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  1. I will not sail until all the ports on my future itinerary are open and we can get off the ship!!!
  2. I don't think anyone should be expecting to cruise until at least the late fall or early 2021. Just my opinion...
  3. That's no excuse for the lack of service or the quality of food.
  4. Hey, I didn't get a chocolate on my bed!!! LOL
  5. Okay, I can see that!! If ports aren't that important anytime being on a ship is great!!!
  6. But we didn't get anymore days. It was a 7 day cruise!!
  7. That's great you have that many cruises my only concern would be if the ports are open.
  8. I know that sometimes ports are changed but we missed all 3 ports on the itinerary. We over paid for what we got.
  9. And this is why I probably won't book with MSC again. No compassion or apologies for missing ports. As a matter of fact they were borderline rude!! If you miss a port shouldn't you get refunded for port charges? We didn't get that either....Maybe you could try other cruise lines?
  10. We went to all the MSC people and they kept sending us else where. We were not late. We probably should have dropped it off at curbside and then went and parked. Other people were in line with their luggage too
  11. I just want to mention what happened to us at the Port of Miami by MSC. We were on the Divina March 13. When we arrived at the port no one would take our luggage!!! We had to carry it on the ship ourselves...What's with that? Did this happen to anyone else?
  12. Wonder why MSC is saying April 30 when they know they are closing until the end of May? Crew members are being sent home for 2 months....
  13. I was on this cruise, I will say Ocean Cay was awesome. But, I was disappointed not to make Tortola. We bought this cruise over a year ago based on itinerary. We paid full price. I know that my same room was half off if you bought in the last month. Call me selfish but we feel we did not get what we paid for. When we spoke to customer service on board their attitude was, "read the contract we can change ports at any time". No compassion what so ever. They would not credit anything. We understand that this virus was out of anyone's control. Well so long MSC. Back to Royal...
  14. We are still planning to board the MSC Divina this Friday. We will take all the precautions. We have a balcony room and sit outside on deck most of the time. I work in Health Care so I could just as soon get sick at work and not on a cruise....Life is a Journey!!!
  15. Well, other than the weather which is no fault of MSC how was the Divina? Did you like the food, ship, crew?
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