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  1. If my November cruise is going, I'm going. If not, then I will wait until my March 2021 cruise!
  2. We walked out of 5 Skies. It was ridiculous in my humble opinion. We never got the chance to see Rock Opera 😞
  3. Great review and pictures! We were on the Sky the week before you! It was our 12th Princess Cruise. Captain Tuvo was spectacular, our FAVORITE captain by far. He is so personable and always takes the time to speak with guests! His daily messages were a hoot! Thank you for taking the time to do this review!
  4. Wow, we just used them in October. Thanks for the heads-up.
  5. We used it in October for American Airlines.
  6. We sailed on the Crown in October, it was fine, no complaints or problems. I've seen people complaining already about the Sky Princess which just came out. People will always find things to complain about.
  7. I'm sorry Ms. Know-it-All, I have sailed on 4 Medallion class ships so far. You make a lot of assumptions. When I walked up to the display screen, I don't think it shows me what cabin I am in. It just shows you where you currently are.
  8. What ever. I still think the tour guide and her boyfriend were in on it.
  9. We were on the Crown in October and didn't go to the MDR the first formal night because we didn't feel like dressing up, so we went to the buffet. The next night our waiter asked where we were the night before and when we told him we didn't feel like dressing up, he told us, we didn't have to worry about dressing up for the next formal night. Personally, I don't care what people wear to dinner, it doesn't affect my meal what so ever. So I'm glad they are being more relaxed on formal nights.
  10. We didn't have anything planned since we had visited Bonaire before. So as we were walking from the ship we passed by all the local tours. My husband talked to the girl who did the Twizy tour of the island. It was $55 pp and he asked if I wanted to go, so I agreed. The tour guide was a little German girl. There was my hubby and I and another couple that signed up for the tour. The guide took us to her house where we boarded the Twizy. We signed a waiver, but never paid for the tour, which was kind of strange, but we figured she would collect the money at the end. We started our journey at the top of the island. Then we went to the "1000 steps" where people go to scuba dive. It's really only 72 steps, but the divers say it feels like 1000 when they are climbing back up them. Anyway, when we parked the Twizy the girl insisted that we leave our bags because there is no crime on the island. This was not something I would ever do so I kept my personal purse with me and left a backpack that had a couple little things that we had bought on the island before the tour (sea salt, cocoa, Christmas ornament) and my water bottle. Against my better judgement, we left the backpack. The other couple left everything in their bag. Then we walked down to the 1000 steps area. When we were walking back up to where the Twizy was parked, we noticed a car had been in back of them and they drove off when they saw us. Right away I got a sinking feeling. When we got to the Twizy, I saw that our backpack was gone and the other couple's bag was still there but $250 was missing. Their passports were still in the bag also. Right away I asked the guide if she was in on this robbery because she insisted that we leave the bags. She started crying and called the police (who never came by the way) and also called someone and spoke in German. I still am not sure if she was in on the robbery nor not. As I stated earlier, I had my personal purse with me so nothing of real value to the thief's was in the backpack for them except my husband's cell phone. My husband told me to walk with him in the direction the car went. So we walked about 1/2 mile and I saw the backpack was thrown on the side of the road with everything, including the cell phone still in it. I am not sure if the guide told who ever took the backpack to get rid of it or not. So we were very lucky that we got everything back, but the other couple was still out $250. We walked back to where the Twizy was parked and by then the guide's boyfriend was there and asked if we wanted to go to the Police Station. Of course we wanted to go to the police station. So we all drove to the police station. We decided not to make a claim because we found our stuff that was taken. The other couple stayed to report their theft. The police did NOTHING about it. The boyfriend offered to walk us back to the ship because we refused to drive the Twizy back to their house. We could see the ship from the Police Station so we walked back on our own. Never did pay for the trip, not that I would have after what went down. Yes, we were dumb to leave the bag, but, lesson learned. I still think the guide was in on it, but I can't prove it. We did report it to the ship, just as an FYI to them. The picture is the Twizy.
  11. We have tried 6 times and have never been picked 😢
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