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  1. I am sorry for upsetting so many of you. I will bow out of this conversation. @ReneeFLL my comments were not a joke. Grief is a powerful thing, and I would not expect myself or this family to react with logic in this situation. I expect they are heart broken and grasping for anything they can. This is clearly not the place for this conversation, and I apologize to anyone upset by having an alternate opinion. Again, prayers for the family, including the Grandfather. Hope that some talented ship engineer might find a way to protect people from themselves someday. Things can and should always get better.
  2. If they were my client, yes I would encourage them to put up more signs. You can't cure stupid at all, but you can increase your ability to win lawsuits with additional signage and safety measures. You win lawsuits like this by showing all the measures you have in place. Every sign and warning you see is there because someone did something stupid. A business does not care about curing stupid, they want to protect the value. I get your feelings, I do, but ask McDonald's how the "It's not our fault. A reasonable person would have been okay" defense worked for them. Again, I get that this is a passionate issue to many of you, but that is not the way the law works. They were offered to settle that case for something like $4,000 in medical expenses and said "NO, were right". That was stupid. I promise you the other side will argue: The window in question was in close proximity to a children's area. There is no practical reason for the windows to open. No employee stopped him from lifting the child over the railing. While the grandfathers actions were a factor in the accident, the opportunity for such an event should not even exist on a ship marketed to families. Forget fault. Forget stupidity. Think about 12 people who aren't Loyal to Royal hearing a grieving mother asking for what sounds like a reasonable list of changes. Then where you see an "idiot", they will present an old man who got confused and now has to live with the pain of an honest mistake. A mistake that is 100% preventable. I am also sure that you all are more upset about this than Royal. This is a part of doing business. Two more people fell to their deaths on Carnival since October. Someday changes will come, its inevitable.
  3. Yes mam, that is what I am saying. I would never be able to shake the quilt of not protecting my child, no matter how he or she fell to harm. That said, I am pretty sure that I would also be able to find blame with Royal, the person who built the ship, the people who create the regulations, the port authority, the other passengers, and lastly God. While this is unfair, it is also honest. Unfortunately, I have friends who lost children in tragedies and have watched them take on many issues and institutions as a result. So, yes I would want to push for changes to prevent it happening to anyone else. This is not about who is responsible, it is about prevention. It would likely become my mission to change cruise ship regulations and policies to make this less likely to happen again. 30 Years ago people were not required to wear seat belts or place children in car seats, people were expected to simply drive carefully. Unfortunately, tragedies are the way that laws, regulations, and policies evolve. Why would anyone be opposed to more signage? Why would anyone care if the hand rail were pulled 2 feet further from the window, making it even less likely that anyone could lean far enough out to fall over or drop something? Why would anyone be opposed to them putting a bolted window stop to keep the window from being completely open? I think there is a lot wrong with this country, including our newly found inability to tolerate anyone with a different opinion. You are welcome to your opinion and to express it, as am I. One of the best things about America is that you and I have the right to discuss this, and the family has the right to challenge if Royal should have done more to protect their child. The courts will decide this, the family will be in pain no matter what, and Royal will be fine no matter what. My thoughts are not who is to blame, or if a reasonable person would do this. My thoughts are only about, "How do we keep this from happening again?" A child is dead, and Royal does not need any of our protection. I believe the family has ever right to raise the issue, you do not. Reasonable people can disagree without destroying a while county. I hope I never have occasion to find out how one acts in this situation, I sincerely hope you never find out either.
