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  1. Thanks for posting the photo of the new tile. I have several of the old one so a new design is welcomed. Has anyone done anything with the tiles? I was considering tiling a tray with them. Gloria Save
  2. Usually I read near the pool or I attend a lecture or talk. Mostly I do both. Sea days give me a chance to scroll through my photos.
  3. I have created door signs for my cabins aboard many different cruise lines. I use magnets if the door is metal; otherwise I use those adhesive squares that are very easy to remove. I have never damaged a door using these. They are called Removable Mounting Squares and are made by different companies. Find them in the stationary dept even supermarkets carry them. I usually print a photo of the ship from the Internet & list the name of the cruise, the itinerary & date underneath. Sometimes I include small photos of the ports of call. Use your imagination. This is YOUR cruise. Forget what others say. I have received many compliments on my creations. I also make up personalized Tees and passengers want to buy them. I do the signs because I can locate my cabin door faster. Others tell me that they use my sign to help them find their cabin too. All the cabin doors look the same & my eyesight is not the best. Enjoy your cruise. Some of the cruise lines like Carnival SELL door decorations or cabin decorations. Once I used a print out of an email Carnival sent me for my birthday and put it inside a see through sleeve. It was so cute! If you don't have the time to print up your own decoration, look in the stores that sell to teachers and pick up a prepared one. For example on a recent Caribbean cruise I bought a cut out of a large cardboard sand castle. I am cruising over Valentine's Day next year so I'll stop into a dollar store & find a cut out of a heart and use that. OK I am a former teacher but adding a little fun to a trip enhances it for me. Perhaps I am a kid at heart. It keeps me young. Oh one time I was traveling with a group and others did decorate my hotel door for my anniversary. I loved it, took a photograph of it and saved it, too. Don't be afraid to be different. Thank goodness that we all don't think alike! Life would be boring then.
  4. I, too, have sailed on this ship and really enjoyed the cruise. She is a wonderful ship, I agree. It is too bad that this ship is the one being replaced. :(
  5. I just read the announcement in Florida Today newspaper that RCCL will base the Oasis of the Seas at Port Canaveral next winter. This is great news for Port Canaveral. It recently built Terminal 1 to support an Oasis-class ship with the partnership of RCCL. This was bound to happen. The Oasis of the Seas replaces the popular but small Freedom of the Seas, which will move to Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale.) The arrival of the Oasis will boost passenger figures at Port Canaveral.:)
  6. Glad to hear that HAL compared so favorable. I agree with almost everything that you wrote - so many cruise lines are eliminating the conditioners, for example, happy to read that HAL isn't. I do however like the plays. I guess that I am old fashioned. Really what I like are the variety shows with the singers & the dancers. I take cruises to visit new ports, to enjoy the meals and for wonderful nightly entertainment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed reading your post. Gloria
  7. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have now ruled out renting a fridge. I will tell my husband about your idea. I'm sure that will work fine. I appreciate the information. Gloria
  8. Do ocean view rooms on the Amsterdam have fridges in them? My husband needs one for his meds.
  9. Suppose you do not want bar service, just have a get together without drinks, is there still a cost on Carnival? Many people do not drink. Gloria :confused: Gloriaquote=jnojr;29018240]For the archives... The number to call is (800) 438-6744 X70006 There's a minimum of 20 people. For one hour with open bar and snacks, it's $9.95 per person + 15% gratuity. For two hours, $17 pp + 15% They recommended setting this up no later than a month before the sail date.
  10. Yes, this is hard to estimate because sometime we get a generous OBC and shareholders credit - other times not. Generally speaking we spend over and above Shore Excursions which are usually pre-paid about $300 - $400 which we pay with a credit card. On our last Allure trip we actually got a refund because the cruiseline gave us all extra OBC because of mechanical problems that delayed our docking in a port. Our onboard spending center mostly on wine bottles at dinner and shopping in the gift shops. To that, I would add tips on Shore Excursions between $5 - $10 per tour depending on length for both of us and shopping purchases onshore which can range from $0 to up to $200 - $300 more. I think that $500 would be a safe total estimate. We do not generally order drinks, visit the spa or specialty restaurants unless treated by our TA - usually not for a 7-night cruise. Hope this helps. :) Gloria
  11. Thanks for the phone number. I'll give them a call closer to our sailing date. Happy to read that you have too many cruises to list. My next cruise will be my 39 & 40 - a B to B. Happy sailing! :) Gloria
  12. Thanks, Amy! I copied it and printed it out. My husband will really appreciate it as he has to limit his protein. This helps him out quite a bit. :) Gloria
  13. 52 vegetarian dishes featured, largest selection at sea Seattle, Wash., May 2, 2012 — Holland America Line has introduced a new alternative, vegetarian-only menu, as well as 30 new vegetarian dishes to their main dining room menu, furthering the line's commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences for all guests. Holland America Line’s award-winning Master Chef Rudi Sodamin has designed an exclusive 22-dish vegetarian and vegan menu that highlights vegetables and other naturally healthy ingredients in vibrant, flavorful culinary selections. The alternative menu includes a full range of appetizers, salads, soups and main entrées, and is available upon request at no extra cost for lunch and dinner in the main dining room aboard all 15 ships in the fleet. "Many more people are choosing a vegetarian culinary experience, yet the options can be limited," said Richard Meadows, Holland America Line’s executive vice president of marketing, sales and guest programs. "By offering a complete vegetarian-only menu and the largest vegetarian selection at sea, we are ensuring that all guests can take part in an exceptional dining experience while cruising with Holland America Line.” The savory collection of dishes on the new vegetarian-only menu include Portobello Mushroom and Chipotle Quesadillas, Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Rolls, Curried Vegetable Empanadas, Spicy Lentil and Garbanzo Salad, Sweet and Sour Vegetable Tempura, Vegetable Jambalaya, Grilled Vegetable and Tofu Kebobs, and Baked Cheese Polenta with Mushrooms and Artichoke Hearts. In addition to the new vegetarian-only menu, 30 new vegetarian dishes will be added to the main dining room menu. These offerings also will be featured as a second vegetarian option in the casual Lido buffet during lunch. Additionally, every dinner menu will now offer guests the option of one appetizer, one soup or salad, and at least one vegetarian entrée each evening, increasing the total number of vegetarian options on board to 52 delectable dishes. Some of the newly expanded vegetarian selections on the main dining room menu include Corn and Zucchini Pancakes served with Southwest-style cous cous salad, Asparagus and Zucchini Torte with wild rice and sun-dried tomato coulees, Carrot and Parmesan Risotto topped with a lemony arugula salad and crispy carrot ribbons, and Grilled Eggplant and Bell Pepper Masala braised in yogurt with Indian spices and served with coconut-pistachio basmati rice. :) Gloria
  14. Thanks for the information about how they work the new vegetarian menu on HAL. :) Gloria
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