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  1. You are absolutely correct; I suspect Regent consider that Grand Voyages are already slightly reduced in price over individual legs which could be why they were exempt from the promotion. And yes we have nearly 200 nights booked, so we're also fans. Our transfer from the 2021 to 2022 sailing was pretty seamless though the deposit was more as we had previously booked on board with a reduced deposit and that required adjustment. We actually ended up with a suite we prefer. Good luck!
  2. A slip of the keys - of course it was 2020🙂.
  3. Marc, We were booked on two legs of the 2021 Grand Arctic: NY to Southampton, Copenhagen to Amsterdam. We attended a Regent sales function in November 2021 in Canberra, Australia where we live. We mentioned our booking to the organisers and they looked at us with the nonchalance of 'would you like fries with that?' and said 'Let's rebook this for 2022 shall we?'. Which we did and were also able to gain an E to G and back again discount under the current upgrade rules. So some Regent folks knew then it was most unlikely to sail. H'mmm🙄. So your rebooking for 2022 is prudent
  4. Cat E on the Navigator is not Concierge, you have to move to Cat D for that. The amenities in a concierge room are an Illy coffee machine stocked with pods, a pair of (fairly average) binoculars, a cashmere blanket which is quite useful for sitting on the balcony and a Regent Tote Bag you are allowed to keep - and is quite handy. Others have mentioned the discounts, pre night accommodation and transfers. You need to work out if the extra cost for an identical room in many cases works for you or not. We have never opted for one, but been in four separate Concierge suites due to upgrades.
  5. We were able to cancel and rebook our 50 days on the Navigator in 2022 from Cat E to G and back to E again at a significant savings to us. Thanks Regent!
  6. We initially received reward credits for one of our two segments of the cancelled 2020 World Cruise - then they disappeared. When we queried this with Regent we were advised: Regent Seven Seas reward nights are granted only for voyages sailed. A systems error resulted in some Loyalty Credits being awarded for sailings cancelled due to the pause/suspension in cruise operations. This systems error has now been resolved and we regret any inconvenience this may have caused. We had taken the cash refund rather than the Future Cruise Credit.
  7. We have booked this cruise for next year as well in Cat E on the advice of the Cruise Consultant. It's all personal choice: the Concierge benefits were not a deal breaker for us; we get multiple log ins and priority bookings anyway. Thanks for the tips about the warm clothing in Iceland - we were anticipating cool, not freezing. JC in CA we might see you on board!
  8. We were also on this cruise in 2018 with Flossie and 1982Cruzstart. It WAS a different cruise and not all passengers loved it. We did, as it was entirely different to anywhere we'd travelled before; we basically treated it as three holidays: Lisbon and the Canary and Madeira islands, the African West Coast and Cape Town and the end of cruise safari. It was new territory for the Explorer under the fabulous Captain Serena: its longest cruise at 24 nights, first time south of the equator and other firsts like their first Country Fair. There were some logistics issues like running out of items
  9. We're recently back from 22 nights (back to back) on the Explorer through Northern Europe. I had to fill out TWO of these surveys. On the first leg we were almost hounded from midcruise to complete it, less so the second leg. Both times it took over an hour to complete - quite a commitment on a very port intensive itinerary. We were told they were doing it to save paper - it think I'd rather have the paper survey than the amount of paper one bins every cruise from retailers like Bellarri🤨. The survey was poorly worded in parts: some questions were unanswerable, others were odd.
  10. OK, we're currently on board the Explorer on the Scandinavian Summer cruise which finishes tomorrow. We received the email regarding the use of the Smartphone App AFTER we had left home - I didn't even bring my phone with me, as my husband has his. So downloading the app on board given the average bandwidth available would be nigh on impossible. Once the app is downloaded, on an excursion you set your phone to 'Flight Mode', then tune into the channel usually numbered the same as your bus. We have been on five tours so far where this facility has been available. It h
  11. My research tells me they are a Florida company, based in Coral Gables, founded in 1926. Elemis is also one of their brands as is a facial brand called Bliss.
  12. On our upcoming Baltic BTB cruise, there have been two price reductions which Regent have honoured. BUT it wasn't straightforward. Even though we had booked on board at an agreed price, Regent would not 'negotiate' the price after it had dropped with us directly as they stated we had to discuss it with our TA as they had set the price (!?). From talking to our TA, it wasn't easy and it involved a number of quite uncomfortable calls and emails. It was worth the effort given it eventually saved us about $5k, but as Flossie mentioned, take care it is 'like for like'. And if you book on board
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