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  1. Granted, but PP didn't mention international flights just "flying on an airline".
  2. Please explain. If they're under 16 (18?), they don't need to present ANY ID to get through security. So how does having a passport make it "easier"?
  3. Don't forget to look at Melbourne and Daytona as possible departure points. A little further away (Daytona is extra 15 minutes, Melbourne is same time) than MCO, but smaller airports means easier TSA, and not as many fliers.
  4. And all the people who have put their stuff in the safe and haven't been robbed? They've just been "lucky" while you've "planned ahead"? Just because you've never been robbed while out doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I'd still feel safer leaving valuables in a locked safe behind a locked door than carrying things around with me.
  5. According to the article, they tried. The Embassy was closed for the weekend. I wouldn't consider a hotel safe bolted to the wall "easily compromised". Compared to the soft flesh of my body (especially when confronted with a gun or knife), I would (and do) bet on the safe keeping my stuff "safer".
  6. RC isn't forcing anyone to anything. There's nothing that says you have to have ANY alcohol at all. That is entirely your choice.
  7. The cruise I got the package, yes, I drank more than I would have normally to make sure I got my money's worth. And you're right, you do need to average the number of drinks over the entire cruise. And I'm not saying the drink package isn't good for anyone. I'm sure there are plenty of people who benefit from it. It's the people who claim "it's always worth it" to any one who asks that I have a problem with. And those who use fuzzy logic to justify it... "I don't want to 'waste' money on a drink if I don't like it", but if they don't drink enough with the package, they're wasting money (possibly more than a drink or two).
  8. I've heard this argument before and if you think about it, it doesn't really hold water. So the thought is you're willing to try a new drink because, since you've already paid for it, you're not "wasting money" if you don't like it. HOWEVER, if you don't drink enough during the entire length of the cruise, then you're "wasting money" by getting the drink package. And you mention what you have to drink on average per day... on a port intensive cruise, it could be hard to keep that average up (if you're off the ship for 6-7 hours, you're not drinking their alcohol... leaving out a private island). On a sea day? No problem keeping that average up. Port day? OK, maybe a coffee in the morning, a couple bottles of water to take with you, then make up the drinking when you get back on board. But what if you're not a night owl? What if you're a "light weight" and can't handle four alcoholic drinks in as many hours? IMO, the only reason to get the drink package is if you think you will drink enough to break even (at least nearly). That's a decision each individual needs to make based on their alcohol tolerance and the cost of the package. Out of our three cruises, I had the deluxe package once. I felt like I was trying hard to get my money's worth. The other two, I paid as I wanted a drink. If I didn't want one, I didn't get one. Easy peasy.
  9. Did you let the excursion operators know what ship you're on? They're going to know whether you'll be able to make the excursion or not. And cruises are not different than flights and trains. Those also allow you to visit areas. The only difference is you get to pick when you leave, not so on cruise ships. Presumably your itinerary showed 8a-4p (or 3:45p) so you were trying to make an 8:15 excursion and a 3:30 return? Do you not allow any "what if" time in your planning (ie: What if there's a problem with customs and we can't get off the ship on time? What if there's a massive line to leave the ship at 8 and we don't get off the ship in time? What if there's some problem returning from our excursion and we're late?) Even on our first cruise, we used private excursions BUT I made sure the excursion operators knew what ship we were on, what time the ship was supposed to dock and leave, AND confirmed with them that we take the excursion with no issues.
  10. I had something similar happen to me. I was returning from a work event. My first leg was delayed because of weather. When I got to the connecting airport, I ran to the connecting gate. It was 5 minutes before departure time the plane was still at the gate, but the door was closed and they wouldn't let me on. They got me on the next flight... 3 hours later. It was a 20 minute flight. 😛
  11. To answer your question as written, yes, if you're late enough for the all aboard time, the ship could leave without you. It seems pretty obvious to me they want all passengers and crew on board 30 minutes before departure. Once all passengers and crew are on board and accounted for, the ship can leave. Or do you think since they say they're leaving at 8pm, that's your limit? Heh... try that with the airlines.
  12. Totally agree with you! If you think you're going to drink enough, fine go for it. But the people who say "I don't want to think about the cost" or "I don't want to deal with a bill at the end" (here's a hint... take the money you would have spent on the package and set it aside, then use that to pay your bill at the end) or the other bizarre reasons just floor me.
  13. You gave your experience and I gave mine. Why you think yours outweighs mine, I don't understand, but whatever.
  14. We just returned from a trip to NYC, but not for a cruise. We used Carmellimo to/from the airport. While we had to wait ~5-10 minutes for pickup at the airport (traffic was EXTREMELY backed up getting into the airport), everything else went without a hitch. Both drivers were professional and didn't make us feel unsafe at all.
  15. Third base! Pitching: Today Catching: Tomorrow 1st: Who 2nd: What 3rd: I don't know SS: I don't give a darn LF: Why CF: Because RF: ??? Right field is never named.
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