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  1. This is what we did to get to diamond. Needed 9 points. Booked a 5-night in a Jr Suite on the Enchantment so we’d be diamond before a B2B on the Allure.
  2. 1. We are probably going to do the fly, snooze, and cruise by coming in on May 2nd. We live on the west coast of the US. The prices I'm seeing are about $175 for 4 star hotels. When is the best time to purchase this? Will the price fluctuate or are the prices I'm seeing now pretty typical? Probably a good price and will probably go up closer to cruise. 2. If you purchase a cruise while on the ship is it truly cheaper than what you can purchase yourself online? We’ve not had good luck booking on the ship but your vary. 3. There is a Kate Spade s
  3. Full disclosure: I did not read all responses. 1. The vast majority of people infected have no major complications. Unless you’re high-risk, you should have no trouble. 2. Doing something else in Orlando (Eg. Disney World) would probably expose you to more potentially infected people. 3. You can be fairly confident that the cruise lines are exercising additional measures to avoid the spread of germs. I would stop worrying and try your best to enjoy your cruise vacation. I’m currently counting down the days (T minis 9) to our Caribbean cruise. The best thing yo
  4. All that really matters is if YOU think you got a good deal. I always say that everyone on the ship got a different deal on price/bonuses.
  5. Congrats! We literally booked JS for a five-night on the Enchantment—we needed 9 points to get to diamond and were about to do our first B2B on the Allure. So glad you made it!
  6. We had adjacent cabins and were lucky enough to have a blank wall in between. As an added bonus, the girls across the hall rearranged the wall every day. Everything is a magnet or hanging on magnet hooks. The other door was somewhere else on the ship. We pick up most of our decorations at dollar stores here and there or other places we can get inexpensive items.
  7. We've done several B2B cruises - never Australia/NZ. You will receive new Sea Pass cards for each cruise. There will be a meeting place for all "consecutive cruisers" on debarkation day. After all other passengers are off, they will take you off the ship as a group and bring you back on. They generally need to zero the passenger count before they bring passengers back on. There is usually a "special" lunch for consecutive cruisers once you re-board.
  8. We enjoy the ship. We live on the gulf coast so most of our cruises have been to the Caribbean. We wish RCI would rotate the ships. Been on the Liberty 5 times and we really would like a show besides Saturday Night Fever and a new ice show. There are 3 Freedom-class ships. Why not rotate them around since the shows don’t rotate? Still not bored though. We also cruise on other lines. The islands all seem to look the same after a while but we really enjoy the ship so the destinations really are secondary to us. We like big ships like the Allure and smaller ships like Vision and Enchantment and e
  9. We often book with a website. We can see available cabins and book the same cabins for both cruises just to simplify things. Is a bit more work initially but worth it to us. I know from experience, if you have different cabins, your cabin stewards will move your things from one to another. I don’t remember ever actually linking anything, however we’ve always booked them at the same time.
  10. We had a cruise cancelled by NCL. I was furious. It IS in your cruise contract that they can do this. It sucks but it happens on other cruise lines as well.
  11. Can he muddle through with a shaker cup? That’s what I do with my protein shakes.
  12. I barely even pack “fully-covered” shoes on a cruise. I wear slides all day most days and go to the windjammer most days.
  13. I would try to call. Just to be sure.
  14. On topic: RCI may or may not increase now but will inevitably increase in the future and they will probably always give you the opportunity to pay the lower rate if you’re already booked. Off topic: I think (hope) that some take off the gratuities because of all the mystery/rumor behind how much actually gets to the crew. Also, people that skip the MDR don’t want to tip the wait staff that they didn’t use/see. I too wish it were just included in the cabin price or just another line with the total cost. I personally like to prepay my gratuities with my cruise so I don’t have to think abou
  15. If you haven’t been on an Oasis-class and it’s in the budget, I’d suggest more than a week (maybe a B2B). The first time we sailed on Allure, we did a B2B and it was nice since there is SO much to see in the ship. Also, from experience in December, the eastern Caribbean is a bit rough seas (I’ve seen them skip ports due to weather). Not sure how February is though since I’ve never sailed that way in Feb. It seems to us that western is more calm in the winter months.
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