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  1. These are gone, plus two for Feb and Mar. Seven to be refunded. Next up is April b2b, 8 & 6 on Breeze. Probably not happening.
  2. Yes, we lost two Legends (b2b) for March. Five others also cancelled. Just getting refunded for all 7 now. Tired of moving around the monies.
  3. Taste Bar is long gone. A few years ago now.
  4. Three on Sunshine (b3b), beginning Jan 4, 2021. Not too optimistic for sailing. Probably refund them.
  5. Every one of ours have increased in price. No price drops in months and I check frequently. A few have increased by hundreds.
  6. My first cruise was a short Sensation in 2008. DH had a few ahead of me then. To date: 199 Carnival cruises for 1083 days (Diamond). Also, on Royal, 412 days at sea. (D+) So, next up is #200, eventually. 😀
  7. We have a friend, head chef, that is “on standby to return in October.” That’s all we’ve heard, except the officers will likely return to the ship they left last.
  8. No, they’re long gone. Life jacket storage boxes.
  9. We’ve been treated very well. But, we don’t talk about it; believe me, no one appreciates hearing ab it. We don’t ask for gifts or favors, so it feels extra thoughtful. I always write a follow up thank you note. We don’t use the casino.
  10. Years ago, Carnival Fun Squad, or Entertainment, on each ship, made a video (VHS 😂) of highlights from each cruise. The video was full of music and candid shots from the cruise. They were preordered and sold on the last day and were fun! This could be done for these Sailabration Cruises. We’re on the Pride one. 😀
  11. So many wonderful times on Fantasy! Time to make new memories. 💔
  12. Been crying on and off all day. DH just doesn’t get it. 😩
  13. Actually, Sensation is replacing Fantasy (1990).
  14. Our PVP asks us NOT to do the online submission. We call her and she does it all. No problem so far, and we’ve had a lot of cancellations.
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