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  1. Oh, no! So sorry to hear that this happened to you! Unfortunately, there isn’t much Carnival can, or will do, in these situations. We have been on many cruises over the last decade and we see the changes. So sorry, again.
  2. On Glory, August 25 th. The Special Needs muster was in deck 4, forward dining room and nearby library.
  3. Thank you, again, for the good info! We’re leaving out tomorrow morning, from Charleston, and I reread this thread as a refresher. 😀❤️
  4. We last saw him on Legend to Alaska. Great guy! He decanted a bottle of wine for us at dinner with Staff Captain Luca. It was last year, in September.
  5. Next time, try putting the cabin on hold to show the price exists.
  6. We have quite a few bookings. There are price drops, usually less than $50; but they add up. Most drops, I find, are for OV and INT cabins, esp on 5 day cruises. A few, we have coming up, I went for an upgrade using the drop to offset. There are many bookings held, not ours, with the $50 deposit sales. As the dates for final payment approach, there will be cabins come back and prices sometimes drop. Best advice, from us, is to check often for your bookings. Check using both your VIFP numbers (if applicable). It doesn’t take long, after you get the hang of it. I have seen prices change 3-4 times in the same day. I usually only check once or twice a day. 😀
  7. Haven’t seen those orange stickers in over a year now. Maybe some ports, where we don’t board, use them?
  8. Valor has new menu, now, as well.
  9. Good foods, as mentioned! Also, DH loves the Pork Belly at Jiji’s. I don’t. But, we both love the special ice creams and sorbets in the Steakhouse desserts menu.
  10. It’s been a few years back. Seems they said they would keep it on file there, because we often do very last min bookings, sometimes while already onboard, to make b2bs, and it would help DD add the credit for us. May not be needed now.
  11. Our PVP, and Diana, at DD, asked us to send it there, also, a few years back.
  12. Sent ours, for 7 cruises, last Monday, with no problem. The credits were applied in ab 2 hours. They sent a confirmation email for each, showing the credit. Seems to depend on who picks up the fax. We also send it, at same time to Diamond Desk.
  13. My first cruise was in Oct., 2007, when we married. Went Platinum after 3 yrs, Oct, 2010. Three years later, Oct. 2013, made Diamond. In between, we also cruised Royal and are Diamond Plus, over halfway to Pinnacle. We’re having fun! 😀
  14. Enjoyed the deck access and window for good price. Downside, for us, that door, leading to “secret” deck, slammed day and night. The wind may have been responsible. Not good for light sleepers/daytime napping. Also, I felt too exposed by the window. Folks could see in (Conquest class) window. So, kept curtain drawn most of the time. So, not really a plus, for us, having the window. Our experiences; yours may vary. 😀
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