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  1. Greetings Celebrity has published that those in the non-vaccinated pool have to arrive with proof of a negative COVID test and in addition will be tested at the pier. This will delay their boarding since they will have to sit and wait for the results. Good Sailing Tom
  2. Greetings We are on the 03 July Edge sailing and have heard nothing. I received 2 emails with a "Welcome Back" type message. They both referred to the Healthy At Sea program and said to stay tuned for further info. We are vaccinated and will be taking our original CDC cards with us so I am not too concerned but it would be nice to know the actual procedures. Good Sailing Tom
  3. Greetings The Express Pass is clearly marked with your arrival time. If you're a few minutes early and the lines are short maybe they will let you in but I don't believe you can show up hours early and expect to be allowed to cut line. We will see this Saturday, but there may indeed be large groups waiting for their turns outside the terminal. Good Sailing Tom
  4. Greetings But on the other hand if the CDC just rolls over then they may be relinquishing any real power because they will be sued any and every time they issue a order. The "wronged" party could use this judge's ruling that the CDC has no legal authority as a basis for their suit. Good Sailing Tom
  5. Greetings It's too early for anyone to celebrate or commiserate this ruling. Even if the CSO is null and void what will the cruise lines change? The only item really delaying the industry is the "test cruises" and the possible delay between the test cruise and revenue sailings. It doesn't mandate that lines "must" allow non-vaccinated on-board or that the lines can't adhere to many of the other requirements of the CSO. Many line would advertise their "enhanced health protocols" as a selling point. They will cater to their customers. Good Sailing Tom
  6. Greetings June and early July are good bets to be hurricane free except for the gulf (Texas cruises may have issues). Mid July through mid October are the peak times. We live on the water and are always at home for those months just in case one decides to come our way. And most travel insurance does not cover your having to stay home because a storm just hit your area and your picking up the pieces. Good Sailing Tom
  7. Greetings I believe that everyone will have to be tested on the sea day (05 July) so that the requirements for entry into St Martin (07 July) are met. Good Sailing Tom
  8. Thank you!!! Had to log out and back into the app to get this screen. We are so excited that we are 1 step closer to being at sea again. Good Sailing Tom
  9. I have the app but don't see "Check-In" anywhere. Could you steer me in the proper direction? Thanks
  10. Greetings Wasn't able to get past the "Contract" page and get an arrival time. Anyone get all the way through? Good Sailing Tom
  11. Greetings We saw the 03 July Edge cruise pop up the week before the big announcement and rolled the dice and booked the cruise. We were very happy the next week when Celebrity revealed the cruise was a go. I have seen all the reports and hand wringing about the Florida Guy and the fight with the CDC and the new law. Let's not argue the legality of the law but let's look at the new reporting about the law itself. The law allows fine "up to" $5,000/person. Desantis can make the fine $5/person and declare victory. The law is also like other consumer protection laws in Florida.
  12. I reviewed the guest invoice and yes, the FCC was for exactly 125% of the total fare minus the taxes/fees. They still haven't given us any credit for the taxes/fees. Guess we will need to follow up on this. Thanks for the help. Good Sailing Tom
  13. Any hint as to how long till they issue the refund? The FCC was issued in September for a 22 October cruise. Good Sailing Tom
  14. I am trying to understand how they determine the amount of the FCC. On our cancelled cruise they issued FCC credit for 125% of the the paid amount minus the taxes/fees. I understand that part but does that mean they are suppose to refund the taxes/fees separately? Or is that just a calculation to reduce your 25% bonus for letting them keep your money? Thanks for the help. Good Sailing Tom
  15. Greetings Canada doesn't want cruise passengers visiting. But that doesn't mean that Canada couldn't allow the ship to stop at a port and just have it's docs stamped. The rules do not require any specific time period the ship needs to stay in port nor are there any rules about passengers leaving the ship for it to be a legal trip. When new ships do the short cruises out of Miami to show off the new vessel to invited guest they sometimes simply send a launch into Bimini and have the Bahama's customs clear the ship. That makes it a legal cruise as they did stop in a foreign port.
  16. Greetings Google MIA parking. The Marriot is around $8/day, Embassy Suites about the same, Park N Fly a little more. There are others around the airport. Uber/Lyft to/from the cruise terminal. We do this whenever we cruise for more than 7 days. Good Sailing Tom
  17. Greetings This is true but if your ship is located at J it is a heck of a lot easier to take the bridge instead of the tunnel. Good Sailing Tom
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