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  1. You didn't know the PCR tests were under EUA as well? Interesting to check out recent acquisition by certain people, of Mologic, a UK based diagnostics company. Interesting if nothing else.
  2. I believe that until this testing stops... nothing will change.
  3. I'm probably not supposed to say this but have you considered the notion that until well people stop getting tested, that this will not change?
  4. You must excuse my science sarcasm. But definitely meant the normal normal comment.
  5. Well, it's all about the science, as noted by experts, so I guess...... whatever. Love NCL and others and look forward to when things get back to normal......I mean normal normal.
  6. Dear cruise lines, While I can certainly appreciate your need to do what it takes to get back to business...and hence the enormous challenges you're facing...you can be sure that there are many former cruisers who will not take these injections for a myriad of valid reasons. When and if the insanity stops.....they will be on board. I hope you have a few forward thinking people working in the ivory towers who truly have the ability to listen to many opinions and engage in discussion that is productive, not destructive.
  7. Any percentage numbers vaccinated or not wouldn't stop me from boarding a ship. However, knowing people will be automatically deviating around me... because they believe I'm just a ball of virus coming towards them....now that I would have to say no to.
  8. No. A neighbor that you barely know doesn't call you up to see if you've gained weight. We need to be looking at the big picture of what's going on. Enough of being gullible and naive and believing all the crap people have been fed.
  9. Yes, as a retired nurse, to use the word brainwashing doesn't come easy. I'm aware that people have died. But something just isn't right in the big picture here. I know plenty about death and dying. I mean no disrespect. People have died of all kinds of illness, disease, accidents, etc. Just ten minutes ago, my daughter in Vancouver had a neighbor call her up, someone she barely knows, and ask her if she's been vaccinated and essentially began to interrogate her. That is not ok!!! That is someone who has been brainwashed into thinking she has a right to tell a neighbor that she needs to get an injection... absolutely insane.
  10. How sad...to be missing Canadian ports. I live in Nova Scotia...land of... applying to the government for permission to travel 200 km away from Halifax to be with your daughter when she gives birth...the hysteria and sorry, I really have no other word that seems appropriate...but brainwashing continues because people are accepting this as ok.
  11. Perhaps think about looking at the bigger picture of humanity rather than simply going on a cruise or not. When working during the 80's and we would get AIDS patients on the floor, there were nurses who felt nervous having them as patients and we would change patient assignments to accommodate. I am so grateful that I didn't have the same thought process as some I worked with.
  12. When I worked as an RN in the operating room, we wore masks to help prevent bacterial contamination of our field...not viral contamination. Oops, think I may have responded to wrong quote.
  13. I am not in the least surprised by your sarcasm. Believe it or not, I understand your reaction.
  14. Whether interventions end up being part of the solutions or not, don't you think the ethics of implementing interventions would be important. If we negate that, aren't we at risk of greater ills, as human beings?
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