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  1. Wow! That’s pretty good timing for your port stop in Rotterdam, so close to April 27! And, I did not know the date for King’s Day— thank you for enlightening me! You learn something new every day 😊
  2. We just booked this tour for November. Really looking forward to it. So glad to see two more great reviews! Question for y’all— just curious, what did you wear to ride? Normally I’d wear jeans... but with the water... ?? Also, did you have some sort of backpack for your things? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the extra information! I may toss something orange into my suitcase for “just in case...”
  4. It would be interesting if HAL could somehow transfer the enthusiasm from the true King’s Day celebration into a regular Orange Party— maybe they’re attempting to do so in a half attempt (not really working)— but if they could notify passengers in advance, build enthusiasm, similar to other cruise lines with themed parties... maybe the potential could grow. Personally I like the idea and am intrigued by it (and would love to see a real King’s day celebration!). Just my random musings 😊 Thank you for your insight!
  5. I’m curious about these Orange Parties also... I sense that there is great potential here for something fun. But from what I’ve read here and there the execution of the parties isn’t uniform. For example, we haven’t received any information on an Orange Party for our upcoming trip? Or is this something that’s done word of mouth once onboard?
  6. I’m hoping the stories are true and these water filling stations are on the new ships!!! I use these all over the place in my hometown and when I travel and they are fantastic and in my experience are totally sanitary (plus the water is chilled!). We sail on Niuew Statendam next month.
  7. Sounds like a fun weekend! I enjoyed your blog with pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  8. See above— I’m hoping my replies posted in red!
  9. I hope you enjoy HAL! We enjoy it for its classic style and chill ambiance. And happy early birthday— you’ll be spoiled for sure in the Neptune Suite!
  10. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your review and blog. We are sailing on her in November in the Caribbean and are very excited.
  11. I can’t compare HAL to Princess, but my son loves HAL kids club. He’s cruised on HAL and on Disney, and between the two, he enjoyed HAL the most— in fact, his first HAL cruise was on the Oosterdam last year over Thanksgiving when he was four. We are booked this year on Nieuw Statendam. If you’re going over a school holiday, you will find a greater percentage of school children on board— still not many, but last year our of ~2000 passengers there were ~200 children. We found Club HAL to be structured yet very accommodating to our son’s individual desires, so for example— if everyone in his group went outside to play on the sports court, he still had to go, but he didn’t have to play ball, or whatever. He got tons of personalized attention from the Club staff, and even more attention from the crew— HAL is not known for being a family line, but they excelled. Excellent kids menu, waiters bent over backward to get food our son wanted, and the excursions staff were so knowledgeable and helpful with helping us locate activities. Truly the whole week felt so personalized to our son’s wishes and desires, it was wonderful for him to experience the high caliber of service that HAL is known for, and we love. My husband and I cruised Princess before, so we are also familiar with the laid back style— HAL is also very laid back, maybe more so, with excellent service and this extends to the club areas. It’s all very chill. If you have specific questions, I’ll try and answer.
  12. We enjoy dressing up for our cruises, too. Even though my husband owns a tux (we attend at least one to two black tie functions at home each year, so it’s needed), he just brings a dark suit for cruises. I bring cocktail dresses and use other nights as an excuse to haul out my collection of Lilly Pulitzer. Even our 5 year old gets in the game with boys short sets. For the record we are mid thirties, and in our city among our demographic dressing up is in style and encouraged for an evening out, so cruising for gala nights and snappy casual or whatever the desired moniker for the evening is pretty much par for the course.
  13. Seven day cruises are great if you can swing the time away, and we have found that our son does great with that time frame! It’s perfect for unpacking everything, getting settled onboard, and taking time to explore what the ship offers without feeling overwhelmed with the expectation to get everything done/see everything within a weekend type timeframe, which is basically what a 3 day cruise is. Go for the whole week— your girls will love it!
  14. Last year (Thanksgiving 2018) on our cruise on the Oosterdam there were no signs enforcing the adults only pool rules at the sea view pool. On our two previous Eurodam cruises (not during peak holiday cruise times), the aft pool was adults only, marked with signs. I figured this anomaly was due to it being a holiday week, or maybe the rules are left up to the ship’s captain to decide from sailing to sailing.
  15. I saw this earlier regarding Koningsdam— But, Can anyone confirm if these bottle filling stations are also on Nieuw Statendam? Thank you!!! I like filling my water bottle the right (nice)way 😊
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