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  1. Watched it, too. Many of the contestants seem to be already established designers. Seemed weird that the contestant who presented a design made for him by Bones wasn’t disqualified.
  2. As a future ACL cruiser and veteran of many Uniworld cruises, I’m enjoying these posts. Thanks!
  3. I’m learning French online using Duolingo. A Ponant cruise would be doubly fun for me! I can read and write fairly well. Speaking is not so easy!
  4. After several ocean and overseas river cruises, we decided to give domestic cruises a try next year. We’re booked on Pearl Seas Great Lakes in late May/early June and ACL’s Fall Foliage Hudson River cruise in October. Yes, the prices are understandably higher and we’ve read the favorable and not so favorable reviews, but we’re interested in the itineraries and will enjoy ourselves, I’m sure.
  5. Thanks for this link. We’ve postponed this trip twice (2020 due to pandemic, 2021 due to health issues) and are booked for 2022. I’ll follow this year’s foliage report anyway.
  6. Yes, thank you for this great trip report. If we decide to travel again to Europe, this is the itinerary I would like to do.
  7. Thanks for your posts. What are the dining room table arrangements? Many tables for four? DH wears hearing aides and has trouble following conversations in large groups.
  8. Thanks very much. We definitely will sign up for Olana, too.
  9. Kathy, Thanks very much for your post. I doubted any past cruisers would see my post so I’m glad you responded. The only other stop where we would have significant DYI time will be Albany. The only two excursions there don’t interest us (half day bus tour of Albany and Troy Lock and Dam cruise). Shuttle service from and to the ship will be provided all day, so we’re thinking of using the shuttle to visit the NY State Museum. Anything else in that area that we could easily walk to? Restaurant in the area if we decide to do lunch in town? Upon researching the ports, I’ve realized we will undoubtedly wish we could have more time at some of the stops, but that’s always true of cruises. We’ve been thoroughly spoiled by all-inclusive river trips abroad and DH is over road trips — changing hotels every couple of nights and navigating unfamiliar areas annoys him! I’m impressed by how many cruises you have taken — a real Carnival fan! I’ll be interested to hear about your Puget Sound cruise. That’s an area I have my eye on for travel as my parents lived in that area a year or so when my Dad was posted to an army base there during WW II. Thanks again and bon voyage! Linda
  10. We are looking forward to our Oct. 16 Hudson River cruise, postponed from last year. I have three questions regarding the excursions: 1. Is the ship docked at any ports where walking from the ship to nearby village or town is convenient? It looks like Historic Catskill Point would be one. Any suggestions? 2. On the day the Lyndhurst Mansion and Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow are the excursions offered (both for a fee), it doesn’t make sense to me to be bused from and to the ship twice (about half an hour each way) when one could walk about a mile from one site to the other. I wonder if ACL would pack a lunch for us we could carry and picnic at the mansion after the tour there and walk and meet the Sunneyside tour, if the weather is good, of course. Would this make sense? 3. After the tours at various sites, is there much time to explore a little on your own, or just a little time to hit the gift shops? Any comments about this cruise would be very much appreciated!
  11. Excellent, DaveinCharlotte! Thanks.
  12. We will be on the Constitution in October (Hudson River). Question: do the bathrooms have a night light or a place to plug one in? Or does the light turn on automatically when you walk in?
  13. Only two of our river cruises had photographers on board — in Russia and Egypt with Uniworld. Both were a few years ago. They were not as in your face as the ones we’ve experienced on ocean cruises.
  14. I haven’t googled it, but Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam?
  15. Jazzbeau, you are right. And JP, you did sail right by on your cruise. Due to high water, on our Uniworld cruise we had an extra day in Lyon (not a bad thing) and Vienne was an added excursion while the powers -that-be waited to decide if the ship could sail (the ship did but passengers had to be bused; still had a wonderful time). Here other school groups learning history in such great settings -- Middle Eastern history in the Louvre and an art lesson in Giverny. What a great way to learn! Your turn, Jazzbeau.
  16. Maragaret Island. Another place we didn't get to -- didn't leave enough time for DIY - ing. Great photos, as always. This photo includes lucky school kids I assume getting a history lesson in situ. Which river, which port? (Not a port always on cruise itineraries but right on the river -- the port, not the buildings.)
  17. Budapest on the Danube? Maybe Margaret Island?
  18. Wow! That Swindon roundabout would be quite a challenge, especially for anyone not used to driving on the left. I understand their purpose, but wow! Now where is Canal Archive’s roundabout?
  19. Yay, dogs4fun! They are roundabouts. Next photo to you!
  20. OK, here's another one, more obvious as to what it is. I have to go out soon so will be away from the computer. What are these places on the road? They are not common in my part of the world and make me nervous if I have to navigate one. Ours aren't so whimsical.
  21. dogs4fun has the correct beaches. The photo was taken while on the road from our excursion coach from the Seine. Still looking for a guess as to what this installation is doing there. "On the road" is a clue. Not looking for an exact location -- I have no idea.
  22. Clues needed. It’s not close to a beach. On a road from a small river port to famous, historic beaches. Not the Netherlands, but in that general area of Europe.
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