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  1. I think it says covid COULD exacerbate the issue. But if you want to assume 1/3 of death certificates are wrong, then I don't know that you can compare covid to anything.
  2. So you only want to look at a certain time? lol OK. All of those who died before last week don't matter? All of those who died after last week don't matter? How about we look at how many people died from Covid in 2019. That works, doesn't it?
  3. So first, the last time the article was updated was May. Second, just saying the certificates could be "wrong" says what? There are more Covid deaths than counted? Less? And couldn't that also mean the death certificates for NON covid related deaths (going back years) could be wrong?
  4. Well, according to the CDC (source), only Heart Disease and Cancer kill more people in a year (in the US) than Covid has (and we're only ~8 months in). I don't believe Heart Disease and Cancer are communicable. So if you've got facts showing other diseases, illnesses, and accidents cause far more annual deaths, please feel free to share. BTW, Covid is currently listed as causing 231k deaths in the US. Even allowing for some inflation, do you really think 60k deaths have been incorrectly associated with Covid? (According to CDC, accidents would be the next leading cause of death at ~170k).
  5. But businesses can limit who their customers are for any reason that is not protected (age, sex, religion, etc).
  6. But RCI (or any business for that matter) can say "if you're not vaccinated, you're not doing business with us" (simplifying of course). Businesses have said for years "no shirt, no shoes, no service". How is this different?
  7. My observation is ~90% wear a mask where they should. Of those, maybe 60% are wearing them correctly. Whether it's "all the time", how would anyone know that?
  8. Can you please post your background so we know why we should trust your opinion? What studies you have examined? Stop using science! You know that has no place in this discussion! 🤣
  9. I disagree with that. IMO, if a store is allowed to open, then everything in that store should be sellable. No. If you and I are having a conversation and I have Covid... If I have a mask AND you have a mask, you are as protected as you can get. If I have a mask and you DON'T have a mask, you are still protected (my mask will stop most, but not all of the virus). If I don't have a mask and you do, you are somewhat protected (your mask stops SOME of the virus). If neither of us have a mask, you're screwed. Not really, but just summing it up. 😄 Wearing a mask HELPS the wearer, but not as much as if the person with covid wears one.
  10. Totally agree with you. The question is will everyone else wear a mask? Will a store not challenge someone who refuses to wear a mask (they should).
  11. I think you need to ask, "what qualifies as a pre-existing condition"? Just for example, if you're 10 pounds overweight, does that qualify you? 15? 20? If you have diabetes (controlled)? A weak heart? Is there any stat that shows how many people have pre-existing conditions? 10%? 20%? 50%?
  12. I agree things can get locked down "too tight". Obviously the rights bestowed to citizens vary by country. The problem is a few "spoil it" for the many. I do think the virus needs to be gotten under control. Unfortunately there are many who don't want to take practical steps (masks, social distancing, wash hands) to mitigate the spread. I think that puts governments between a rock and a hard place. If the "reasonable" steps aren't followed, then you get to the more severe "draconian" steps. I don't think saying "those who die from Covid weren't healthy to begin with" or "were going to die soon anyway" is a good way to approach things.
  13. I know you're in the UK, and if anyone in another country wants to answer, feel free, but exactly what "liberty" is being restricted by requiring masks? I really don't get the argument. For as long as I can remember, stores have had signs that say "no shirt, no shoes, no service". No one ever complained. So business CAN require you to wear shirts & shoes, but not masks? The "state" (ie: legally) forces you to wear some kind of clothing when out in public. So do those who think the government shouldn't be able to force you to wear masks shouldn't be able to force you to wear clothing?
  14. I get all that. I'd like to see the raw numbers. What's the normal fluctuation between years? 5k? 10k? 100k?
  15. I'm assuming there are at least some fluctuation in year to year death numbers. I wish that was easily found (and I admit I haven't looked yet). I think it would be interesting to post the numbers from at least the last 5 years.
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