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  1. Sailing on Anthem in November and trying to figure out what we need to do as soon as we board. Here are some things I want to do - let me know if I’m missing anything! In no particular order: 1. Check in at excursions desk to see if we can choose location of our cabana in the water park. 2. Try out the bumper cars! 3. Ship tour. 4. Sign up boys for kids club. 5. Lunch (May sign up for specialty lunch -still deciding). 6. See if we can change our dining assignment (currently my time). 7. Get an umbrella drink and start getting our money’s worth on the drink package lol. What do YOU do when first boarding the ship? This is our first time sailing with kids and it’s their and their mom’s first cruise, so I don’t want to miss a thing for their sake!
  2. We’ll be cruising for the first time with my grandsons, 10 & 6, in November on the Anthem. How does it work with kids dining in specialty restaurants ? If they have an entree off the specialty menu, do they pay full price? Are there child friendly options ( chicken fingers etc)? The 10 year old is adventurous and has a great appetite! I could see him trying adult meals. The 6 year old - not so much lol i want to pre-pay but not sure how it works. Thanks in advance!
  3. Can’t seem to find the search button on my iPad, so I’ll just ask. do they now have Hard Seltzer on the ships (Anthem in particular). White Claw Mango is my new obsession and would love to have it on my cruise if possible.
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