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  1. Thanks everyone! Bracelets are definitely my 'thing' so hopefully I'll come home with one. I Googled 'hook bracelets' and I definitely want one. đŸ™‚ I'm off to check out your link O2B!
  2. Wow. You have given me some great ideas. I cant wait to share your suggestions with my friend. Thanks everyone.
  3. I am doing a cruise on Princess in March. One of our stops is St. Thomas. I love bracelets and have started seeking them out whenever we travel as my special souvenir. How hard would it be to get to St. John from the port in St. Thomas? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, One of my besties and I are doing a 'girl's cruise' in March on Princess. One of our stops is St Maarten. Since our hubbies won't be joining us, we promised to do this trip as cheaply as possible. Cruise ship excursions tend to be expensive since you have to pay the middle man too. Any recommendations for beaches we could visit on our own? We would want a beach chair and maybe a bar area for drinks. Another option is just to wander around and do a little browsing in shops, etc. I'd love suggestions! Thank you in advance.
  5. Thank you all for replying and for your insight.
  6. Good morning, I feel like an idiot for having to ask this question. I've read all the details on how to find a Roll Call for a specific (my) upcoming cruise. I can't find it. I read the instructions for how to start a new Roll Call. However, I guess this is where my stupidity comes in. đŸ˜“ I can't find the button for creating a new topic, which if I am reading correctly is the next step when you can't find your Roll Call. I'm really excited about this cruise and looking forward to chatting and sharing insight with others, so any insight or help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Just in case it might be helpful.... The Roll Call I'm looking for is the Regal Princess sailing on September 28, 2019.
  7. When the Mr. and I visited Bar Harbor, we did both Oli's Trolley and the Island Explorer. Granted we were staying in Bar Harbor, so we had more time. I think if I wanted to spend time hiking on a cruise stop, I'd either rent a car or take the Island Explorer. Both would give you flexibility with the car being the most flexible choice of all. Good luck with your planning. :)
  8. I highly recommend visiting the Amsterdam forum on TA. There are a couple of regular posters who specialize in helping people get a good rate using blind bidding. You can also research 'things to do' there as well. Good luck and happy planning!
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