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  1. I also was on this one, changed it to same destination same ship from Southampton 31st of September. doubt it now.
  2. Haha, It's not funny but that is, if you know what I mean. Just been on the phone to tui and got an extra 2 weeks for final payment, at the moment a lot could happen in 2 weeks.
  3. And millions of people plough on with immune system problems and other underlying conditions that are no fault of their own. We are not all overweight cake scoffing smokers not taking care of our bodies. I've never blocked anyone on any site before but I might make an exception for you.
  4. And those of us who have underlying conditions, Is that scaremongering and not worth fretting over, or don't we matter "Considering many who get this virus will have no symptoms at all" What I've seen so far out and about is people coughing and sneezing without a care or covering their mouth, probably won't be much different on the ship. Not worth fretting over? lucky you.
  5. Thanks for the advice, we wouldn't of had a clue and just walked 👍
  6. If you saw the ghost of a guy that died in 2007 would you know it was a ghost? you could be seeing ghosts of people that died recently all the time and you wouldn't know it 😉
  7. Yes, should be a short walk from their according to Google, I'm getting the train from New Street, there should be a long line of us after breakfast walking down. 😁
  8. Calm down mate, I never said it was on any other day. I said "I take it the free shuttle is on the Saturday" with no question mark. I was just commenting because I am going on this cruise and wanted to say something, no need to jump down my throat.
  9. I take it the free shuttle is on the Saturday, we're getting there on the Friday and staying in a hotel close to the port.
  10. Using a VPN I can log in from every country I tried, including the US, except for Canada from which I get a 403 access forbidden, im not even redirected. I wonder why that is?
  11. I thought so, I had visions of getting turned away at 10:30 and having to mooch around Southampton for 4 hours.
  12. I have never come across this before, does anyone have experience of this and what did you do? I'm staying in a grand suite, on the Guest Ticket Booklet it says I can board anytime between 10:30 and 15:00, but when I completed the check-in I was forced to choose an arrival time for my set sail pass and the earliest was 13:30. I thought one of the perks of suite life was early check-in.
  13. Just off the Brilliance and I'm far from disappointed. Staff fantastic, food usual cruise fare, a few rust spots here and there but nothing more than you would expect, smoke nowhere near as bad as I expected, room clean. In short, I don't recognise it as the same ship the OP sailed on, loved every minute of it and met some great people, especially doing tea time trivia.
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