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  1. Reflection has a second al baccio but it is not the same atmosphere. It is also not the same to get it as take out, at either location.
  2. We love al baccio and occasionally unable to get a table....while just opposite is the sushi place which is almost always empty. We had dinner last night in sushi on Reflection as they had an Indian night (we dont like sushi). Good food but the place was less than one third full. Sadly that is the fullest we've seen it all cruise. X should rethink the space and perhaps make it more of a multipurpose venue...ie bistro coffee shop some hours and pop up restaurants at other times. It is sad to see some venues almost empty while others are overflowing.
  3. Wow didnt know that...doesnt sound like an improvement...why would they take them away??
  4. We are currently on Reflection in CC and there are 2 footstools on our balcony 😀
  5. I am not lactose intolerant, but prefer Almond Milk over regular milk. I have never had a problem getting Almond milk at Cafe Al Bacio for lattes, cappuccinos etc. I know it doesn't totally answer your question but thought it might provide a bit of help. Good luck!
  6. It has been my experience that the salon carries Moroccan Oil brand. They may carry other brands as well but I am not sure. I use Moroccan Oil products (although not their shampoo and conditioner) so was happy to see the salon carry them. I do bring my own travel size products with me, but nice to know if I run out I can buy at the salon.
  7. Not sure if this is "new news" re Millie.... We are booked on Millie April 2020. Qsine is my fave X restaurant and I followed threads during and shortly after the recent refurb and was very happy when it wasn't replaced. I booked us into Qsine for our first night. Today I got a phone call from X to tell us that Qsine is being replaced with LPC. They offered to move our reservation to LPC and honor the price we had paid for Qsine so we accepted. We have never tried LPC so will hold judgement until we do... we do have it booked for a cruise next month on Reflection. What I loved about Qsine is the variety of dishes....you can go more than once and have a totally different experience. I understand that LPC is more of a fixed menu so is sort of a "one and done" type of thing. I guess I will soon find out.
  8. Thanks I was sure that was the case last time I upgraded. The sale is now over. Will wait and see if there is another sale, or what the price to upgrade is on board. If its too much it works out better for us just to pay the difference for the higher end drinks. Its mainly for DH who likes his scotch.
  9. I've seen this discrepancy with drink packages. The exchange rate for premium being significantly different than for classic package. I've never actually compared the US to CDN price before booking a cruise...we typically book onboard in CDN and transfer to our US based TA. I guess my concern about booking in US $ is we typically book at least a year out...if the exchange rate changes significantly before final payment then we could end up paying more. I suppose we could just cancel or rebook at this point. Definitely food for thought and something I will keep an eye on in future.
  10. I called yesterday after someone on our roll call reported getting the upgrade for approx $11 pppd in Canadian. After spending half an hour on the phone with the agent putting me on hold several times while she looked into it, I was finally advised that the upgrade price is the difference between the regular price for classic and premium, not the sale price. She added the option to upgrade to my cruise planner since it wasn't there. I advised her we wouldn't be upgrading at a price of $17 pppd....she said that the person who got it for $11 got a good deal and someone made a mistake. Here is what I see on cruise planner (remember this is CDN $$)
  11. On our last cruise I decided to take a more minimalist approach to packing and didn't bring my own hair dryer. Never again will I leave it at home.
  12. Same with me...called today and got 25% off Surf package for one device for Select. I actually just called the main #...person I spoke with said he may need to transfer me to Captains Club but when he checked was able to take care of it for me. Price online for my cruse is $261 CDN, with select discount I got it for $196. My confirmation shows as follows. Too bad you can't get the discount on-line, however it is definitely worth a phone call. Simple Surfing Package Select Loyalty 25% 1 Device: 10 - 13 Days: Total Packages Purchased: 1 Total Cost *: 196.19 CAD
  13. We are on the Millennium April 2020...bookable dining only opened up about a month ago. Shore excursions still aren't finalized. There have been itinerary changes that aren't yet reflected in the shore excursions. I did an on-line chat and was told they are normally finalized about 9 months prior to sail date.
  14. I definitely feel there is more pressure on X than on our recent HAL sailing re sales. Didn't experience any pressure at all on HAL re art sales or from the shops, or to have our picture taken. There was a bit of a sales pitch (I wouldn't call it pressure) in the MDR to buy fancy water and expensive wines. On X I am afraid to make eye contact with the staff outside the shops for fear of being pressured to come in.
  15. We have done several Celebrity cruises and have an April 2020 cruise booked for Japan. We have never been to Japan and have already started researching. There are a few unique things about this cruise that I am hoping to get some insight on: 1) the cruise departs Tokyo April 10th at 9pm....the latest I've ever departed is 5 pm. What time would we typically be able to board the ship? Will dinner be served, and all restaurants be open? When will muster drill be? I am looking ahead to making dinner reservations so can get the specialty restaurants/times that we want and not sure what to expect. 2) the cruise is round trip Tokyo. We get back to Tokyo April 20th, have an overnight there and then cruise ends on April 21st. This is also new to me spending a few days in port at the end. When I look at excursions on the X site, for April 20th there is option for airport drop-off, but on April 21st there isn't. There are also a lot more excursions (including full day ones) on the 21st, than there are on the 20th. This seems backwards to me unless I am missing something. We have already booked flights through Celebrity and have a 4:30 pm flight home from Narita on the 21st. We will be spending 5 nights in Tokyo pre-cruise. Hoping those who have done this itinerary before can offer some insight. TIA
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