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  1. Where are you seeing this cruise as all-inclusive? I purchased the oceanview yesterday for Sept. 9th 2019 and it was not.
  2. You were overcharged and need to call customer service about it.
  3. My point is that for those who sailed this cruise after it was rerouted and the "all-inclusive" was dropped may have been overcharged on gratuities
  4. It is not currently being sold as an all inclusive trip. Packages must be purchased separately like I did. When you go to prepay the gratuities it charges you the all inclusive price $20.50 per day not $14.95 per day. You already are charged to pay for with the additional service fees (drink package, etc) separately when you pay for the cruise. For those that purchased it as a cuba cruise prior to June 5th could have purchased it all inclusive. But all cuban cruises were cancelled after that point and some cruise lines offered a 50% discount or refund of pre purchased fares. Tip rate should have been adjusted after june 5th.
  5. I am curious how many people that have already taken their cruise have overpaid because of the mistake by Norwegian
  6. Just curious who has taken a cruise on the rerouted Norwegian Sun (rerouted from original Cuba itinerary to other ports)? The original cruise to Cuba was all inclusive. I booked a Sept. rerouted cruise going to the bahamas. Charge for tips is $20.50 per day for the ocean view cabin. Norwegian website and everything I could find on the internet said $14.95 per day. I did call Norwegian and after about 20 minutes on hold I was told that they determined it was a mistake and they would have it fixed in a couple of days. I am just wondering how many people have been over charged for tips on their cruise since the rerouting occurred?
  7. Myself and the wife just booked a last minute cruise on the Norwegian Sky coming up 9/7/19. This is our first Norwegian cruise though we have cruised many times on other lines. We were looking for feedback on the specialty restaurants on that ship. Want to make the best use of our restaurant package. thanks
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