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  1. On the Seaside it appears there is deck just outside of the Bar VIP Lounge. Is this accessible or is just an overlook from inside the loungs?
  2. Thank you all for the great information.
  3. People keep talking about 3 seatings. I was told that there is early (5:30 - 7:30) and late (7:45 - 9:45). Be that as it may. Others here have said their TA got them a specific dining time. My TA says he does not have that option. What you are saying is that we get to make a specific time request when we will out our "registration" for the cruise? This is only available 20 days prior to sailing?
  4. So, specific question. We are Fantastica Experience. We have been assigned early dining seating (5:30 - 7:30). I am told we will have a specific dining time assigned on our sign and sail card. Say we are assigned 5:30. We really do not want to dine that early. Do we then have to go to the dining room and request a different time? Where doe the "advantage" over Bella Experience occur since they will probably be in the same line at the dining room? Confused!!
  5. Thank you, so it is the same as the old time traditional dining? What size tables are available? Can you request tables for two?
  6. We are new to MSC and have not "traditional" dined in a very long time as we are very avid NCL cruisers. We are booked in a Fantastica balcony cabin. I know we choose either late or early dining times. We are then assigned a dining time with a "priority" over Bella level passengers. Is this the time we must dine every night of the cruise? Are we assigned to a specific table with the same people every night? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Perfect explanation. Thank you
  8. Can onboard credit be used for any onboard charges, including gratuities?
  9. Thank you both for the great information. Now, let's get in to some details. Até, are these prepaid dining packages what is being called "Dining Experience" in the menus? Or is "Dining Experience" referring to a limited menu, at a set price, for each restaurant as compared to having access to the complete menu on an a la carte basis?
  10. Can someone tell me how much each of the alternate dining options cost on the Seaside? Asian Market Kitchen Ocean Cay Butchers Cut Teppanyaki
  11. Aw, come on Nita. They are birds of a feather arguing minutiae. I am sort of happy for SeaShark, he now has someone to play with on his level.
  12. Deluxe or not, it is still an owners suite, Richard.
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