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  1. We'll be on the end of September. I was really hoping someone would live post a review this week
  2. Desantis won a court case to make cruising less safe: https://www.local10.com/news/local/2021/06/19/judge-sides-with-floridas-opposition-to-cdc-rules-on-cruise-lines/ since cruise lines were already getting back to business, all he is doing is making it harder for cruise lines to protect us. What a RINO! I hope the cruise lines pull more business out of Florida to punish him but I doubt it.
  3. I'm not sure what area you are from where Republicans are the ones that are anti-vaxers but it certainly isn't the case in my area with me, my family and friends, all conservatives and virtually all have had their vaccines. Many Democrats are still fearful in my area because of the misinformation the democratic party and main stream media spread when Trump got the vaccine approve and set up the infrastructure in place to vaccinate quickly. then as soon as Biden was sworn in they all did an about-face and pretended they never said anything negative and now trying to get people to ignore what they said 6-12 months ago. The liberals I know are a mixed bunch, many have been vaccinated but many just spout off they have the RIGHT NOT to get vaccinated and don't usually point to any scientific reason though some are still afraid from the early hysteria spread by their own party. In the end I just wish ALL people from ALL parties would just do a little research on their own from respectable medical sources and not just take the word of one friend, one case, one article from 6 months ago that may or may not have bias in either direction. Gather as much info from multiple good sources and make an intelligent decision based on facts that is right for them.
  4. Now we had leftover salad greens from Sunday tonight, but they weren't dressed so they held up fine, just added onion, olives, Italian dressing, and fresh course ground black pepper. I forgot to add cheese....sigh
  5. that's pretty close to a patty melt around here which I love...tartar sauce is the only outlier, I don't eat much of it because I'm not a big fish eater, but it's okay and I would think it could pair well with the sandwich. And I love Onion rings which I almost got for lunch today...maybe tomorrow.
  6. I'm not sure if I ever had wonton soup on a cruise but I had it last night from my local take-our place and it was decent. I really like the one at PF Changs; Chicken, pork and shrimp and the broth is great. We share the big terrine of it between the two of us.
  7. Can anyone think of a sandwich that bacon would not improve?
  8. yeah. I just forgot about....an already dressed salad is not going to last much beyond the next day and that one was already sub par
  9. I have been lucky so far that I can eat a bowl of chili and go right to bed but my DH isn't as lucky. We eat at 4:00pm at home so he can digest everything fully before bed. He doesn't usually have trouble on a cruise eating at 6:00 and finishing at 7:30, It must be the exercise of walking around the ship afterwards or the mattresses but we're grateful either way.
  10. well I forgot about my leftover salad experiment and looked at it today and it didn't look too good so I threw it out.
  11. they also often have a savory salad course after the entree
  12. well then I will plan on us wearing suits or tuxes for a tea. I doubt they have teas aboard the American Queen or Enchantment of the Seas but I'm going to try to find out. We'll have formal clothes anyway for dinner even tough no lines have real formal nights anymore. We always go formal on the lame elegant trailer park nights or whatever they are calling it now.
  13. A good cheese board can have a selection of maybe 5 cheeses that covers a lot of bases. Creamy cheese (like Brie) medium cheese, hard cheese, cows milk, sheeps milk, goat cheese, a blue or veined cheese, different countries, different colors, smoky, different ages. I just crave savory items like potato chips or cheese as a snack instead of sweets.
  14. That's the way to do it! Celebrate BEFORE the event. I Like it!
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