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  1. Florida, Alaska and Texas already have a lawsuit and the first hearing is May 12th.
  2. The CDC is ridiculous. They really are trying to sink the cruise industry. I have a cruise booked for February 2022, after having 3 canceled due to the pandemic. All of this crap better be lifted by then.
  3. Thanks for the info that the ap has been updated! Love the new version!
  4. Sailed both ships a few times, both great ships, no reason for concern!
  5. I realize that, but they no longer leave out of San Juan anyway. Which I why I said IF they ever go back to that.
  6. We cruised Princess out of San Juan and loved leaving from there! Would do it again, if they ever go back to it!
  7. "Best Sale Ever" 🤣 - The cruise I already have booked was $600 cheaper than with this sale.
  8. If my November cruise is going, I'm going. If not, then I will wait until my March 2021 cruise!
  9. We walked out of 5 Skies. It was ridiculous in my humble opinion. We never got the chance to see Rock Opera 😞
  10. Great review and pictures! We were on the Sky the week before you! It was our 12th Princess Cruise. Captain Tuvo was spectacular, our FAVORITE captain by far. He is so personable and always takes the time to speak with guests! His daily messages were a hoot! Thank you for taking the time to do this review!
  11. Wow, we just used them in October. Thanks for the heads-up.
  12. We used it in October for American Airlines.
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