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  1. Amazing scenery. Most wildlife seen were birds. But it’s the landscape that we love on this ShoreEx. —Marne
  2. A vote for "love the cruise!" This May, my wife and I will take our 7th Alaska cruise. We took the flight once. We took the Wildlife Safari once. In May, we're booked for Misty Fjord for the fifth time. 'Nuff said. --Marne
  3. Fuerte Amador question for Alaskanb and DiamondDiva Like daydreamer16 in post #3 above, my wife and I will leave from San Francisco on the Coral on 15 February for a Panama Canal cruise. Your reviews were very helpful! We will be meeting someone in downtown Panama City on the morning of our tendered stop at Fuerte Amador. We'll take a tender from the ship to the end of the causeway, then catch a taxi or a hired car to our meeting. On your cruise(s), can you recall at what time tender operations started in the morning? For our cruise, the listed arrival time at Fuerte Amador is 7:00am, and the earliest ShoreEx has a 7:30am start time. Thanks in advance for your help! --Marne
  4. My wife and I will be aboard the Coral Princess for a 7:00am -to- 6:00pm port stop at Fuerte Amador. We will be getting off the ship there to meet someone in downtown Panama City. If you have recent experience at this port, please let me know long can we expect to wait on board before we can get a tender to the shore. Also, I assume that there will be taxis available near where the tenders dock. Correct? --Marne
  5. My wife and I will be aboard the Coral Princess for a 7:00am -to- 6:00pm port stop at Fuerte Amador. We will be getting off the ship there to meet someone in downtown Panama City. Does anyone have recent experience at this port? How long can we expect to wait on board before we can get a tender to the shore? Will there be taxis available near where the tenders dock? --Marne
  6. My wife and I are booked on a Princess cruise that will stop at three of the Canary Islands, Madeira and Vigo. Looking for alternatives to the ship's ShoreEx offering, several of the pax on our roll-call have found interesting private tours by searching these CruiseCritic message boards. They searched for posts mentioning 'Canary Islands'; the name of individual islands (like 'Lanzarote' or 'Tenerife'); or the name of specific port cities (like 'Arrecife' or 'Las Palmas'). The trick is not to search only in these Port-of-Call forums. You'll do best by searching 'Everywhere'. That will search ports-or-call, and also CruiseCritic roll-calls, cruise lines, discussions and more. The 'Everywhere' choice will pop up when you enter something in the Search field, that oval-with-a-question-mark at the top-right of this (and every!) message board. Happy cruising! --Marne
  7. My wife and I are interested in a fall 2019 Princess cruise, so we enquired with our TA about cabins. He replied with the current 'Anniversary Sale' pricing, which he noted had non-refundable and non-changeable deposits. We could live with non-refundable as long as we could switch the reservation to another sailing. But we're too flexible and spontaneous (my wife says "wishy-washy") to opt for non-changeable fares. Our history — and likely future — is rife with changes to cruise reservations for not-covered-by-insurance reasons. So we chose not to book the itinerary now, but we told our TA that we were seriously interested in it and would continue to watch it. I know that 'Wave Season' is coming up, but I'm not really sure what that means in terms of offers and conditions. Also, we'll be sailing with Princess in mid-February and could book while we're aboard. So here are my questions: → Are either wave season and/or on-board bookings unencumbered with non-changeable deposits? → Which are better, wave season deals or on-board bookings? → And if sailing during wave season, do the on-board booking deals get better? Thanks in advance for your answers. Happy New Year! --Marne
  8. What's up with this $99 price? When I go to cruise personalizer, the Premium Internet package is $199 for my upcoming cruise of 15 days. Why are other folks getting 14 days for $99? And note that for 15 days, $199 is more than the $9.95/day other posters have mentioned when exceeding the Platinum minute allocation. BTW, both my wife and I are Platinum. So I assume that we each would get 250 minutes free on our cruise. Together, that's a bit over 8 hours, right? Enough for one person for one afternoon! (Granted, that's for a non-cruising lifestyle; it's harder to type with an umbrella drink in one hand.) --Marne
  9. My wife and I are long-time ocean cruisers, but not yet river cruisers. Our first river cruise will be on Ama Serena for ‘Enchanting Rhine’ in late August 2018. But we just received an Ama brochure for 2019 cruises, and we’re ready to book one now. The Danube river cruise we’re looking at for 2019 has lots of sail dates we’d accept, so selling out doesn’t seem to be an issue. From past ocean cruises, I’ve often booked future cruises on-board for great deals. But I’ve heard that for river cruises, far-in-advance bookings offer the best prices. And then there are the big February specials for ocean cruises. Do they happen for river cruises too? So when should we book???? —Marne
  10. Yup, that’s what happened. Sorry! Next time, I’ll have my coffee BEFORE I write any posts! —Marne
  11. My wife and I recently ended a cruise in Venice, and wanted to stay over for some extra days. We booked the Hotel Papadopoli Venezia in the Santa Croce quarter, and we were stunned by just how wonderful the stay was. This hotel is less than a two-minute stroll from Piazzale Roma, over a short arch bridge with ramps on one side for rolling suitcases, baby strollers or wheelchairs.But despite its proximity to Venice’s bustling transportation hub, the hotelseems to be in a serene world apart.It’s nestled in its own quiet, local-neighborhood world, tucked between a small park and two canals.Three excellent local restaurants are adjacent, and that’s not counting the world-class restaurant and bar inside the hotel. The hotel staff at the front desk went far beyond the ordinary in their helpfulness with our transfers from the ship’s dock and later to the airport, and the concierge gave us ideas for our Venice visit that only a local could think of.(Example:Venice has masks for sale everywhere, but have you ever visited a studio where an artisan hand-crafts an amazing variety of masks right in front of you? If not, visit ‘Casanova’ on Calle del Cristo in the San Polo quarter!) This is not a budget hotel, but we thought the price was well within a median range for Venice. But the value for our money was exceptional. HIGHLY recommended! --Marne
  12. On our travels, my wife and I always buy wine to share with friends when we come home. Reading HAL's pre-boarding info and many discussions here on CruiseCritic, I know that we can bring aboard one 750ml bottle per-person for in-room consumption without corkage, and that any additional bottles to be consumed anywhere on the ship are assessed a $18 corkage fee when brought on board. But here on CC, I have seen tantalizing references to HAL allowing wine bottles purchased at port-stops to be brought on board and held until disembarkation without a corkage fee. Can any recent HAL cruisers verify that this is true??? If so, how does this process work? Are there any limits? (We often bring home two cases of wine.) Many thanks for your help!!! --Marne
  13. We blinked! Based on postings we saw on this thread and others, it seemed like there was a good chance that something (slow customs, traffic, cosmic rays) would make us late to our 12:20pm flight. So we re-booked on a 2:50pm flight. Originally, we flew direct.Now we have a connection (plus the extra wait to leave LFR). So we'll have a very . l-o-n-g . travel day home, but hopefully one without airport panic. --Marne
  14. Yikes! Thanks, Herb, for the reality check. If we get off that late, we're not going to make a 12:20pm flight. Debbie-wife and I look for ward to seeing you on the cruise, --Marne
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