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  1. That's not what chengkp75 was talking about anyway. He was refuting PP's claim that the government could keep a US citizen from boarding a cruise ship in Spain, Australia, Japan, or any other foreign port.
  2. From the article you linked... Just because they're taking reservations for the resorts doesn't mean the parks will reopen then. Do they hope they will? I'm sure.
  3. So fault the lawmakers, not the companies. Just my opinion of course.
  4. The cruise lines (ANY company) takes advantage of the laws to pay the least amount they can... just like EVERY American. So you don't pay more taxes than what you owe, right? That's my point... companies aren't paying more than they owe either. If someone came up to you and said they could cut your tax burden in half, totally legally, 100%, would you say "no, I'm good what I'm paying now"? Of course not. But that's what people want businesses to do. Explain that logic.
  5. So you take 0 deductions, not even the standard when it comes to tax time? Anyone who says they don't try to pay less in taxes is a liar.
  6. Regarding the bolded, I don't think that's true. If a toddler is standing on the railing, and leans (and falls) forward, I think there's a good chance they could end up out the window. That space (between railing and window) is only 12". The average height of a 18 month old girl is 30"+
  7. So they use this picture saying "it is incredibly difficult to tell which windows were open" I somewhat agree. From that angle, it looks like all of the upper and lower levels of windows are closed and the middle row is all open. BUT, Anello was not looking at the windows from that angle. That has to be what, 10-12' off the deck? He'd be standing with a more direct view. Didn't the lawyer complain about the angles being deceiving from the security cameras? Also, this picture is almost midway across the deck. Wasn't he AT the window when he made his fatal decision to pick her up?
  8. If the bolded is true, why would they not have settled already?
  9. You're missing my point. Let's say the drink package is "normally" (and we know there's no such thing) $65/day. So this "sale" is happening and now the drink package is at $60/day. Is that worth it to you? If not, it doesn't matter whether it's on sale or not. The fact something is "on sale" doesn't mean you need to purchase it. You have to ask yourself two questions... would I like to do/purchase this? Is it worth the money? If the answers to both questions are "yes", buy it. It doesn't matter whether it's on sale or not. This applies everywhere, not just on cruises.
  10. While I don't totally agree with the policy, I understand Royal's stance on it. If RC says "if one member of your party is denied boarding, then all members of the traveling party can get refunds", what's to stop people from showing up, saying "I'm sick" and getting their refund? On the other hand, I agree with PP that the policy can be written so that if a member of the traveling party is 21 or younger (whatever the minimum age to cruise solo), then if one is denied boarding, all are denied boarding and entitled to refunds. Also to prevent people from "faking" sickness, if they say they've had a fever, why not have them screened by medical staff? Surely they could have some rapid flu tests on hand.
  11. Go into your planner and look at what you'd like to do. Then decide if the cost is "worth it". If it is, purchase it, if it's not, don't. Or do you purchase something just because it's "on sale"?
  12. Agreed. I think any change to the window system before the civil case is finished gives ammunition to Winkleman... "See, they knew the windows were dangerous, that's why they changed them!".
  13. I"m not sure how many people get life insurance on their kids, much less a toddler.
  14. Doesn't matter. There's no expectation of privacy where she is.
  15. Anello did a plea deal. He's going to get probation.
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