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  1. Ellie, Wow! Just amazing the detail you have put into this. I only started reading a couple of days ago but bringing back so many memories! Love all the photos, you have a good eye for capturing a story. We have been to Singapore half a dozen times as my brother in law resided there for over a decade. Just love the place. In Sydney we stayed at the same hotel but our room with the Juliet balcony was on the other side. Sorry to hear that it's not quite up to previous standards. We should have been returning in January/February but.... now planning for 2022.🤞 (not quite caught up yet but enjoying taking the trip!). Thanks David
  2. Excellent idea! Looking forward to lots more great photos and twangster commentary. I can see why Empress is your favourite small ship.
  3. I have my new bookings for Regal, May/June on my upcoming cruises list. However no cabin assignment, just a guarantee at the grades booked. No purchased shore excursions carried over either so far. I hope they don't cancel these and I have to rebook as the refunds could take several months to be returned.
  4. Having spent some time in Singapore I can tell you that the entire economy does not depend on the cruise industry. Tourism in general is important but still only accounts for approximately 5% of their economy. They are a very wealthy, debt free country. Where did you get 5% of the population is involved directly with the cruise industry?
  5. With regards to Azamara, their 3 ships are currently in or heading into a dock on the river Clyde in Glasgow for layup. According to local reports only essential crew will remain along with 1 captain to oversee the 3 ships. Doesn't sound like a short term plan. As an aside, a few other smaller companies are doing likewise: Fred Olson's 4 ships are currently layed up in a private dock near the Queensferry bridge, Edinburgh. At least 3 Viking ships are currently enroute to Belfast for layup with another on the river Thames at Tilbury alongside several others companies. The south coast of England has 18 cruise ships from Carnival,P&O,Cunard,Royal and Norwegian "parked" and only occasionally pulling into a port for supplies etc. I'm not pessimistic about Royal Caribbean and cruising long term, but I doubt anything will be back to normal anytime soon, and I doubt Pullmantur will be the only company we read about in trouble.
  6. What a shame. We have been lucky enough to have sailed from Venice on the Splendour, Legend & Vision and were hoping to return for the Rhapsody in 2022. Loved flying in and taking the water taxi to our hotel! Short walk to the people mover and the port. Have been to Ravenna, not walkable from the port like Venice. Nice enough for a couple of hours. Bologna was about 1 1/2 hours away by bus. Not touristy, which is part of it's charm. Agree, Trieste is a better option.
  7. Great photos again! I remember that we were exhausted by the end of the day too! When we went 2 years ago, on the Vision, we took the train direct from near the port to a station near the Vatican. Took approx 1 hour each way and gave us about 5 1/2 hours to explore. Hoping to get the chance to do it again in 2021.
  8. Apologies if this has been posted already today: https://www.afr.com/politics/federal/australia-very-unlikely-to-allow-foreign-tourists-in-2020-20200617-p553a6 We were supposed to be going in January 2021 but moved to 2022 as have doubts that we will get in even then. R.C. have several cruises on sail up to end of December likely to be affected.
  9. Enjoying your review and photos! Bringing back some good memories and a few ideas for future visits. We have done the lift & shift for our 12 night Med cruise on the Jewel to October 2021, so a long time to wait, but can't be helped in the current situation. We hadn't planned on going to Eze but may well reconsider after seeing your photos.
  10. Hi, any idea when the Australia/NZ cruises for winter 2021/22 are expected to be released? Thanks
  11. We have swapped a 12 night October 2020 from Tarragona to 12 night October 2021 Barcelona with no issues! The October 20 one was originally Barcelona anyway, they only moved it due to overcrowding in Barcelona port. They may decide to move the 2021 back to Tarragona if same thing happens again. It would appear, as others have said, it depends on who you speak to. I'm sure you will manage in the end.
  12. Does anyone know when RC are expected to release the Australia/NZ 2021-22 sail dates? Thought they might have been out by now but could be delayed with everything else going on. Hoping to be able to move our 2 cruises in Jan/Feb 2021 to 2022 under the lift and shift programme. Thanks.
  13. No, October 2020 to 2021. Same number of days and ports. I don't think you can move anymore than 4 weeks outside original dates.
  14. Thanks Ken! We just moved our Jewel cruise over to October 2021 for the same price and promotions. Took a bit of doing as was initially told we didn't qualify. Hopefully a better chance of sailing.
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