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  1. Were on the same reservation. We just paid separately. My hope is that all $ goes where is came from. It sounds like thats what they plan to do anyway. Ive just never been in this situation. Thank you for the response.
  2. Yes, I did it using the link they provided on the RCl website.
  3. I received an email stating that I requested a refund within 10 minutes.
  4. I submitted mine too. Does my sister need to do it as well or will me requesting take care of everyone.
  5. Im on this sailing with my sister. Do we both need to submit a request for a refund or is one person god enough. Thank you.
  6. EU entry ban extended until June 15th The EU entry ban for non-essential trips is extended by 30 days – that is, until June 15, 2020. That curtails all unnecessary travel of people to Europe from third countries (i.e. all EU Member States, all members of Schengen and the U.K.). However, there are some exceptions. You can check here if you fall under one of the exception positions if you would like to travel to the Netherlands soon.
  7. Thats funny, we too are on the direct flight (Detroit to AMS) leaving on June 9. We did not receive any notification of changes. There is only one flight listed to AMS on Delta right now for that day.
  8. I just got off the phone with cruise air (not a good experience). I was checking my flights on Delta and there were no reservations listed. The woman from cruise air tried to convince me that they still existed. After 20 minutes she said they did not exist and she needed to rebook flights, when questioned as to why when my June 12th cruise should be cancelled, she adamantly stated "this cruise is not cancelled." When I indicated I cant leave the airport for 14 days, she stood firm that she needed to find me new flights at the same fare. I tried to explain to her that my flights were not ch
  9. Yes we are on Brilliance as well. My flight is not even listed on Delta any more. I think you're right, I will cancel my cruise planner items right now.
  10. Not sure why this has not happened. It is my understanding that the EU commission extended the nonessential travel restrictions until 6/15. My British Isle cruise starts on 6/12. Come on Royal release my money.
  11. The number 1 song for 1990 was Hold On. I'd say this fits me and my life right now.
  12. I stayed at the Waterloo location and loved how easy ITV was to walk the area. It’s really close to Waterloo station and I loved visiting the shops there. I chose this location because county hall did not have AC when I booked.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. If it was just me I’d do it in a heart beat but the drive with a 3 year old. I actually just checked air to sea and my price was down to 1100. So I book the refundable rate with fingers cross it goes down.
  14. I’m seeing 1750 per person from Detroit to AMS . Boy I’m hoping this goes down.
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