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  1. Sailing on Anthem in November and trying to figure out what we need to do as soon as we board. Here are some things I want to do - let me know if I’m missing anything!


    In no particular order:

    1. Check in at excursions desk to see if we can choose location of our cabana in the water park.

    2. Try out the bumper cars!

    3.  Ship tour.

    4.  Sign up boys for kids club.

    5. Lunch (May sign up for specialty lunch -still deciding). 

    6. See if we can change our dining assignment (currently my time). 

    7. Get an umbrella drink and start getting our money’s worth on the drink package lol.  


    What do YOU do when first boarding the ship?  This is our first time sailing with kids and it’s their and their mom’s first cruise, so I don’t want to miss a thing for their sake!


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  2. We’ll be cruising for the first time with my grandsons, 10 & 6, in November on the Anthem.  How does it work with kids dining in specialty restaurants ? If they have an entree off the specialty menu, do they pay full price? Are there child friendly options ( chicken fingers etc)?


    The 10 year old is adventurous and has a great appetite!   I could see him trying adult meals. The 6 year old - not so much lol


    i want to pre-pay but not sure how it works.


    Thanks in advance!

  3. Can’t seem to find the search button on my iPad, so I’ll just ask.


    do they now have Hard Seltzer on the ships (Anthem in particular). White Claw Mango is my new obsession and would love to have it on my cruise if possible.



  4. On 2/24/2019 at 2:16 PM, fletch1027 said:


    Personalized door signs sound like a great idea! Where can those be found? Someone like Etsy?

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    I’m a crafty person so I make mine. Buy some cruising related stickers (look in the scrapbooking section of your craft store for really nice ones) and add their first names and city, state. 


    Sadly, I’ve had generic ones (like magnets) stolen, so always put names and city/state on them somewhere. I’ve also found some cute items on Amazon like this porthole sticker!  I just used permanent marker and write our names in the “water”.



  5. At BeachLimerz right now and very happy we made this choice. Beach is small and quiet. View is gorgeous. Food is OUTSTANDING and we were told it’s all you can eat (but the platter presented when we sat down was more than enough)!


    Mel is so courteous and laid back. Will definitely come here again and highly recommend. 

  6. Not a resort, but BeachLimerz is AMAZING!  Here right now and loving it. Small beach, EXCELLENT food and drink. Just beautiful.


    All inclusive or pay as you go. Can’t say enough good things about this place. 

  7. 12 hours ago, kassimer1 said:

    i have a question,  you said all inclusive but from what i see on the site you only get 2 drinks or rum punch.  so sodas or virgin drinks are not included?


    For the all inclusive, you get either 2 rum punch OR 2 Wadadli beers, AND 2 bottles of water is what I was told.  For other drink menu items, they are offered at a reduced cost for Day Pass visitors.


    I'll be there in 2 weeks, and will take notes on everything and report back.  Can't wait!

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  8. We are going to Numero Uno Guest House with Terri1020. I made the reservations and here is the afternoon info:




    Since your guest will arrive after lunch time we recommend the “Beach day Drink Option” for $30 per person. Taxes and tip not included.


    This is the beach day option that we are presently offering:


    + Beach chairs and umbrellas where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

    + Choose up to 6 drinks of domestic brand of vodka or rum tropical cocktails, local beer, sodas and purified water.

    + Restroom, shower and baggage storage is available.


    Keep in mind that we serve also a full new menu with tropical and local ingredients for purchase. No food its included in the package.


    I contacted the hotel directly at:


    Tel: 787-726-5010 #2


    And the contact is Andrea.


    I sent our reservation via email (with our names) and received this reply:



    We are glad that your coming to spend a beach day with us. We confirm your reservation with 4 beach chairs and 2 umbrellas. You can paid your package upon arrival or leave a credit card for “open tab”. Please let us know if there any inconvenience to arrive or cancellation.


    Thank you for letting us be part of your vacation!


    Always at your service,


  9. So we've just found out our Star sailing for Oct. 2016 has been cancelled. We were booked in a 2 bedroom suite (4 adults) with ALL the perks and at a great price too.


    Does the Jade have an equivalent cabin? We have the option to switch to an equivalent cabin - but I'm not seeing any 2BR options. Actually not seeing much of anything above penthouse cabins and 2 suites, is that true? If we're not going to get as good as or better (MOST of the people on our roll call were in suite accommodations) we'll probably be better off cancelling.


    Any info from someone who's been on the Jade? do they have lots of suites or not?

  10. I'd suck it up for sure, but I would NOT expect to pay half the cost of the suite either... just sayin :o


    Thanks that's EXACTLY what we wanted to hear. Our plan is to split the cost of the cabin equally, and then each spend 5 days in the smaller bedroom, then just ask the steward to change all bed linens on day 6. Each couple will get a soda card and a UBP card too.


    Too good of a deal to pass up - it's cheaper than an aft balcony! And, Terri & I have been best friends since high school, so we know we get along LOL

  11. So, we've never done this before. We booked yesterday for a cruise leaving FRIDAY! Booked a Mini-Suite Guarantee, and cabin has not yet been assigned.


    Do they issue different tags when we get to port that will show cabin assignment? If so, is it worth it to print out "blank" tags, or just wait till we arrive to get the tags put on (assuming of course that no cabin is assigned before we leave Friday morning - I'll be checking, rest assured!!).


    Opinions appreciated!! :)

  12. We have used a couple TA's in our cruising history. The first 2 weren't so good, but the one we've been using for the last 6 or so years is the BEST. He watches pricing for us, and grabs discounts and OBC when he can. We once had a problem at embarkation, and I quick phone call got it taken care of within 30 minutes!


    I'll never book direct - always use a TA. Have always gotten better pricing on the lines that do allow discounts.

  13. I see this come up from time to time and really do not get it.


    A 1 year old will not feel left out because they are not in the pool. They will not see the ocean and think "gee, I want to sit in some water". If somebody went and stayed at a mountain lodge, would then take a pool? Or a hotel?


    Draggin it, unpacking it, filling it, trying to empty it, etc seems like alot of effort to make the parents feel good.


    As to fitting in the bathroom - sure you could squeeze it in the there - wall to wall. But, why?


    I have to agree with this. If you really want your child to have some water to play with, take a small bucket and fill it so the child can dip in and get wet. That's more than enough for a little one.

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