and knee problems.
  6. I once went on a group land tour with my moms friends. They had a group photo taken. After the trip we were all given a mug with the photo on it. I smiled every time I saw the mug in my cabinet. Later when cleaning out my moms home I realize she had a group of mugs from trips she had taken with that group. You might look a Shutterfly for ideas with photos.
  7. The website for Holiday Inn Express at SeaTac shows Walkin Showers in some rooms. We stayed there last year in June and they were finishing a major renovations. They have a convenient shuttle to and from the airport. Very nice hotel.
  8. We take suction cup hooks to use on the mirror and one or two magnet hooks. It helps keep the desk and bathroom organized.
  9. Yes, it takes quite a lot of room in my, backpack to carry all the medicine. That is why I organized my medicine in the smallest containers possible and have made a custom windowed nylon multi pocket medicine travel bag to keep everything organized. It is also why each trip I take less clothes and stuff because I always need my medicine and medical devices with me, just in case. But each person is different and each of us should decide what is a priority. For me not having my medicine and equipment is my priority. Happy safe cruising.
  10. I have always taken my meds in a organized weekly pill boxes to help me keep track of them. I also have pill bottles with an additional 30 for each RX that is always packed along with just in case medicine that my Dr wants me to carry in case I have a flare up of one of my conditions. Now I might stuff the 30 day bottles full to the top for my next cruise.
  11. In Seattle last July I looked at both on my phone and my dh. His cost was twice the price to the airport as mine. We had two cars sitting in the pick up area 4 feet from us but the car that picked us up was 10 minutes away. Even the two nice waiting drivers were confused.
  12. What type of insurance do you recommend a cruise traveler make sure is part of their policy to cover potential future side effects of this new virus?
  13. We always use battery tea lights. From the $Tree. One will last 6 to 7 days. We keep them on in the bathroom for the entire cruise and throw out at the end. I usually take 3 for a 7 day cruise because we have had ones that didn’t work. We find that we experience the wonders of the ship more, sleep better and feel Less ship movement less with an inside. We book our type of cabin based on the best deal . We have experienced all cabin types and find each have good points. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. You can order your wine before you leave home and total wine will have it waiting for you to pick it up. Publix has a nice travel item area for forgotten items. Tj maxx is also next door. The port does have a manned entrance gate where you will need to show passports and if I remember right ship info. So have that information on your person and not in the cab trunk. When at the FLL taxi area the person helping with taxis will ask you to wait until the front cab in line is a Mini Van. Usually every 4 cab or so. A very short wait. Have a wonderful cruise.
  15. I would like a rollator that easilyand quickly folds both directions and can be placed in the backseat of a car, works well on moving sidewalks and plane gangway at an airport and on a cruise ship. It must also have a seat. Does anyone have rollator they find works well for this use? Thank you for your help.
  16. Publix has a great travel product section. FYI TJMAXX is also in the shopping center. It came in handy when our flight was late AND they lost all of our daughter-in-laws luggage. Have a great cruise. Please share your experience at ES. We stayed there 3 years ago and had a terrible room and bath. The breakfast was beautiful and up to The standards other ES. But since we are not big eaters we have not stayed there again. We love the area so we stay at HI and HP. Both which we prefer over ES.
  17. We bought an IT bag two years ago. We have been amazed at how well it holds up both with airlines and cruise port to ship transport. We use it many times a year. It is light grey and shows the marks but we love the light weight. We recently changed our carry ons to IT. We bought all of ours at TJMAXX.
  18. I use a Big Box Club travel site to see the available cabins.
  19. When we canceled a SW flight the credit needed to be used 1 year from the Booking date of the canceled flight.
  20. Thank you for the quick reply. We would never be able to carry 2 so 8 sounds quite heavy. We must roll everything. Another post had a great idea of using bungee cords and a cardboard wine box on top of rolling case. After I thought about it I decided that the extra weight in my rolling under the seat bag would eventually tip over before I got to my cabin and I would have broken glass and red wine everywhere. Not a good start. Lol
  21. What do you use to transport 8 bottles into check in and onto the ship? Do you have a special rolling bag? I have a rolling under the seat bag I use on the plane for medicine and change of clothes. I can usually stuff in two bottles and a few mini cans of diet ginger ale .
  22. Yes. No problem. Many posts talk about this. I found the main problem is just the hassle of transporting more than two bottles to the ship. You need to carry them on when you check in. Happy Cruising.
  23. Total Wine at Harbor Shops. You can order online and they will have it ready for pickup. Publix is next door in case you forgot something. They have a very large travel product section. Happy Cruising.
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