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  1. You may get a better response rate if you post this to your roll call. Cheers
  2. I'd just go on Amazon and see what fits your needs best. We have been using ours for several years and it's been a real help.
  3. Suggest you bring your own pad if it's important to you. My wife has a bad back and since we have been bring one she sleeps great, and we have a better vacation. We use the Klymit pad. It rolls up into a coffee can sized parcel so it packs easily. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. You might want to consider where you will be leaving from. We're in Chicago, and the weather here can be very unpredictable in January. I generally do not consider flying until late February/March myself. Your risk tolerance may be greater.
  5. Depending on your options, you could forward some email messages to SMS. I believe the SMS charge is 50 cents per message. Depending on the number you receive that could be used as an indicator as to your need for a full day of internet access. Here an article with info on what email address to use to send the SMS message. https://20somethingfinance.com/how-to-send-text-messages-sms-via-email-for-free/
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