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  1. Thanks for the update. Looking at the weather forecast it looks like it's going to be quite pleasant when you dock on the 19th, around 18 to 20 (65 to 70 to you lol) not bad for this part of the world.
  2. Yes I've done it recently, cancel via the planner I think Calendar, modify, cancel, just checked.
  3. She wasn't called Rolling Mary for nothing lol.
  4. Didn't I read somewhere sailings from some countries ie the UK have to have the tip included in the quoted price? maybe where the confusion is.
  5. Many years ago my sister went to bingo and a woman she had never met approached her. She said to my sister you might know something about this. It was a picture of a hedge with my Fathers face, who died a few months before and another mans poking out of the hedge with some people posing for the photo in front. The woman claimed she was a psychic. I never saw the photo myself but my sister was visibly shaken whilst the rest of us either took the micky or told her off for saying something so stupid. She still swears to this day it was true and a clear photo.
  6. It's got a great atmosphere, I love the artdeco bar at the front.
  7. Anyone stayed on the Queen Mary Long Beach? that's one scary ship. loved the ghost tour, the pool area is spooky. You Americans certainly know how to do special effects the pool really did seem to be filling up.
  8. No no I wasn't having a go at you, I've seen strange things and am still a sceptic
  9. That's fair enough. When you have something strange happen to you and it's the middle of the day and you try to tell someone else and they look at you as if you're mad, until then and it happens to you, you wont know what it's like or understand.
  10. Love the towel reading the Compuss,never seen that one before.
  11. If I saw someone in my room the last thing I would do is turn round and cover myself with blankets, I'm going to search for the George Smith story, I'm staying just a few cabins down in a few weeks. I've read it and I'm talking and making friends with no one ever again on a ship, terrible thing to happen.
  12. If you see a strange man waving to you getting on the ship on the 19th it might be me 😀 Can't wait to hear your views on the ship and what I can expect.
  13. Good start. Are you doing back to back like some are doing on your cruise?
  14. Thanks for that, I've been trying to find out what make they take for ages.
  15. This link is easier to read poutanen pasted all the bits together.
  16. I'm getting on the Brilliance on the 19th in Amsterdam, so looking forward to this review.
  17. This review talks about doughnuts
  18. Do you tap your card now on the slots as in contactless as opposed to insert like I did last time I was on a RCI ship the Explorer?
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