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  1. ClemsonTiger96

    Crown and Anchor points calculation

    Correct, I understand how the bonus points were awarded and I ended up with 15 points for that cruise. I’m confused as to how I calculate 39 points, but RCI is showing me at 51. I know my oldest daughter, who is now 19 has gone on I believe one additional cruise than us.
  2. Can someone explain how my C&A points have been calculated? I’ve tried to figure it out, and have researched how RCI figures the points, but I’m still not coming up with the number I have. In 2009 we sailed on our first RCI cruise which was a 7 night in a Jr. suite. For that we got 2 cruise credits, which when adjusted to the new system equated to 15 points. In 2012 we did a 7 night cruise in which we earned 7 points. In 2014 we did a 9 night cruise in which we earned 9 points. In 2016 we did an 8 night cruise in which we earned 8 points. When adding all of the points together for the four cruises you get 39 points. When logging into my RCI account it says I have 51 points. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they have the higher amount, but I am curious on how they got to 51. On the 8 night cruise we did book a second room for our kids, but didn’t think that would affect the number. On the other cruises we had a single room and the kids stayed with us, or it was only my wife and I. Also, our kids have taken cruises with their grandparents, which we did not go with them. Could this affect our number? Any my help would be appreciated!
  3. What is our best option for getting from our ship to Port Royal golf course, and what are the rates? We will have 6 golfers plus each persons clubs.
  4. ClemsonTiger96

    Golf clubs on board

    We are leaving next week for Bermuda and I was planning to bring my clubs, but was worried about space. Is there a closet I can store the clubs in, or possibly under the bed?
  5. ClemsonTiger96

    First Time Sailing with NCL.

    Thank you both very much for the information. I really think we’ll enjoy the Escape. Is the Spice H2O an indoor bar that would be a good late evening place to sit and unwind, or is it more of an outdoor, daytime bar? Also, what are some opinions on the Vibe Beach Club?
  6. ClemsonTiger96

    First Time Sailing with NCL.

    In Mid-May myself and about 20 other family and friends will be on the Norwegian Escape for the wedding of our son in Bermuda. I’ve been on 3 different RCL ships, and have always loved their cruise line, but at the same time I’m extremely excited to try Norwegian. I do have a few questions that I’m hoping to get answered by people that have sailed on both lines. From what I’m reading, it sounds like the Garden Cafe is the equivalent of the Windjammer. Is this correct? A place that serves all 3 meals buffet style? My favorite place to go on RC ships for a nice quiet drink at night has always been the Viking Crown Lounge. It has great views and a nice quiet atmosphere where you can hold a conversation or listen to the band. Is there a bar on the Escape that would be similar? We’ve always done traditional early sitting in the main dining rooms on RC. Will it be similar on NCL where we will be able to go to the same dining room each night at the same time without making reservations, or will we need to set up dinner reservations for each night once we get onboard? For those that have sailed on the Escape, how does this ship compare to say Freedom of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas or Navigator of the Seas?
  7. ClemsonTiger96

    Large charter group on ship

    Our last cruise on the Navigator in January 2016 was an Armenian Heritage Cruise. I wouldn't say that it really had an impact on our cruise at all. None of the venues were shut done or unavailable to us and none of the dining rooms were taken over or anything like that. There were times that they took over the poolside events and we could hear them on the promenade later at night when they were in large groups, but overall it wasn't bad at all.
  8. ClemsonTiger96

    Aft Balcony vs. Jr. Suite

    Well, after taking everyone's advice we opted for the Junior Suite on the hump. I like the idea of being centrally located and the extra space. When booking a suite, we will receive double points, correct?
  9. ClemsonTiger96

    Aft Balcony vs. Jr. Suite

    I appreciate all of the replys and information. It doesn't sound like I could go wrong with either room. Mobility isn't a problem for either of us and I really would like to experience an aft balcony at some point, but the convenience of being close to the stairs, plus that additional room is tough to pass up.
  10. We've already done 5 in a room, including our son who was about the same size as your son. For that trip we had a family promenade stateroom on Freedom of the seas. I honestly thought that we had enough room, but then again the family promenade staterooms are bigger than a normal ocean view balcony room. On our last cruise we had myself, wife and two daughters and we opted to get the two adjoining rooms. It was very nice having the additional bathroom to get ready in the morning and before dinner.
  11. My wife and I are planning our 20th anniversary cruise on Adventure of the Seas in the summer of 2019, and I'm looking for some advice. We've previously sailed on RC in the past and have been in interior promenade rooms twice, a Jr. Suit once, and a regular balcony. Right now we are looking at two different rooms. The first is room 9390, which is an aft balcony. Cost would be around $2,200 plus $175 OBC. Room two is room 9618 which is a Jr. Suite on the hump for $2800 plus $200 OBC. We've had a balcony cabin on the hump before and really enjoyed it due to the proximity to everything. I've never had an aft balcony cabin, but it seems like people really love them. For those of you that have been in both, or either of these categories, what would you prefer. Right now I'm leaning toward the aft balcony. I really don't know if a Jr. Suite is worth the additional $600, and can you beat the views out the back of the ship? What are some of the positives or negatives of either room? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  12. ClemsonTiger96

    NCL Escape, Breakaway & Dawn - Our 2017 Highlights

    What a great video! It really got me looking forward to my next cruise.
  13. ClemsonTiger96

    Escape - Live 7/22

    Being that we are new to NCL, and will be sailing on the Escape out of NY in May for our son’s wedding, I decided to start reading some reviews of the ship. I started with this review, and loved it so much I went through all 44 pages at once. Now I’m off to read the other reviews by TheDougOut!
  14. ClemsonTiger96

    Escape Info/Tips

    Thanks for the info, it is very helpful! The Sugar Bowl was rough for sure. We haven’t been dominated like that in a very long time! I can’t complain since I honestly wasn’t expecting to make it this far this year. With KB back with a year of experience, and a monstrous recruiting class, 2018 should be awesome! All In!
  15. ClemsonTiger96

    December 16th Escape Quick Review

    I loved this review and your pictures are great! It’s nice to read an honest review without it being overly dramatic.