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  1. Well, poop. I am on the Sunrise on 8/19, and was really pleased to see the press release earlier today. I just checked my email and they've updated the itinerary. Instead of stops in Key West and Cozumel, now it's a Bahama's cruise. Definitely not what I signed up for...
  2. Carnival just released news on August sailings, and they WILL be requiring guests to be vaccinated. At least as of 15 minutes ago...
  3. Just posted on FB by Carnival. Enjoy.
  4. I have FTTF on my August 19 2021 sailing on the Sunrise out of Miami. Not sure if it's still available, but I grabbed it when I booked a few months ago.
  5. No problem! My son is also an ER nurse in NNJ. And you are right, I should have phrased my thoughts on the issue being overblown more carefully.
  6. Fair enough on the first one. It's an educated guess based on my 30+ years in Pathology and having worked on other outbreaks in conjunction with the CDC. Local hospitals do have the kits, I just called a friend who runs the lab that does PCR testing at a major NNJ hospital and they do indeed have it. On the incubation period, and knowing how PCR testing works, I'd say educated opinion, not assumption.
  7. Likely the tests have already come back negative. The test takes 20-30 minutes to run, and since the CDC started distributing test kits 3 days ago, local hospitals likely already have it. Since it was a 12 day cruise, if any one passenger had it, it would VERY likely have been detected by the test since they'd be near the end of the incubation period. So, a nothing burger.
  8. The PCR test that the CDC developed for the coronavirus can be run in 20-30 minutes. Likely one or more hospitals in either north NJ or NYC has the testing kit available and ran the test on the quarantined people this morning, or possibly even last night. They'd been on the cruise for 12 days, at at the extreme end of the incubation period for at least one of them if any actually have the virus. So, I'd say its highly likely that they know with a great degree of certainty if in fact they were dealing with coronavirus. Don't panic....
  9. You can see live on CNN that they are letting people off the ship. Right now, at 8:01am eastern time.
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