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  1. Ha. I thought Shenanigans was a new show or specialty restaurant.
  2. Perhaps a dog lineup would be helpful. Can someone work up a sketch. Sincerely, Friends of Bella
  3. Hound I will confirm it was not you that was being discussed in connection with the DS thread.
  4. Am I to understand Host Bob does not want to see pictures of Bella? FYI, at the time of this posting all the pictures on the side of the Royal page are yours, and none of them are of Bella.
  5. Sherri, I don't understand you. I haves no reason not to like you, but can't understand you.
  6. So true. You can stop the thread but not the movement
  7. No, agreed, I wouldn't think of it as urgent. I chalk that up to the lose way language is used on line today.
  8. Honesty, there are a lot of reasons people probably ask in advance. New to cruising, new to a ship, like to have plans, builds anticipation, etc. For us there are two things. First it is build up, simple anticipation. Like an appetizer. It's not planning out every minute, but having an overall sense of what they do on sea days, what movies were showing at the Aqua Theater, etc. I realize that for people who cruise several times a year this seems silly, and admit that once you have been on a ship a number of times (even 2) it is less necessary, but to me it's like watching a movie you enjoy, even though you have seen it 10 times. I also look at the CD list and see what ship my CD is currently on. It seems like the activities change more by CD than ship. I will literally decide to go to Love and Marriage and Quest based more on CD than anything else. Recent compasses also give an indication of the Trivia Topics. The bigger reason, which is probably the point for a lot of people, I am a type A personality. I could no more not research and plan, than I could not breathe. Where others are asking "Why do this", I look at it as why not. How am I hurt by doing it? I am happiest when I am gathering up data. I am never disappointed, because I know what might happen and am prepared. I do admit that I use Google and the Search Function here and don't think I have ever asked for one. Also I focus more on Youtube videos, deck plans, port information, and recent reviews. But I do pull compasses as well.
  9. I get your overriding point, and agree. However, food allergies aside, who doesn't like M&M's? Can't have them maybe, but doesn't like them?
  10. Thanks Biker. I'm getting that $5.00 within an hour of hitting 5,000. #notlosingout
  11. That's 1 for the new site. What is the current Compliment vs Complaint score? 12 to 1,203?
  12. Are you not worried that a post about the size of your toolbox will get you a demerit?
  13. Yeah, but you still didn't tell me how you spell check?
  14. The cost I see online are pretty negligible. Who knows. For me it's like Delta, just do what they say and try not ot make sense of it. How do you spell check, other than fixing the red underlines?
  15. Could be ad revenue related I suppose. I also googled it and found some users on a forum talking about slow updates to tapatalk for IPB, but honestly no more than other similar products. There is a thread on CC about Tapatalk, but nothing official in it. EDIT My God, the Red Socks. Unbelievable.
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