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  1. We will be arriving in Amsterdam at 10:00 on a Saturday and taking the Train directly to the Port to board HAL Rotterdam.

    Is there any where around the Port/Train station where we can purchase wine to Carry Aboard?  Even at the Airport possibly?

    We will try to buy some at Duty Free - but just in case, wondered if there might be an easy to access location.



  2. On 9/10/2019 at 6:46 PM, dogs4fun said:

    We walked from port to the train station so it is definitely possible to walk into town. Do you know what you wish to see/visit? 

    I am looking into what is available.

    I see there is a Tourist bus (Bee Le Havre) which should give us an overview.

    Any suggestion?




  3. O

    1 minute ago, AncientWanderer said:

    Ours has not been chilled, but the stateroom attendant has stopped by to ask when we would like it chilled to enjoy.  If your stateroom attendant isn't as proactive, you might call to make your request.


    Okay, Thank you.  I was hoping we could arrive to our room and it would be 'ready to drink'.  Perhaps I can try calling HAL and see if they can help,

  4. Thank you both for the replies.

    We will each bring on a bottle at embarkation and then check the selection.

    If it makes sense we'll purchase more while in Port.

    $7 a beer seems reasonable.  


    One other question, can you carry on water bottles or soft drinks?

    Thanks again.

  5. Good Day,

    We will be sailing on The Rotterdam in October.

    I was looking to pre-order some wine and noticed the online pricing seems very high - and when compared to alcohol it seem ridiculous.

    The cheapest wine is $45-$50 per bottle, while a Litre of Vodka or Rum is $40!

    Beer is $42 a 6 pack for American Beer, which we don't drink.


    My question is - are the prices for wine any better while onboard?  And is there a better selection?

    Are they other beers available besides American flavours?


    I understand we are able to bring a bottle of wine on at Embarkation.

    Can we also purchase a bottle while in Ports?  or will they confiscate?

    Thank you for any input.

  6. Does anyone know which port the Rotterdam will be docking at (October 12th, 2019)?

    Apparently there are several depending on ship size?

    Trying to figure out if we can walk off ship and tour the city on our own...

    Thank you.

  7. I see you can pre order wine, etc from HAL Indulgences.

    Just wondering if I can have it delivered on a specific date on the cruise?

    My husband's birthday takes place on the 5th day of our cruise and I'd like to surprise him.

    Is preordering the best way? 

    I am guessing I could also order once onboard, but it would be charged to our 'shared' account.   I'd prefer he did not see the charge ....LOL or have to pay for it! 🙂 

  8. Good Day, just wondering if any one has opinions on the AA Rear Facing Balcony cabins on the Rotterdam?

    We are looking at the 7th Floor Navigation Deck.   Is there issues with people above looking down on the balcony?

    6th Floor looks better but it is sold out...


    Any other thoughts or opinions?  

    The other choice would be a B or AA on the side....


    Thanks for any input.


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