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  1. What is the proper approach to getting answers about posts being deleted?
  2. It was very nice of NCL to give us a 10% discount certificate for our canceled cruise since prices are up between 30% and 40%.
  3. ...and positive antibody tests!!!
  4. My sister was head of HR for a major restaurant food supplier and they were absolutely limited on what they could ask employees, and applicants, about their health issues because of HIPAA laws.
  5. But, who is calling it a conspiracy theory?
  6. ...and state governments can revoke access to companies that discriminate based on circumventing our laws. It’s a two way street. It is so sad that so many of you are willing to give up your civil liberties because the government (and some businesses) deems it necessary based on “evolving” science on a disease that is more survivable than a typical flu outbreak. Don’t give me death tolls because there was no vaccine in the beginning as there is for the flu every year. Why are some states, and their schools, open for business and others are not? Look at the “leadership” and
  7. Incorrect. Human Resources of businesses are held to HIPAA laws also.
  8. That is still private information as it pertains to our HIPAA laws.
  9. Sorry for the typo. our HIPAA laws also include the disclosure (or lack thereof) of private health care information!!
  10. Evolving to fit the agenda of controlling the sheep.
  11. No, socialism has not yet been established here? We still have free will for now. Plus the fact that our Hippa laws still give us a certain amount of privacy.
  12. So, if my understandings don’t align with yours you just poo poo it off to conspiracy theories. How frequently has your information source changed their stance? Mine has held steadfast from the beginning. Just sayin’.
  13. Not according to my medical friends. I had the virus and am still testing positive for antibodies.
  14. I wish NCL all the luck in the world with their stance on 100% vaccinated passengers. Firstly, how are they going to verify the so called vaccination cards are not counterfeit? Secondly, Our wonderful governor has signed an order that fines any business operating in Florida that requires vaccination to participate. Lastly, when are they going to accept people that have natural antibodies from the actual disease. My antibodies give me more protection than your vaccination since mine were acquired from actual contact with the virus. Whereas your vaccination
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