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  1. We’ve been on three Vistas since return to service. We have been pleased with the MDR food and service. Actually, found it better than MG and Magic’s. The menus are basically the same as prior to shutdown. There have been small changes to sides and accompanying veggies and starches, that we did notice. Chefs sometimes tweak, we think. But, the food was pretty good to us.
  2. So sorry for your loss! Call Carnival. Be prepared with all your information.
  3. Thank you for doing a review! We’re on in Jan. How did they work your solo rate on this cruise? Or, are you not solo? We got a call from our PVP for some of these $25 rates, in Oct., and weren’t free to take but one.
  4. Thank you for the good report of experiences on Pride! We’re on, end of Nov, out of Tampa. Looking forward to catching up with an old friend, Rob T., the solo guitarist, who believe is on now. Can you confirm? We haven’t seen him in a few years! Mellow style that we love!
  5. The two I “wasted” were dated 10-05-2021. I believe they are good for three more months from expiry?
  6. I did think about going with a proctored test with negative result, but, there was an undeniable fear of getting onboard and testing positive between the legs of the cruises, or getting sick onboard. We are friends with many of the crew and officers and I would have been horrified if I had exposed them to the virus. So, we went with the more honest, safe choice. May do differently, if it happens again, now that I find false positives are not that unusual. But, answering those health questions and realizing I’m not being truthful, isn’t comfortable. Thank you for the good insights! Hopefully, won’t happen again.
  7. In the past, we have both gotten the credit and been denied. I just submit and don’t get my hopes up. I think it depends on who processes it.
  8. After talking, again, with our PVP we found that the second legs (20 days total) were probably not going to happen. Because of the initial positive result, my DH, who of course, is like a husband to me, was out of the cruise for 14 days from that first test. The last leg, beginning Exactly fourteen days later! So, we were done. Our PVP moved all three cruises out. No money was lost. Internet to be refunded. I didn’t even have to submit my result document. She took care of all of it. So, now I will join in the anxieties for testing going forward. Yes, we try again in about two weeks. Cruising is still worth it for us, but, it’s not as much fun. Here’s hoping everyone has good testing results! I can’t imagine how devastating this would be to many cruisers.
  9. Now that it’s resolved, I thought someone might benefit from our experience. We were to cruise on Oct 11th, so went to our local urgent care for a rapid test on Oct 9th. We’ve tested there before, with no problem. Not sure what happened this day. Young lady, who did our tests, wasn’t too professional, js. Someone else brought us the bad news. DH was good, I was “positive.” Full Cruise Stop. The anxiety expressed here, is warranted. They refused to retest. I had and have no symptoms at all. We went home and I sacrificed two of our proctored Binax. Didn’t proctor them. Second one, I rubbed my brain stem. Both negative. I got our PVP on the phone to help. B2B2B looking like cancelled. She’s wonderful, btw. Went ahead and moved the first leg three weeks out. She said she’d see what she could find out for us. After isolating three days, I decided to do a PCR drive thru at CVS. Came back less than 24 hrs later. Negative. Posting this portion now, will continue. Lost it all at posting once.
  10. 4 (four) days! 😀 We’ve got that test memorized— taken it so many times.
  11. One of our b2bs, on Magic, had Bimini as our last day onboard. The tests were done that afternoon, before the ship sailed for Pt Canaveral. So, those testing, lost a couple hrs in port.
  12. There was some chatter that he may be on our Magic, Oct 23, same date, also in Pt Can, that day. We’ll see.
  13. Also, Jacksonville and Paradise missing for Jan and Feb 22
  14. Can anyone find Jan or Feb 2022, Sensation from Mobile? Looks like you know what, again. 😩
  15. It is haunting. We sailed by a “pod” of them last week, one night, under a full moon, on Magic. ❤️
  16. Same, as described above, for Magic last week. But, no Luggage Train, like on Vista and Mardi Gras. That’s where luggage is lined up and much more orderly debark!
  17. DID have the Red Frog specials, on Vista and Mardi Gras, when we sailed them last month and in July.
  18. Just off Magic, b2b. NO drink specials! I went looking for a fishbowl! Boo
  19. Price drops on 7 of ours today. Just did drops last week, too. PVP isn’t getting much rest.
  20. On Vista now. Anything goes. I’ve seen some things.....
  21. So, when do the mass mailings and new cancellations go out? Only place this can be found is on the website. Still looking for October cancellations.
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