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  1. In order to fly into the US though international travellers need to have a negative test. I don't see anything about vaccinated passengers not requiring this. If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get tested no more than 3 days before you travel by air into the United States (US) and show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight, or be prepared to show documentation of recovery (proof of a recent positive viral test and a letter from your healthcare provider or a public health official stating that you were cleared to travel).
  2. We also have a digital document, I can print it out so will be doing that. This is fairly new and still being rolled out and fine tuned where we live (Quebec, Canada). I believe Canada is looking at doing this more widely. Here is the info: The digital proof of vaccination is a PDF document downloadable onto your computer or cell phone. The document contains your personal information, the vaccine that you received and a QR code containing this information. For now the QR code is not decodable. The last thing is the testing requirement, My concern is I book my trip/flights and
  3. Looking forward to getting back to cruising!! Regarding this piece of information: We’re sailing with fewer guests for more space—and more luxury. What is happening with cruises that were booked before the Covid outbreak/protocols? I have a cruise booked for Jan 2022 that was booked in 2019 before the world changed. Do we know what the lower capacity actually is? I read it is 30 percent for the cruises that are just starting up now, but assume this will increase as time goes on and once there is more confidence that Covid is no longer a major threat. Wondering what will hap
  4. Just found out our Panama Canal Oct 12 cruise has been cancelled so started looking at Alaska. Was very confused as nothing shows up as being available to book for 2021. I came across the letter below that was issued today. Not sure what is happening and what is available for Alaska. Guess I will wait a few days to see if this becomes clearer. June 3, 2021 Dear Guest, A few weeks ago, we reached out to provide an update on the status of your 2021 cruise vacation. As we previously shared, recently passed US Government Legislation now permits us to sail in Alaska without the
  5. We got this too. We were scheduled for Panama Canal Oct 12 on Millie. Glad to not have to agonize anymore over whether this will happen.
  6. looks like the decision has been made for me...just received this: Odd it doesn't mention specifically which cruise but the only one I have booked in 2021 is Panama Canal. http://www.creative.rccl.com/e-lite/CEL/Common_Elements/cel_logo.png About your upcoming travels
  7. Thanks all for the input. This is actually a Lift and Shift from Oct 2020 and would be our first full transit. We did a partial transit a few years back and a full transit is a bucket list cruise for us. One other thing worrying me - totally my own doing in this case - is for the first time ever we booked an oceanview instead of a balcony. The difference in price was huge and tbh I thought we would gamble and maybe get lucky on an upgrade after final payment or do a move up bid. Of course Covid was unheard of when we booked and the thoughts of being quarantined in a room withou
  8. We have a 15 night Panama canal cruise booked for Oct 2021. I was expecting it to be cancelled re the fact it was greater than 7 days. That appears to no longer be an issue so now am turning my attention to other questions to help us decide if this is a go or not. First does anyone know about capacity onboard? I believe there was talk about reduced capacity initially but not sure if there is a firm plan in place for this ie what the capacity is, how long it will last. Second ports of call....we are scheduled to call on a few ports that are currently listed by CDC as
  9. Hi All I just booked a pass for the Sea Thermal suite on Apex for our April 2022 sailing, partly because the descriptions says it has a thalassotherapy pool. We are frequent Celebrity cruisers and never found that the Persian Gardens was worth the money because of the lack of a pool. We've sailed NCL once and their thermal suite with thalassotherapy was amazing ! (However we prefer Celebrity overall) I am unable to find any pictures of this on either Apex or Edge. Can anyone confirm there is actually a thalassotherapy pool on Apex? FWIW, here is the description fro
  10. Seems like this summarizes the changes. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/6110/?et_cid=3429724&et_rid=170320072&et_referrer=220x90
  11. Some good points raised here. We booked a B2B on Apex for April 2022 and added the Elevate package for a cost of 273 pp Canadian for each cruise. This includes a 150 OBC so cost of upgrading drink package is 123 for 7 days or $17.57 pp pd which isn't a bargain. I will admit the excitement of booking a cruise that I believe will actually sail made me a little giddy and I didn't stop to break down the cost. I didn't realize the bartender got commission for selling an upgrade to the beverage package. On our last cruise (seems so long ago!) a friendly bartender suggested DH upgra
  12. We did the ferry that takes you through the canal and loved it!! Be warned that if you choose to do this do it with Celebrity and don't take a private tour. Our tour was delayed several hours due to "scheduling issues" with the ferries and we got back to the ship several hours after the ship was scheduled to depart. Of course the ship waited for us. They even announced to us that they would keep the dinner buffet open late to make sure we got our dinner. From what we heard it is very typical to have delays in the ferry tours. You only take the ferry one way and then take a bus back to th
  13. I didn't think the cruises were limited to US passengers either however I was starting to wonder. Some of the comments seem to be focused on how US citizens can prove they have been vaccinated and/or tested including the fact this was a topic of discussion at Celebrity led webinar. Just want to be sure I didn't miss something.
  14. Sounds like Celebrity are assuming all cruisers are coming from the US...seems to be a trend on this thread.
  15. Hi I am curious about the proof of vaccination required and how this will be verified. It seems like the CDC has a system in place for those vaccinated in the US. However other countries will have their own system...some will look a lot more official than others I am assuming. This will make it difficult for Celebrity to verify. With cruisers coming from all over the world it will be a monumental task for Celebrity to be informed of what the official vaccination record should look like so they can verify.
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