  4. Chief, I always appreciate your input and experience. It was not my intent to imply that Royal wasn't following the industry standards, I am sure they are. I am not as certain as you, that a court will find the only factor in this accident is the carelessness of the Grandfather. It is the primary cause, but will it be determined to be the only cause? If we could count on people being reasonable we wouldn't need signs like: "Don't leave valuables in your car" "Don't exit the ride vehicle while it's in motion" "No Diving" "Don't feed the animals" "Don't stand on the top step" I'm sure that Royal's lawyers are top tier. If you and everyone else is right, then there is nothing to be concerned about. I do think that we will likely see additional signage. I'll be surprised if there isn't a sign someday that says ""Warning keep children away from open windows". It would be advisable to do so for the public relations bump. It is also never a bad thing to be the first to exceed requirements. I am not saying they will, I have no idea, but they would silly not to consider it. Of course that said, they have to wait for the lawsuit to come to a conclusion, otherwise it will be used against them. I am always glad to be wrong, mainly because I am paid to be extremely suspicious and pessimistic. I would never grab a hot toaster.... but someone clearly has. Or imagine what lead to this one
  5. Liability is not the same as blame. It is entirely possible that the Grandfather will be found guilty, and Royal still found liable or negligent. Royal is a big company and they will survive. I was involved in a case where a guest at a hotel got drunk and decided to dive into the 4 foot pool. He was in his 20's, broke his neck, and was paralyzed. The hotel lost that lawsuit. Now most US hotels with indoor pools have doors that require key entry. Someone a few pages ago mentioned reasonable doubt in talking about the Grandfather, you should also know that there will be a question of reasonable care. Could Royal have anticipated this type of accident and reasonably prevented it? If the hand rail was further from the window, the window was higher, the windows restricted from opening fully, does this happen? How hard would it be to prevent even a careless person from being injured? I am sure that there are ways for the engineers at Royal to make it less likely this type accident ever happens again without completely closing off the decks. Whether they win or lose the lawsuit, it is likely changes will be made, its a bad image. I realize that many of you have a high degree of passion for this story, but for me, the family lost a child and gets a pass on any action they take. If it was my child, you all would have a lot more to talk about, because I would make what this family has done look like nothing. While the grandfather is the primary cause of this child's death, it is also true that Royal could have done more to prevent this type of accident. Sorry, that's just a legal reality. There's a reason windows in US public buildings don't open. Yes I know those are different regulations, but regulations evolve and change. I remember people saying similar things about personal responsibility when seat belts and car seats became the norm. Whether Royal is "to blame" or not they should want to make the ships safer. Safer as in more safe, not that they are unsafe now. There is an old saying in loss analysis, if you don't prevent something from happening, eventually it will. Prayers for the family, including the Grandfather. Regardless of what the courts rule he has to live with this and I don't how. Finally, hope that Royal can find a way to increase safety without ruining our experience. In the end, a child is dead. EVERYTHING that can be done to prevent it from happening again should be done. Fix problems not blame.
  6. I have experience with this question. Some time ago, the Compass said "Smart Casual". I called Guest Services and asked what does that mean. I was told "Collared shirt, no jeans, jacket would be appropriate but not required." So I dressed as instructed. When I get to the dining room I see shorts, basketball jerseys, and jeans (jeans as far as the eye could see). I asked the head waiter, "What gives". He said "Oh just wear whatever you want, its okay." So I asked the Maitre d who informed me "The dress code is just a suggestion. You're on vacation and can come in anything you would like. So no it does not matter what the Compass says. I also agree, it's time to wave the white flag. I'm not defending Royal policies, when they don't care.
  7. I sense more to the story here. Sorry to hear about your marriage. Just kidding. People are funny, they run everything through their own experience and feelings. If they wouldn't do it, they don't understand why you you would want to. HAVE A GREAT TIME. Remember to send your husband lots of photos to look at while he works.
  8. We stayed at Hotel Nord Nuova Roma which was located near Termini Train Station. We would booked through Priceline as part of a package that included our airfare. It was a nice hotel, we found it convenient to sightseeing in Rome and it included breakfast. We took the train from FCO to Termini and walked with our bags to the hotel. It was an easy walk. Maybe 1/4 mile. We booked a shared shuttle from Rome to the Port through Expedia. We paid $35.00 for door to door and had no problems. It was listed on Expedia as Shared shuttle service: Civitavecchia Port: Hotels in Rome to Port. The actual service was provided by Consorzio Airport Shuttle Car Service. It rained the morning we left for port and we were glad we didn't have to wrestle our bags on and off the train again. The shuttle worked out great. We slept on the 1 hour ride, we were the first ones picked up. Enjoy your trip.
  9. I booked through a site called Shore Excursioneer. I have used them several times and never had a problem. The cost through them was $26.00 pp. It does not include Food or Drinks but does include chairs, umbrellas, pools, wifi, etc. The normal beach amenities. I haven't gone yet, so this is based on Google searches. According to what I read a cab for two would cost around $25, and there are shared vans that are $5 per person one way. I also saw some All Inclusive options on other sites, but that wasn't what I was looking for. Want to say it was $80.00+ per person, but YMMV. Hope this helps.
  10. We haven't been there in years either, but are going back in February. I just book us a day pass at Grand Lucayan Lighthouse Pointe. It's about 15 minutes from the cruise port.
  11. Now that is a fitting gift for a Pinnacle. Well done Royal, well done. Do and Laura officially call that the "Wine Wagon"?
  12. Missed this earlier. John, where was this taken? And if i may, what do you call a group of Pinnacles? Is it a Pride of Pinnacles? A Gaggle? A Coven?
  13. So you took the Infinity Q70 to Chic Fil A. Surprised the navigation program would even let you do that. I would think it would re-direct you something to more upscale. Especially if It knew you were Platinum.
  14. Well, as far as you know. Sometimes the day a person drinks the most is not the day they remember the clearest. Or did Laura tell you "Oh no it this day". Then I remove my comment.
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