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  1. Has anyone had a butler draw a bath for them? What is the cost and what do they do? I know it sounds silly but I think it is the ultimate pampering and I never had it done before. I will be on the Encore on Valentines day 2022 with my husband and I think this is a dream come true
  2. My husband and I are booking a 2 bedroom suite on the escape in Feb 2022. If our son and daughter in law can't come can we take 2 different people? How would it work. We want to be in the Haven.
  3. I have the regular alcohol package that is given as a promo. We are staying on the NCL Escape in the spa suite in 2022. There are posts of different drinks available in the Haven lounge that are not available in other areas on the the ship. Will I be charged extra if he makes a fancy drink? Should I upgrade the alcohol package so I don't worry.
  4. I am booking a cruise departing from Rome. How do I navigate this? Where is the best airport to fly into? Stay the night? How do I get to the port? Thanks
  5. What are some things your butler did to make the cruise extra memorable and fun.
  6. My previous cruises have been on the smaller ships, Jewel and Dawn because we liked not having to make dinner or show reservations. We have stayed in the owners suite and 2 bedroom suite. Loved them and the service. Our next cruise is in February of 2022 in a balcony. I know I will change my reservation to a suite even though my husband says we don't need it because we are travelling alone. He is spoiled and doesn't know it. I am spoiled know and love it!!!!! We are going on the Escape. If I book a Haven suite is there any advantage to having a stateroom on the 17 or 18th deck where the
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