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  1. Love this CC community - such a wealth of information - thank you in advance for any advice on this. We are sailing on the Edge this July (Barcelona to Rome.) This will be our 10th + cruise with Celebrity. I am a vegan and we have typically booked traditional dining so that we have the same servers each evening who understand my dietary restrictions. I understand on Edge that there are four "main" dining rooms with somewhat different menus, and we will be assigned one when we board. We are contemplating switching to Select dining so that we can try all of the restaurants (other travellers don't have any dietary restrictions) but concerned that each restaurant may not be able to accommodate my vegan diet. Has anyone had experience with Select dining when dealing with dietary restrictions?
  2. We typically have a veranda cabin so this will be a test to see how we fair in an OV....first world problems! 🙂
  3. We ended up switching to the Edge as we needed to switch to a 7 day itinerary to work around some other plans while we are in Europe....found a deal where we got an OV cabin with all perks for about the same as the price we paid for the Connie.....now it's a shorter itinerary so value for money not as good. The Edge pricing is ridiculously high I think we just lucked out with this deal....which I haven't seen since!
  4. Quick update.....I was told by one Celebrity rep that the Edge does not have any upper berths in any cabins - all sofa beds.....however another rep told me that it did, so not sure what to believe. The good news is that while the deck plan showed the cabin we've been assigned as having an upper berth, both reps I spoke with said this is not the case and that the room has a sofa bed!!! ....sorry for the typo with birth and berth.....I can guarantee we will no be having a birth on board!!! 🙂
  5. Ha ha yes small typo there that causes some confusion.
  6. Wasn't sure if the cabin's listed as having the upper berth only had the upper berth - since the paperwork says the cabin only sleeps 3.
  7. Haha yes indeed berth instead of birth. Let's hope we don't give "birth" on board......given we are a same sex couple that would be a small miracle!!! 🙂
  8. We recently 'downgraded' for our summer sailing on the Edge from Ocean View to Ocean View Guarantee....reason being is we were already booked in the lowest class OV cabin and saved $1,500.00 by downgrading to the Guarantee category. Surprisingly, our room has already been assigned (we don't sail until July!). The deck plan shows that our room has "1 upper birth". There are 3 of us in the cabin. Does the "upper birth" mean that there is no option to make the couch in to the bed for the third person (as has happened on all of the other Celebrity ships). We are travelling with my 70 year old mother and getting her in to that upper birth may be a challenge! 🙂
  9. Looking for any reviews on Celebrity Constellation cabin 8002. We've booked this cabin for a summer 2019 French Riviera cruise. It is an ocean view, but larger than most and since there are 3 of us we chose this one for the little bit of extra space. Wondering if this cabin was retrofitted in the last dry dock. We were on the Connie about 8 years ago and Cabins were dated and in poor repair. Anyone ever stayed in 8002? Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the input everyone. We have booked the Constellation July 18, 2019. Still a bit hesitant but your advice swayed us! T
  11. We are looking at a Mediterranean cruise in the summer of 2019 and LOVE the itinerary for the Constellation.....but are concerned for the ship itself based on reviews and one cruise we did on it about 10 years ago. We LOVE the solstice class ships and have been on all of them. We did not like Constellation when we were on it....but it has been refurbed since then so wondering how updated it is now?? Another option is the Edge which we know we'd love....but itinerary is not as good and it's way more expensive. Any advice is appreciated
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