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  1. You might want to look at flying out of Melbourne. It's about the same drive time, but Melbourne is a much smaller airport, and you can get to the gate easier/quicker. That being said, I still wouldn't chance it.
  2. Assuming you have a windows computer, microsoft paint should allow you to redact your personal information. Or, if you take a picture with a phone/tablet, many of them have basic editing capabilities, just use a "black pen" to scratch out what you need to.
  3. You didn't offend me. I understand and agree if I would have booked a cruise, and between the booking and cruise itself the rules changed, yes, I would be upset/disappointed, and I would expect a full refund (or the option for it). It's the comment (I think you were the one who made it) about it "not being fair" that those who are 12 and older are required to be vaccinated. I get your point, I just disagree with you. Maybe if they said "those 12 years and 2 months or older must be vaccinated" would be easier to take. Personally, if I had someone turning 12 within 2 months of the cruise (so they wouldn't be available to get the vaccine), I would put off the cruise. There are plenty of land vacations, if not "staycations" that would fulfill my vacation "need". Yes, it sucks, but nothing about the last 18 months (and probably the next 6 to 12) has been exactly "sunshine & roses".
  4. If your nose is running, are you going to avoid your cruise? What if it just started that day? If you have a headache, do you avoid your cruise? If you cough? Or do you get tested every time you have a symptom? That's the problem (ok, one of the problems) with this virus... it's not always obvious when you have it. I might get a headache if I didn't drink enough water. Allergies or a change in the weather can make my nose run. I don't think your statement (although I know it's been said over and over again) is enough. I've thought since the beginning, every employer should test every employee at least twice a week. Knowing who is infected, even if they don't know, should be a good way to getting past this.
  5. The policy does involve birthdates... if the child is older than 12 and fully vaccinated, they can cruise. If you want to simplify things, they could just say "only those fully vaccinated can cruise". You'd still be in the same boat (pun intended). I don't understand what's "not fair". If you want to cruise, get fully vaccinated. Don't want to (or can't) get fully vaccinated, don't cruise. Seems to be treating everyone equally. If a child would turn 12 on a cruise, at this point in time, they couldn't be vaccinated (even partially), so no, they wouldn't be allowed to embark as an 11 year old.
  6. IGNORE THE POSTED TIME. Tell the tour operator what ship you're coming in on and the date. They'll know what time you're available, and what time you need to be back. Before you get off the ship, confirm SHIP time, find out the "All Aboard Time", and keep a watch set to SHIP time. Make sure you're back by All Aboard Time.
  7. It's been a while (2016), but the sport court had designated times for basketball, soccer, and volleyball. For "open play", I think you could do basketball or soccer. This was on Freedom.
  8. One time I tried it (I think it was ~$45/day) and I was struggling at the end of the week to break even. That includes getting bottled water. I don't drink coffee. Sea days (and private island days) are easy. Port days, not so much. Each person needs to weigh how THEY drink. It doesn't matter if someone else thinks it's worth it. Does convenience factor in? Sure. But you have to present your card anyway, and I still got slips if I wanted to give an extra tip. So not much different. Being able to try something else if I don't like what I got? Yup, would do that whether I pay or not. I threw out a full smoothie on our first Oasis cruise because I didn't like the taste.
  9. We've got a cruise planned for July. A) We're REALLY hoping things calm down by then. B) It's a celebration for DS' HS graduation- we did it for his older sister in 2016, so it's his turn. 2023 is a hopeful Hawaii trip for DW & my 30th. 2024 would be younger DD's HS graduation trip.
  10. I thought it was Border Patrol/Homeland Security/Customs that required a cut off time. Something about the passenger list needs to be in a certain time before sailing? That would explain why they couldn't just "keep the doors open 15 minutes". This isn't a port stop, it's embarkation. I'm going on a company retreat tomorrow. We were told last week(?), maybe the week before, we had to have a negative Covid test within 48 hours of the retreat starting. Some people are flying in today. I called my PCP, said "do you do this?" and made an appointment for this morning. About an hour after my appointment time, I was walking out of the office with the test results. My coworker, also going on the retreat, went to a mass testing site yesterday morning, was there just shy of an hour (never got out of the car), and had results last night. The couple must have known the test was a requirement, and why, the morning of sailing, with no results in hand, did they not start calling, going by doctor's offices, urgent treatments, heck, maybe even a hospital if you're getting desperate. Explain the situation and see if they could get it done.
