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  1. GaryWT

    Anyone renew a passport recently?

    If you sail in 6 weeks and the passport is good until June, why not wait until you are home from the cruise to do it.
  2. GaryWT

    Unlimited Alcohol pkg on Coral Princess

    I will most likely skip the package. For 2 of us on a 15 day cruise we are taking $1700. That seems like a lot to me. I don't drink wine and rarely drink beer. I enjoy the frozen drinks and yes some days I might have 5-6 drinks but cannot see me doing it everyday. We plan to preorder bottled water at 50 cents a bottle and lemonade and coffee are free I believe so we will be good. Happy sailing.
  3. GaryWT

    Hawaii cruise on the Star

    We are on the cruise after the one you are looking at. My wife will not be away Thankgiving or Christmas. The Dec 19 date I believe is the first one with the ship out of dry dock.
  4. GaryWT

    Re-booked cancelled cruise to Hawaii

    Hoping others had made out well. Of course now that this is booked I should book more.
  5. GaryWT

    Cruise removed from listings

    How is everyone making out on re-booking? Hope everyone can find a replacement with their deal or better.
  6. GaryWT

    Is this True?

    Can't put anything on the internet that is not true, lol.
  7. GaryWT

    Cruise removed from listings

    It took a couple days but they came through with our original deal on the Jan 3 2018 cruise.
  8. GaryWT

    Re-booked cancelled cruise to Hawaii

    It was a cyber Monday booking.
  9. GaryWT

    Cruise removed from listings

    I started a new post but guess I should have posted here. Got a call tonight from someone that said she was in management. Said we should all be told that all offers will be honored. Booked the Jan 3 2018 cruise for the same 3 for deal with tips, credit and $1 deposit.
  10. Received a call from Princess tonight. They are honoring all deals to other cruises. I booked the Jan 3, 2018 cruise to replace the Dec 4, 2017. Same deal, $1 deposit, gratuities paid, $300 onboard plus the $30 for the change and they heard the price for the cabin which is about $800 savings. I am happy so all is good with me.
  11. GaryWT

    Cruise removed from listings

    Getting frustrated with Princess. Talked to them yesterday about the cancelled cruise. Today they wanted to re-book me for more money and not honor my deal. Finally came back and said deals would only be honored for the new Nov 14 cruise that was just added. Weird that they have cancelled cruises before that date and after that date but add this one. I said I was unavailable to sale that date and at first they said too bad. Then they offered me to talk to someone else but came back and said they are still working to honoe deals on other cruises but to call back next week. When they are cancelling a number of cruises, shouldn't this all be worked out a head of time. It would have been nice to get the email that gave 4-6 options to just move existing reservations to a new date. Not a good experience for our first Princess cruise. Will have to work this out in a week or so I guess.
  12. GaryWT

    Cruise removed from listings

    I got that and when I called they said it would be in dry dock.
  13. GaryWT

    Cruise removed from listings

    Just got off the phone with Princess. The ship will be in dry dock thus the cancellations. The booking agents are waiting to hear from upper management to see if any re-bookings can keep the existing deals that they were booked at. We are hoping as we want to keep our upgraded cabin and low deposit with the change.
  14. GaryWT

    Cruise removed from listings

    $15 on board offered if we book something else. Currently looking at Carnival but not sure. The cruise I had booked was a $2 deposit, paid tips and on board credits and now I will not get that.
  15. GaryWT

    Cruise removed from listings

    Just got an email cancelling our Dec 4 cruise. I am bummed. It stated deployment changes as the cause.