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  1. According to what I have just read, they have provided them since 2018 out of Southampton, so someone's wrong. Edit: Sorry it has already been said.
  2. I have paid for 2 of these packages, one Round Britain in Oct and one to Norway next year and they are no different to "Staycation" and the package available in the USA. I tell a lie, it is called Dream with us in the UK and Princess Plus in the USA which might explain why people are getting confused. When I have mentioned Dream With Us people didn't know what I was talking about.
  3. Even if you only have the odd cocktail and a few cups of coffee in my opinion it is worth it combined with the Wi-Fi and general gratuities. If you don't take the Dream package you will have to pay for all drinks and will have to pay the daily gratuities added everyday, and no Wi-Fi which you might not miss.
  4. I have just looked at my T&C's for my UK cruise and they are no different. When you buy the package you pay the price quoted then they add on 18% at checkout, on the ship you are not charged drink gratuities because you have already paid them. If you buy the Dream With Us package when booking it is different. You pay only the price quoted. Dream With Us includes drinks package, Wi-Fi and all gratuities, a very good deal. Hello delgirl, I live in the West Midlands, Lovely weather we are having at the moment
  5. Thanks, you are pointing out a cruise line policy we have been debating for a few pages. I linked a document provided as guidance to the cruse industry by The UK Chamber of Shipping, which is the trade organisation for UK shipping of which Carnival UK is a member, which gives no such direction and indeed states the opposite "For all guests and seafarers, both independently ashore and on excursions upon disembarking and re-embarking the ship" I know if I want to go ashore I will have to take a ships excursion, I have just been pointing out that it is not a legal requirement and in my opinion a money grab.
  6. Wrong, my Government are telling me we are on track to have all restrictions removed in the UK by mid June 21 not me. Next October I will be travelling to Southampton. The night before I cruise I will be meeting friends and going out for a spot of lunch, then probably do a mini pub crawl before retiring. The next day I will be cruising. From the NHS website "Evidence suggests that testing tends to be less accurate within three days of exposure, and the best time to get tested is five to seven days after you were exposed." That's even if it is found that vaccinated people can pass it on which is not clear yet. So there may be 1000's of people infected but undetectable getting on the ship. Where do we draw the line, no cruising till next June or no cruising till June 2025 or beyond?
  7. Sorry to harp on but I just found this: https://cruising.org/-/media/Files/Executive-Summary-Cruise-Framework-COVID-19 From the shore excursions section "For all guests and seafarers, both independently ashore and on excursions upon disembarking and re-embarking the ship, alcohol-based hand sanitiser should be made available at gangway exits, and all persons should be asked to use them." This was issued by The UK Chamber of Shipping if you want to look them up.
  8. I think you are loosing sight of the fact that ALL social distancing is on track to be removed mid June 21 in the UK not 22. I have underlying health conditions but we have to get back to normal soon.
  9. But still no one has given us an insight into how they are going to stop interaction between excursioners and locals and indeed excursioners from other ships now the other lines are jumping on the round Britain bandwagon. I truly accept peoples concern about the crew but cannot accept they will be able to keep us cocooned whilst on shore. If I choose to go on an excursion with them I will accept the T&C's but I have every right to complain about their prices and the ludicrousness of demanding we can only go ashore with them. I have only seen UK Government guidance referring to "tour providers of excursions" so why can we not use other companies that are proven to take the required precautions? I quote "One of the conditions of them sailing was probably that they did not just let people off the ship to wander." I cannot find any such direction from the UK Government, If anyone can post a link I would be grateful. I prefer fact and not opinion on such matters. Sorry for the long post.
  10. There was when I was seasick crossing the North Sea in rough weather a few years ago. 🤢🤮 I spent a day on them on the promenade deck overlooking the ocean.
  11. I don't think it does caribill, no mention at all in the gumph. Also there is other Titanic stuff in the area like its dry dock that you don't get to see, it's a 4 hour excursion, 1 hour driving around half an hour getting there and back (according to them) and 2 and a half hours in the exhibition, all for $99.95. If anything they should make the excursions cheaper to compensate us having to take theirs, not exploiting us.
  12. I don't blame you majortom10. If the restrictions are still in place in Oct, which would not surprise me, I will be staying onboard with my drinks package trying to reach that 15 limit lol.
  13. dwhe

    *** Lets Smile ***

    Two cruise passengers are lounging on sun beds reading. One notices that the other is reading a Che Guervara book. He turns to her and asks “Have you read Marx?” “Yes” she replies. “I think it’s from sitting on these deck chairs so long.” A magician was working on a cruise ship. He performed the same tricks each week for new passengers. The captain’s pet parrot came to all the shows and eventually figured out how all the tricks worked. He started to shout out during the shows. “It’s up his sleeve” and suchlike spoiling the tricks. The magician was really annoyed but couldn’t do anything as the parrot belonged to the captain. One night, the ship sank. The magician found himself stranded on a desert island along with the parrot. They stared at each other with hatred for days never uttering a word. Finally after five days the parrot couldn’t hold back any longer. “Okay, I give up” he said “What did you do with the ship?” The old ones are the best, sorry if you have heard them before.
  14. Edit to the above post: £15.50 for the over 60's so it's even more expensive.
  15. I have just been looking at excursions to Titanic Belfast, somewhere where I really want to go. Ship excursion with a half hour drive around Belfast is $99.95 (£72) The attraction is less than 2 miles walking from the dock and £19 ($26) if you pay on the door or pre buy your ticket like I would have done. I'm gobsmacked, having been on loads of excursions with different cruise lines that is one expensive excursion for what you get and I haven't checked the rest yet.
  16. Me to, having been to most places a cruise ship goes to in Europe, I now like to walk around a bit, have a pint or 2 and watch what's going on. Then back on ship for afternoon tea and a quiz. I never thought I'd miss it so much.
  17. Fingers crossed for you Ombud, I'm sure it will be fine, being the eternal optimist that I am
  18. Hit the nail on the head there, limit, they can't stop contact. We all know what ship excursions are like....... organised chaos. By September in the UK everywhere will be open the places where you go will be full of people under no restrictions, attractions will not close to the general public just for a coach load of ship excursionist to visit. If the cruise companies were that concerned they would have cruises with no ports of call which indeed some are doing. It is all so they can make up a little for lost profits.
  19. Many thanks for the link Ombud. Sorry I misunderstood you, I thought you were talking about someone being kicked off a ship recently and not the protocols. Once again many thanks.
  20. Good point, would be a pain if they kicked me off in Belfast. Second thoughts It would be like a mini cruise on the ferry back.
  21. As has been said repeatedly, no matter how they try they will not be able to stop interaction between passengers and locals, so according to what you are saying ALL passengers that leave the ship should "take a rapid test prior to re-boarding"
  22. I have looked at the Princess and Carnival websites (US versions via a vpn) and I find no reference, do you have a link. All I can find is the family kicked of a MSC ship last August via Google.
  23. As I said that was way back in August 2020, a completely different situation, I agree the cruise line took the right stance on this occasion. The situation in the UK, I'm talking about the UK, is completely different now and will be massively different by September.
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