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  1. Don and Lorna, I do hope your massive credit will be honoured, and you get to enjoy a cruise somewhere, I am sitting on lots of massive credits and live in hope!!
  2. The russian ship only brought 22 crew and had to spend $50,000 minimum on refit and hire NZ staff for hospitality, the difference I expect is PONANT insisted on staffing it with low pay hospitality staff, to say what is normal re visas is ok in normal times, but there is a pandemic on you know!! We are regular cruisers and in no way would we want to risk more money (having lost so much) on cruises that are unlikely to sail! Stay safe everyone
  3. It was obvious from the outset the ship would not get in to operate as a cruise ship, my understanding was they were given permission to enter NZ for maintenance and refit, spending over $50,000, This is how the super yachts are getting in to watch the Americas cup, by bringing money and work into NZ for the benefit of NZ businesses, they do their 14 days quarantine off shore. The Ponant ship got Visas for the 29 crew who were essential to maintain and sail the ship. The 61 were hotel and kitchen staff, hairdressers and masseuse. These are not essential to the operating of the
  4. Hi Lorna and Donald, this is Wendy in Whangaparaoa, Auckland - are you booked directly with Ponant, or are you on the charter with Bryce Read? how confident are you that the ship will be coming in to New Zealand, have our Government approved it yet?
  5. This is the cruise, I was informed by the TA: "A Kiwi Co. has done a charter and it’s pricing exceedingly well! ! It is the only Ponant charter." https://thetravelco.nz/ponent-dunedin-auckland-cruise/ it does not say its a private charter on the ad, but if you go through to the itinary, you will see its priced in New Zealand dollars, if it was a Ponant cruise it would be priced in Australian Dollars. Hope this helps, if I hear more I will post back here, stay safe!
  6. Hi Seven1113! I understand a private NZ company has contracted the whole ship from Ponant for the 30th Jan - 8 Feb 2021 sailing Dunedin to Auckland being marketed at New Zealand Residents, I have the intinary and prices from a TA here in NZ who has been heavily marketing it to New Zealanders, hence my interest, as a nice New Zealand person (thank you!) I am putting a link below to todays news, you will see that we have been getting "leakage" at our borders of COVID letting in Commercial Shipping and have tightened up our quarantine requirements, I cannot see NZ Government allowing
  7. I thought I would connect on this thread as we are in New Zealand and there is now a big push to sell Ponant in New Zealand sub antarctic cruises on La Perouse in and out of New Zealand, I am very tempted to book however...... We are at level 1 and the ONLY people coming in to New Zealand are Citizens, Permanent Residents and Essential workers. When you arrive you are taken to managed Isolation where you stay for 14 days. The last set of Essential workers were Fishermen (200, with 200 following) from Russia and Ukraine who were destined to go onto our deep sea fishing vessels to work for 3 m
  8. Australia is opening New South Wales (Sydney) and Darwin (Northern Territory) to New Zealand visitors from 16th October, but if we go we have to quarantine when we get back to New Zealand, (crazy eh?) so I cannot see cruise ships or passengers from the European/US Territories being allowed to dock whilst COVID is rampant in those Regions. We got our cancellation today for our Eclipse Melbourne to New Caledonia trip in February 2021, I did enquire for Lift and Shift, they are running a similar itinerary but from Sydney not Melbourne so they said no to our request. We will take the refund an
  9. I agree, we now have some imported cases too, they are pushing for a trans tasman bubble but right now the territories of Australia have not yet opened their borders for Australians, we are booked for Feb 6 on Celebrity so had and still hope but will make a call to cancel in August if its still looking unlikely
  10. Just had to recheck your post, can you private message me re your arrangement? Wendycohen.nz at gmail dot com?
  11. I would equally be concerned right now about the situation in Hong Kong, we cruised from there last October arriving on Chinese National Day, there were riots going on all day, fortunately for us we landed at night and queued for 2 hours for a taxi to the hotel and on the advice of our concierge had a safe day before we cruised out.
  12. The Governments of Australia and New Zealand are considering a travel bubble, meaning an encased area (with clean air within I guess) that is virtually COVID free, therefore allowing travel between countries. The term bubble was created initially to describe the people you live with during Lockdown, so my hubby and I were one bubble!! I am still not sure about Australia and New Zealand welcoming cruise ships as they want us to spend our holiday dollars staying in our travel bubble, the income from cruises are great, but the passengers don’t fill hotels in struggling resorts they
  13. I too have heard that, it would be great if they could but where would the crew come from? There would have to be some serious cleaning and testing a period of quarantine before they could allow passengers on board and then only Australians or Kiwis would have to fill the ship, not sure if that would work, maybe, would love it myself if they could do it soon!!
  14. https://cruisepassenger.com.au/australia-extends-cruise-ban-as-lines-find-ways-to-relaunch-their-ships/
  15. I have just read Australia have now extended their ban on cruise ships up to 17th September. Australia and New Zealand are aiming for zero and elimination of COV-ID having done so well up to now, I am fearful they will not want cruise ships coming into ports until either a vaccine or the UK/USA have eliminated the virus. The problem is where the cruise ship comes from, who is on board, not just passengers but crew too, our next cruise is from Melbourne to the South Pacific in February 2021, I am not sure the ship will be allowed into Melbourne even though I could probably be able to fly there
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