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  1. Well, I for one, would never in a million years offer up my child for a vaccine which no one can possibly know what the side effects are as yet. The Pfizer vaccine has an estimated study completion date of January, 2023...Moderna, December 2022. It's simply incomprehensible to me. It's pharmaceutical companies we're talking about.
  2. I am more concerned with children being given vaccines that have not worked their way through the whole process of the trials....all the way to the completion dates of same. It's shocking to me that I don't hear many concerns. These are all experimental vaccines.
  3. Sounds like a logical choice. They seem to know diddly squat about the immunity timeline with the vaccines...and of course, diddly squat about safety as well. I hope you're doing everything you can to keep your immune system functioning as best you can! The powers that be spend no time on that so you have to be your best advocate.
  4. The topic could have easily asked for a simple yes or no to mandatory vaccines response, I suppose. But I thank everyone who have been offering their opinions and I hope you continue to do so.
  5. Fear can lead one to do anything. How else can you explain vulnerable loved ones being left alone for months in any care facility and people accepting this as reasonable?
  6. I'm Canadian. We should all be outraged for what's going on here! Oops, I forgot....we dare not question anything.
  7. Actually, there are no completed studies for all the adults either. Those dates are well off into the future. Experimental EUA. I'm amazed that many that I have spoken to don't realize that.
  8. Yes....I have been on here questioning many things and I'm sure there are those that think I'm a conspiracy theorist....which is pretty funny...but that doesn't bother me. I first learned about this phenomenon back in April. As we all know, this is now February...March tomorrow. People are still being told to come to the ER if they become short of breath, at which time lungs may be severely impacted. It makes no sense! Why has the public not been educated in this little potentially life saving device?
  9. I am one that says no to an experimental vaccine for the whole world and I think I realize at this point that people have made up their minds and I hope for the best for everyone. I would like to offer my opinion on something related to covid that I do believe can potentially help someone who did actually become ill. I also know that being a 'positive covid case' does not mean that you have a clinical infection but this little intervention will not hurt you either way. I purchased a pulse oximeter months ago. Silent hypoxia (and you can easily do a little research on th
  10. Words that are particularly impactful to me in your comment are 'for the good of that society'. I see public health and governmental interventions (Canadian here so nothing to do with US politics) as tunnel vision lending all their focus to one crisis while everything else is falling apart. It's nonsensical and yes I absolutely see an almost brainwashing effect on so many people. And I in no way, shape or form, mean to be disrespectful. I happened to have made another comment a few minutes ago regarding long term effects of certain interventions, as well, that I fear will have such negative im
  11. Here goes my curiosity again..long term mask wearing, over sanitization, staying away from others and any activities that are a normal part of our lives...what do folks think we are really going to accomplish in the long run? You better believe that I believe in science.....therein is my point.
  12. If you study the psychology of compliance, control and brainwashing and look at where we've arrived at as a society.... just seeing people follow floor arrows in any store and hear some admonishing someone for going the wrong way...folks have snitched on their neighbours... families convinced that it's for the good of all to allow their loved one to die alone without holding their hand...I could go on and on...and yes, the point I'm making does have to do with the topic of mandatory vaccinations...why are we not seeing healthy debates on main stream news with those that have different views? Y
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