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  1. Can he muddle through with a shaker cup? That’s what I do with my protein shakes.
  2. I barely even pack “fully-covered” shoes on a cruise. I wear slides all day most days and go to the windjammer most days.
  3. I would try to call. Just to be sure.
  4. On topic: RCI may or may not increase now but will inevitably increase in the future and they will probably always give you the opportunity to pay the lower rate if you’re already booked. Off topic: I think (hope) that some take off the gratuities because of all the mystery/rumor behind how much actually gets to the crew. Also, people that skip the MDR don’t want to tip the wait staff that they didn’t use/see. I too wish it were just included in the cabin price or just another line with the total cost. I personally like to prepay my gratuities with my cruise so I don’t have to think about it again. I give additional grats to crew that go above and beyond but don’t feel also don’t feel pressured to do this. We’ve noticed many skip the final night in the MDR so they don’t have to feel compelled to give their wait staff that envelope. On top of gratuities, we also like to give notes and other items that are far more personal but never that in lieu of gratuities.
  5. If you haven’t been on an Oasis-class and it’s in the budget, I’d suggest more than a week (maybe a B2B). The first time we sailed on Allure, we did a B2B and it was nice since there is SO much to see in the ship. Also, from experience in December, the eastern Caribbean is a bit rough seas (I’ve seen them skip ports due to weather). Not sure how February is though since I’ve never sailed that way in Feb. It seems to us that western is more calm in the winter months.
  6. We were just on a B2B and they kicked us out of the Cafe Promenade before 10. We were planning to get lunch and explore Galveston so wanted to stay on as close to lunch as possible. We could have gone to the theater and got off with all the other consecutive cruisers around 10:15-10:30. But that’s about the limit. They need to have zero passengers as soon as they can so they can start loading new passengers.
  7. Apologies. That’s what I was tryIng to say but it didn’t come out right. That’s what I get for trying to post while at work. You can get either package and you’ll get a discount equal to 2 days of Surf (2 days for D+, 1 day for D).
  8. If you wait until you’re onboard, you can get either Surf or Surf & Stream package for the voyage and you’ll get the equivalent of two days discounted off that package price.
  9. The parking lot for Royal Caribbean is not covered but is secured. It is Katy-corner from the Julia terminal but you have to walk over some railroad tracks and across one street. The walk is mostly covered.
  10. Did not see them offered on either of b2b on Liberty December 1-15. Bummer I’ve purchased them the past.
  11. We’ve sailed both in 2019. I think the solarium roof opens. It’s nice. Our cruise director was Bobby Broughton and he is a hoot. On the smaller ships, it seems you get to know the cruise director/staff much better. It seem like there are more activities too but that may just be a feeling we get. Our MDR staff was the best we’ve ever had. Not crowded when we were on board. That varies week to week though.
  12. I’ve literally never gotten a shareholder credit I tried on the past 5 cruises. I guess when I get any other discounts, the SC doesn’t apply. I wish RCCL would allow that to be combinable and start a military/veterans credit like Princess. When we sail on Princess, my wife, stepfather, and I get the veterans OBC and Mom gets the shareholders credit.
  13. If you ask for a table for 6, everything should be fine. When you get on the ship, find your table and maybe check with the maitre d’ to be sure it’s a table for just y’all. We’ve never had a problem. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I’d like to read that thread. Can you post a link? Forbidden Thread of Myth and Lore (title renamed to protect the innocent, or guilty)
  15. Fridges-yes. Empty. Not very cold. We kept water and diet cokes in there and asked our cabin steward to keep a bucket of ice in cabin.
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