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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Because of the kindness of all who started this thread, posted the activities, and yes even helped us with some answers my husband and I are now officially Elite plus with 756 points ( only 2244 to Zenith). Not sure why I never received the emails from Celebrity but it was my fellow Cruise Critic friends that helped me get here. I'll keep participating in the activities as long as you "kind folk" keep posting them. Next booked cruises🏖️ January 2022 and looking forward to sailing with many of you. Enjoying a Captain and Coke to celebrate my new level😁.
  2. Thanks for posting, Roked. My husband and I are chasing one point to Elite Plus. I've signed up at least four times for the PUP points. We're at 749 points and counting! I'm waiting on two points for the Turkey/ Greek survey and five points for the Galapagos seminar( which have not been posted to my account) but maybe, just maybe, this one point survey will push us over the top!!!! Thank you for posting!
  3. Thank you for posting the list. I appreciate you doing this.
  4. Thank you EVOUSA for posting the new PUP. I've tried four times to get Celebrity to send them to me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness ❤️.
  5. Yes, please post the new activity. I signed up three times but still no power up activities. I need two points to elite plus. PLEASE 😁😁. Thank you🤗
  6. Thank you😊 for posting the current activity. I've signed up three times to get the power point activity but it doesn't help. I receive a welcoming offer to book a cruise but no Power Up activity. I receive daily emails from Celebrity's marketing but no Power point one. Cruise Critic people are kind enough to share and enable all of us to get some points. After this my husband and I need two points to achieve Elite Plus. So please keep posting the activity. I'd rather earn the points sailing but alas that can't be right now.
  7. I found this thread yesterday since I hadn't been on Cruise Critic since January. We were on Vision of the Seas from Jan. 25 - Feb. 15th. Then we were on the Summit Feb. 15-March 7th. During our last week of Feb. 29 th my husband came down with the runny nose, sore throat, and cough. But he slept it off and it didn't develop into anything serious. The day before we left the ship I came down with the same symptoms. The Sunday we arrived home I had a fever and felt horrible. I had ER visits on March 9 and March 13. Tests were run on the 9th and it was diagnosed as the rhino v
  8. Hi! We just got off the Adventure and did an excellent tour with Halifax Titanic Historical Tours. Last year we did Lunenburg and this time we did his city tour of Halifax. This was our third time with Paul. He does an excellent job and has good communication before the tour. This tour was the highlight of our cruise. You see and learn so much and the optional lunch is delicious with the freshest haddock I ever ate. Check out paul@halifaxtitanictours.ca. Phone (902) 292-6780 Chris and Carl Sent from my L9 using Tapatalk
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