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  1. That would settle it for me. The helicopter is the way to go. It is a shame I could not enjoy the Hardy Reef area. It was not up to expectations and did not meet with the brilliant colourful coral and reefs of the Caribbean. Just this week was the barrier reef in the news again with warnings it will be pulled from a UN world heritage list due to its current poor condition. I think for tourists certain bad areas should be closed off to avoid disappointment.
  2. Perhaps you have been on too many overcrowded ships. I have been on cruises as long as 49 nights and did not want to get off. No one forgot their manners and it was a happy enjoying atmosphere the whole way with many wanting to stay on.
  3. Crown, Emerald and Ruby Princess are on my no-go list. I have been on Azura an exact clone of the Crown versions of the Grand class and it was an enormous crowded ship that was annoying to be on. It has taken a ship originally designed to cater to 2,600 passengers, slapped on an extra deck and brought on over 3,000 passengers. To make matters worst those ships are smaller than the Celebrity Solstice class yet carry more passengers. Again proving that The Ruby Princess is not worth touching. Again going to South America into glacier climates a ship like Ruby Princess is unsuitable as it does not have the outdoor covered pools.
  4. The Ocean Princess tricks a lot of people as they confuse it with the present Ocean Princess. Most people will just say Oceana as its season with Princess was not very long. Sea Princess also spent time at P&O as Adonia but for some reason was a dismal failure where Oceana was a success. I have liked those ships for short cruises like the Tasmania cruise I did but could not really do a long voyage on them. My next long cruise will be 31 nights on the Golden Princess. Had it been any other ship without the sliding glass roof over the pool it would have turned me off. The itinerary I am doing next year to South America I would not have done on the Crown, Emerald, Ruby or Caribbean Princess. They are on my no-go list. Too many passengers on a ship designed for less passengers in the early 90's
  5. hmmm, perhaps not. I have so far promoted on here: Port Arthur, Richmond, Great Ocean Road, Kuranda Scenic Railway, Handorf, Hunter Valley, various areas of Sydney. I tell the truth about all great things I visit, but will not hold back if it is a disappointment.
  6. The four Sun class ships are not about their age, its more about their design and size constraints. Limited facilities compared to what is on the newer ones. One of the main issues for me is the lack of a glass roof over one pool. That is a factor on ships for me as I swim and no cruise line can guarantee the weather. Having a sheltered outdoor area is a bonus. It is disappointing that some of the new ships do not share this feature. Cabin layout is smaller. Take the Grand class as a better example with more hanging and storage space. The limited number of public rooms and size is another factor. All four Sun class ships have two main show areas. The size of the theatre is tiny compared to the likes of Aurora and Oriana and the similar sized Arcadia (Vista class). Aurora and Oriana have three main show areas. Those two ships actually have a cinema which the Sun class lacks, giving Aurora and Oriana more variety for entertainment. The only Princess ships I would consider a World Cruise on are the original Grand Class - Grand, Golden, Star, the Diamond and Sapphire and the Coral and Island Princess. All other ships are off limits for me as not meeting with my personal tastes Just out of curiosity can anyone name the FOUR Sun class ships as they were built??? I can!
  7. No colour is off that comes from my camera. All images are taken with the correct white balance and colour conditions in mind. The photos are exactly as I saw the reef. Dead and dull. I seriously cannot come on here and recommend and promote that area of Australia to anyone. It was a big disappointment and I cannot come on here and tell lies about my experiences. I will not hold back with the truth and what my opinions are.
  8. I personally would never do a full world cruise on Sun, Dawn or Sea Princess. For a number of reasons they are unsuitable for long voyages and I will never be happy on them for a long trip. If the story is true then it would have to be on a newer ship and we all know from past experience that no cruise line will ever base their better ships in this backwater called Australia. Sad but true. We miss out on so much.
  9. That's exactly what I say too. Its in your T&C's with the card provider to notify them immediately. They have the power to sort it out and it saves you the stress and pressure.
  10. To some extent you care about your appearance. But in your mind if the item you are wearing does not look stupid to you then you should feel no shame in what other people think of it. Its the same as the men's speedo's debate. I don't think they look bad and will wear them when I swim and have the perfect body for them, yet other men think they look stupid and dare not wear them. There would be outrage if men coined a repulsive name for the woman's bikini and shamed them into not wearing them. I admit to me wearing the lanyard looks stupid. I would not do it. But as said if I wear something that others consider stupid I simply do not care.
  11. No that is not insulting to anyone. It is my personal reasons for not liking them. If others take exception to comments like that (which are pretty commonplace for descriptions of personal likes) then they have serious issues and are insecure and unfortunately nothing can help those people. I re-write. I wont wear them because I think they look stupid. I don't like them that much and would not be seen dead in them. Those above are descriptive phrases based on my personal tastes and desire not to wear such an item. Nothing insulting about that to anyone. As I said if people get insulted by what I like and do not like then they are insecure.
  12. I have not insulted anybody on this topic at all. I have explained the reasons why I do not like to wear them. If people feel insulted by this then they are insecure and should probably not be using these forums. Picture this scenario. If a person chooses not to purchase a "red" car because they hate the colour "red" it is not insulting the people who like the colour "red" much the same applies to lanyards. If a person does not like them then that is their personal choice. It is not insulting to anyone. The only people who get insulted by other peoples tastes are insecure people and nothing can help them I am afraid.
  13. Its astonishing that I am held with such high regard that people actually bother to care what I think about fashion sense and lanyards. I guess they are the types of people that care what others think of them and worry about how they look in public. As I said I do not care what other people do with them. If they want to wear them then that their choice. Its just for a variety of reasons I do not wear them and never will. I consider them: inconvenient daggy irritating feel looks stupid no desire to show off the colour/status less secure (security wise) - better protected in pocket I don't hang my car/house keys around my neck I don't wear my licence around my neck I have never worn a hotel door card around my neck Its just my simple choice not to wear them. Its not hurting other people. I think I am right about people only wearing them to follow a trend. Normally people who follow a trend are fearful of things that are different to what they do which explains why a small few have taken exception to my not liking them. It is because they are afraid and less secure in themselves to make their own choices and not worry about what others do and think.
  14. I personally hate the lanyards for a number of reasons. I will never wear one, would not be seen dead wearing one and neither would I approve of allowing my dog to wear one (if I had a dog). I find them inconvenient, they look stupid and I have no desire to look like an exhibit. I keep a single leather fold over wallet with one single sleave for the cruise card and that is it. If I go ashore I take my real wallet with cruise card in a separate pocket.
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