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  1. Haven’t been able to access our Cruise Manager page in three days now. Plenty of others reporting the same. Not too happy. And the Fantasy scrapping, that Carnival won’t own up. 💩
  2. The crew and officers we know and keep in touch with, know less than we do ab return to service. Very sad.
  3. Fantasy is already in Curaçao. Second day there. Not hearing good news....
  4. Replaced our cancelled Sept b2bs, on Breeze, w b2b Feb 21 & 27. So many cancels this year. Keep thinking ab just refunding. Still have some in Oct, Nov & Dec, 2020.😩
  5. Good article. Thanks for posting ab our celebrities. 😀
  6. We’re on this one, too. B2B with Mardi Gras new Inaugural. And both paid in full from cancellations. We will likely just refund, if these cancel. Getting tired of the disappointment.
  7. On Fantasy, the ship, YTD, Sea Day Brunch, and breakfast are in mid dining room, Celebration. Debark breakfast is in aft. This was in March.
  8. Checking my prices, on booked cruises, this morning. Every one of them has gone up by $200-$300. We have bookings for every month through Feb 2021. Something’s brewing.
  9. We’ve gone a few times, booking evening before the sail. Prices aren’t usually great. Did get boarding pass printed. Expect an enhanced screening. We, a couple times, booked a b2b while onboard first leg. Did this to go to Cuba on Paradise. Worked out great, thanks to GSM that helped. 😀
  10. Plenty for us to watch, nowadays. We’re booked, S2S, Mardi Gras, Nov 14 and Radiance, Nov 21, 2020. Wonder which will sail, if either? 😂
  11. Bookings sometimes disappear off our profile. It seems to be happening more often. I am able to add them back easily. Likely a glitch, but we have a lot of bookings, too.
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