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  1. We weren't picked again ☹️ Will try again in February!
  2. We've requested it 5 times, have never been selected. ☹️
  3. I had an updo done for my 25th Anniversary Vow Renewal, they did a good job.
  4. We have sailed on the Crown twice, once was great, the second time not so much. However, we are sailing on her again on Oct. 8th.
  5. I have seen many posts about it on various sites.
  6. We are there Oct 9th and Carnival Ecstasy arrives an hour before we do.
  7. Oh, I see, I misread what you were saying. I thought you were saying that to me as a PVP. Sorry about that.
  8. I have never booked Australia.
  9. We’ve had the same one for years, but I always book myself. She never advises when better deals come up. I do all the work myself and have to call her if I see a better deal. My husband got an email about a players club discount. He called her and left a detailed message. She never called him back. When I went to make my final payment he price was $700 lower. I guess she reduced the fare which was great, but she could have had the decency to return his call 🤷🏽‍♀️
  10. It actually let me order the Medallions at 90 days out.
  11. We did the vow renewal for our 25th Anniversary on the Emerald in 2010. It was worth every penny. We were not able to pick the date, but to our surprise it ended up being on the exact day of our Anniversary. It was a private ceremony with the Captain and our friends who were on the cruise with us.
  12. I was actually able to enter all information and order my Medallions at 90 days!
  13. That’s what I did too. Took a screen shot and printed from my pictures.
  14. That's what we are doing for our Feb 1st cruise. Flying into Orlando the day before and driving to FLL the day of. Then flying home from FLL after the cruise. Used EZ air for the flights.
  15. Thank you for starting this new thread. I went into Ocean.com and was finally able to reset my password and am now able to get on the Ocean Ready app. Couldn’t add my cruise in October because it’s still too far out. I guess when we are 75 days out/final payment date I will be able to add it.
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