  11. Thanks. I couldn't picture it from the pictures.
  12. Sorry, stupid question... how do you attach/detach the wire loops?
  13. OK, I'll bite. How do the porter tags make it "simpler" to move the bag from the curb to the ship? With luggage tags: 1) Give bags to porter. 2) Porter puts bags on cart 3) Cart goes to ship. With no luggage tags 1) Give bags to porter 2) Porter asks what room 3) Passenger answers 4) Porter writes room number (hopefully legibly) on tag 5) Porter attaches tag(s) to bag(s) 6) Porter puts bags on cart 3) Cart goes to ship
  14. Our first Royal cruise was in 2013. It was the "do it yourself craft project" then. OP, the luggage tags were part of the edocs, I think they weren't available until a month or two before the cruise. You print out a luggage tag on a single sheet of paper, then fold the paper to the width of the tag, then use packing tape to hold it all together. Wrap around your luggage and attach with staples/tape, but only after your flight (if you have one). If you don't get the tags, or don't want to deal with the craft project, the porters will be able to put some on at the port. Personally, I kind of like them.
  15. These. For planning purposes with private excursions, don't tell the excursion folks what time you'll be there. Tell them what ship you'll be on. They'll know whether it's feasible or not.
  16. They will also give you the option to change to a later flight. If you're not comfortable with the flight they assigned you (assuming it's at least 90-two hours difference than what you had originally booked)... 1) Go to that airlines website and find a flight with timing that works for you (ignore the price... price doesn't matter). 2) Call/message the airline and let them know the flight they changed you do doesn't work for you (that's all they need to know, it doesn't matter if you're on a cruise, have to work, or just want to sleep late). You would like to be put on flight <flight number(s) from step one). If you like, you can have a "Plan A" and "Plan B".
  17. Are you trying to claim that vaccinations do absolutely NOTHING against the delta variant? I hope you have some science to back that up. By far the majority of breakthrough cases (those who have been vaccinated but still come down with covid) have not required hospitalizations, much less ICU/intubations or death. If you're saying you are vaccinated and you're still worried about the delta variant (which is fine), you shouldn't be going to grocery stores, restaurants, or office buildings, much less cruises. Huh? Yea, that proves your point If you feel being in the "controlled environment" of a cruise ship is that much safer than being in public on land, how are you even leaving your house?
  18. How much safer? Say you go from a 1% chance of catching COVID on land to a 0.1% chance on a ship. Is that really a drastic enough difference? Not to me. YMMV.
  19. The OP said they're vaccinated. That in itself (IMO at least) gives them a "fighting chance" to avoid getting Covid. To say nothing about various businesses doing extra cleaning, requiring masks, etc (similar to cruise lines). Please don't make it sound like someone is extra super safe on a cruise and they're not on land.
  20. I wondered that also. What's the best way to inform hundreds, if not thousands that the cruise is cancelled? I'm guessing this wasn't cancelled because of Covid. Eight months out seems WAY too early to cancel because of that. Either some kind of maintenance issue (again, eight months seems extreme, but maybe that's the only time they can get it in) or chartered? There is a 7 night sailing on Symphony leaving from Miami on April 2. That's a Sat-Sat, so why wouldn't that one work?
  21. The bottom line is it's an individual decision. How much you THINK you'll drink, and you need to be realistic, consider port days (it's easy to get three, four, or even five drinks a day when you're at sea or on the private islands, but line up some port days and it may be more difficult), and at what cost does "convenience" factor in. As far as tasting a drink and not liking it, I've done that WITHOUT the package. Guess what, I had a couple sips, didn't like the drink, and so I threw it away and got another. The cruise I had the drink package, I was always trying to keep an account of my drinking to make sure I was getting my monies worth. Unless the package is at an UNBELIEVABLE price, it's not for me. If you think it's good for you, more power to you. But simply saying (which many seem to do) "It's great for me, you should get it too!" isn't good advice.
  22. Is your goal to "break even" (or benefit)? Is your goal to just "not worry about the cost (even if it costs you more)"? A couple things to keep in mind... * When you figure out the average number of drink you'd need to consume each day, don't forget to factor in if you plan on getting off the ships in port (private islands don't count as a "port" since the package works there too), and how many port days there are. Sure, it might be easy to drink 4-6 drinks when you're on the ship all day, but if you're off the ship for eight hours (for example), can you still get through the same amount of drinks when you're on the ship? * There is a "non alcoholic" package that is generally MUCH cheaper and includes everything BUT the alcohol. So you can get that package to benefit by getting the juices, water, soda, etc, then either pay for the alcohol drinks a la cart, or get a "mocktail" and then pay for a shot of the appropriate alcohol to mix in. If you just don't want to worry about the cost, take the amount of money you'd pay for the drink package, put it in an envelope. On the last night, take that money to customer service and pay down your drinks.
  23. I guarantee you he can be reached 24/7 as can the heads of probably 100% of companies. Just because you or I can't reach him doesn't mean he's out of contact.
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