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  1. Sorry to hear! Saturday, our Mayor did come out with even more restrictions, then, the Governor, in regards to the travel ban! Now, we wait and see for how long. But, cases still happening, I think it will be a while! Susan in Anchorage 🙂
  2. Waiting to hear if the Mayor of Anchorage is going to restrict us more than our Governor! More cases(both resident and non resident) showing up in our numbers, the last week! Today's update said 12 new cases, recently reported, here in Anchorage, because, of a gathering Memorial Day weekend! Susan in Anchorage 🙂
  3. As long as Canada opens their ports and Alaska doesn't have a travel ban mandate! A second season of no Alaskan cruises would wipe out a lot of tourism businesses in those areas, if, they survive this year! Susan in Anchorage 🙂
  4. The mandate has been updated! Reading it, I see no end date mentioned! https://covid19.alaska.gov/travelers/ Susan in Anchorage 🙂
  5. Last Friday (May 29th), the governor said that to come to Alaska you will need to have a negative COVID-19 test with 72 hours of arrival in Alaska, and, starts June 6th! Health and social services will be at the airports when you get off your plane. Hand in paperwork or take a test there. No guarantee they won't be out of test before then! So, if no test, still 14 day quarantine! Or, test at airport, quarantine until results! More guidance is supposed to come out by the end of the week! https://covid19.alaska.gov/health-mandates/
  6. It was announced by the Canadian Government today, that they will be extending the cruise ship ban through October 31, 2020. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/05/29/canada-cruises-ban-no-large-ships-until-november-amid-coronavirus/5283450002/ Still waiting to hear if our travel quarantine ban(14 days of self isolation when you get back into the State) is going to be extended past June 2nd. I'm sorry if you all can't come see us this year, but, hoping for a better season in 2021! Susan in Anchorage🙂
  7. Smoke has been an issue again this week in Anchorage. Was really bad earlier in the week, and, I thought it was the Swan Lake fire (which is on the Kenai Peninsula), but, no, it was a fire north in the Glenallen area! Then, the wind shifted and that smoke blew out, but, Swan Lake smoke then blew in. At times, you can't even see the mountains that surround town, and, can actually see it laying in the air, in my cul du sac! Gets hard that we've had extreme temperatures, and, can't open your windows, because, the air all smells like one big campfire! Susan
  8. Termination dust keeps taking longer and longer. As someone mentioned it used to be around State Fair time. Just last summer, hit the fair, and, it dawned on me, no, nothing, that weekend, and, it was still probably 3+ weeks after that, and, then, that melted really close. Climate has really changed up here! I mean who would of thought we would of hit 90F on 4th of July! And, with us having these higher temperatures staying around longer, who knows when it will be this year. The other thing is, that we get a lot of more lightning and thunder storms within the Anchorage bowl!
  9. As someone said, it would depend on where your transfer is picking you up. Is it the airport, or it is the Egan Center! Once you know this, then, we could make some suggestions! Susan in Anchorage 🙂
  10. This area is in our midtown, and, you'd basically be staying in a very commercial area. Lots of hotels, office buildings, Lowe's, Home Depot, and, restaurants (most of them nationwide chains). Yes, Springhill Suites is near a WalMart, also, the city library, Natural Pantry (a natural food store, rather big) and a movie theater! Several corners near the WalMart do have panhandlers(you just tell them no, and, move on) on them, but, WalMart has security drive the parking lot! I live here, and, would have no problem walking around in either of the others you have mentione
  11. Anchorage Museum has native artists items for sale too! Susan in Anchorage 🙂
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