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  1. So IF they have a fake vaccination card, you think when questioned, they're going to say "nope, never had the vaccine"? OK. Good luck with that.
  2. Do you really think every business would be allowed to check state records? You are both missing the point. Before you have an investigation, much less a trial, you need a SUSPICION that a crime has been committed. What is going to give someone that suspicion? That they came down with covid? When we KNOW the vaccine doesn't keep everyone from getting the disease? Please tell me what would trigger the investigation. Maybe. But it would be another unusual circumstance for that to happen.
  3. And who exactly is going to figure out the card is forged? Let's say, for the sake of argument... A) Person A has a faked immunization card (which is not really hard to do). B) Person A uses that fake card to: Go on a cruise Attend a ballgame Go to college No one is even going to do more than take a quick look at the card. But, let's say Person A comes down with Covid, or someone Person A was around comes down with Covid. Do you REALLY think someone will think "hey, this card might be faked, let's start tracking down the information (that ma
  4. And you think RCI is going to follow up with someone (who?) to see if the card is faked vs accepting that vaccines don't prevent 100% of infections?
  5. What do you have to explain? Just because you got the vaccine doesn't mean you can't catch covid. So someone can be actually vaccinated and STILL get the vaccine. So someone boards with a fake vaccination card, gets covid, and TPTB say "but you got the vaccination, this card must be fake", and you say "nope, I must have fallen into the 5% the vaccine doesn't work on." Where's the issue?
  6. Many businesses didn't enforce mask mandates, you think they're going to require customers to show proof of vaccines? I also have a bridge I can sell you.
  7. Not denying a mask does MORE to protect others. But that hasn't been the claim. Many people have said wearing a mask does NOTHING for the wearer. Simply can't be the case.
  8. And 675,000 Americans were killed by the Spanish flu. A much higher percentage of the population at that point. The flu is still around. When's the last time a business has asked if you've had a flu vaccine? I'm not saying Covid isn't deadly and isn't serious. If that's what you're reading, you may want to try again. What I am saying is some people have left logic at the door when it comes to Covid. I've already listed some examples, how about another one... masks don't protect the wearer, they protect others. That's impossible. How could the same cloth NOT protect the wear
  9. Oh, the same businesses that won't enforce a mask mandate? They're going to put someone at the door and make everyone show they've been vaccinated? Highly doubt it's going to happen. Cruise lines have two reasons to require vaccines... 1) The government (any government) might require it for them to be in business to start with or to visit. 2) They need to battle the PR issue of appearing as "floating petri dishes".
  10. Yes, logic because there are plenty of deadly diseases that have not been eradicated, meaning they're still around. What makes Covid different from those? I believe some of them are even deadlier if you catch them. Sort of like the people who feel everyone should wear masks... even if you're outside on a trail with no one in 100' of you. (Not saying this is you or PP, but they're out there). My son and I just got back from a soccer tournament (outdoor). The rule was everyone (even the players) had to wear masks. BUT there was no rule saying the masks had to cover the mouth mu
  11. If you're vaccinated, why does it matter if your contractors are? I swear people have thrown logic out the window with this.
  12. I'm curious... did you ask contractors before this if they were vaccinated against smallpox, polio, measles, anything?
  13. Actually, not a Fact. Or, it's as much of a "rule" as RCI's "no shorts in the MDR" is a "rule".
  14. I believe so. I have not heard if any of the volunteers who got the actual vaccine still have antibodies.
  15. Is that because the flu "season" generally only lasts a couple of months? Maybe that's what will happen with Covid.
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