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  1. It should be pretty inexpensive but negotiate fare before you get in the cab and make sure you know if it is per person or per ride. Here is link to info on taxis. http://caribya.com/ocho.rios/taxis/
  2. Can you bring wine on Island Princess? Do they charge a corking fee?
  3. We have done the same thing. The one time we checked wine in our luggage we used a food saver machine to hermetically seal the wine so if it did break we would still have clothes,
  4. You can also get anytime dining if you want to be a little more flexible with your schedule.
  5. My mother in law and her friend are on the ship with you so it is interesting to read about your exploits. Your posts are very entertaining. Smooth sailing to you all.
  6. Dh and I are booked on N. amsterdam for a November cruise. We have a guarantee balcony and have been watching what is still available on the ship. All of the cabins that are still available are upgrades from what we paid but anywhere on the ship is fine with us. It is a month out and I am getting anxious to find out what we ended up with.
  7. The issue was not him being embarrassed about being Jewish it was that he has experienced anti semitism in the past and did not want to deal with peoples stupid questions. Actually by the 2nd day he was only wearing his kippah on the ship.
  8. My son wore a baseball cap in the dining room to cover his kippah as he did not want to be judged by others and my father in law wore a baseball cap all the time when he was going through chemo for his cancer. So when you judge someone without knowing their story maybe you should look in a mirror and see that you have the problem not those you are judging.
  9. Getting back to the OP's question, as long as folks sharing our table were dressed in good taste we would have no problem. But I do draw the line at baseball caps in the MDR (real gentleman do not wear hats in a dining room). If seated at a table with somebody wearing a baseball cap...we would politely excuse ourselves and then quietly ask the Maitre'd to seat us at another table. No need to make noise or a scene. Hank Just for your information some men cover there heads for religious reasons and they are real gentlemen.
  10. We found that if you ask your steward he will bring you glasses to your room and you can take a glass of your own wine with you to the dining room or anywhere else on the ship. You cannot have a whole bottle of your free wine with dinner but for me one glass is enough.
  11. Is there someway to book a room as a single sharing. I know some people may be uncomfortable sharing a room with someone they don't know but some people are more adventurous and might like the idea. That way singles could cruise without the disadvantage of paying double.
  12. you can do a fake booking on the Hal site to see what connecting rooms are available and then call them and book those two rooms or you could book one room from the website that has an open connecting room next to it and then book the other. It is the same price to have them book the rooms for you as for you to book them so I don't see why you would not just have them do it in the first place.
  13. We are leaving on the Zuiderdam on the 19th. We got a few offers for upsells which we did not take, and got our cabin assignment two days ago. I was very anxious about this as it was our first time doing a guarantee and it was definitely worth it. We went from a VH to a midship VA. Try to stay calm and you will get your assignment soon.
  14. 8 days from boarding and we finally got our suite assignment. Went from a VH guarantee to a VA midship we are very pleased. I may only do guarantee from now on.
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