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  1. They have them on the Seranade of the Seas by the pool in the smoking area
  2. Thank you so much for the reply!!
  3. We are booked for a cruise on the Divina on Jan. 2020 going to the Panama Canal. I am looking at the Panama Canal tour for 159.00 per person, guess it is an 8 hour tour. Is it really worth the money? Is there any other tour to see some of the canal that is not as long? I also was looking at the train tour that goes to Panama City but I don't know how much of the Canal you will see. Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks
  4. PANAMA CANAL CRUISE CULTURE AND HISTORY | CRI03 The journey begins when we board the buses for a ride to either Gamboa Dredging Division Pier or Cucaracha Pier inside the Panama Canal where you will take the ferry boat that will transport you through The Panama Canal. The ferry will have sufficient space for everyone. The navigation starts through Gaylard Cut that was the most important and difficult part of the Panama Canal construction, here is where the continental divide is located. After crossing Gaylard Cut we will enter Pedro Miguel Locks on our way into Miraflores Lake. After crossing Miraflores Lake we will enter Miraflores Locks on our way to the Pacific Ocean. Centennial and America’s bridge will be seen during the adventure. Finally you will arrive at Pacific Port that is the entrance of the Panama Canal at the Pacific Ocean. Here you will take the buses back to the ship. Each passenger will receive a commemorative certificate of doing the Panama Canal Transit and contributing on the expansion of it! Please note: The transit of ships is subject to the local authorities. Transiting time depends on the traffic schedule of each day. In case it is needed, the tour may be operated in a different way by transiting on the Atlantic Side instead of transiting on the Pacific Side. The tour includes an approx. 1.5 hr. bus ride each way. 0 Cart MSC Divina. 159.00 per person, this looks pretty interesting
  5. Rent a car from Hertz.com they let you rent cars for the day. We paid about 60.00 and did both the north and south ends of the island. We booked ahead online.
  6. We rented a car in Bonaire and it was easy driving around, not much traffic either. We rode trikes in aruba, wasn't too bad just more traffic than Bonaire
  7. Yes, we reserved online and printed out the reservation and brought it with us...
  8. potsie57

    Jeep rental

    IF you can't get a jeep try Hertz.com they have a location at Flamingo Divi resort about a 15 minute walk from the cruise port. They might have jeeps too, I know they had pick up trucks. Did both the North and South end in one day.
  9. Go to Hertz.com, we rented from them before our cruise. The location is at the Flamingo Divi resort about a 15 minute walk from the cruise pier. we only rented for the day and got to see both the North and south ends. Must faster than the golf carts.
  10. Yes, we rented in advance from Hertz.com. We paid about 60.00 with insurance. Good company and car was new. We walked from the cruise port it was about 15 minutes to Flamingo Divi resort. Just ask someone when you get off the ship and they will point you in the right direction. Have fun...
  11. Yes! we used Hertz a few weeks ago. Everything was great. New chevy car. We walked from the cruise port, about 15 minutes. Very good company
  12. Even though a golf cart sounds fun we rented a car from Hertz and drove the north and south routes, saw the interior and any where else we wanted to go. Plus renting a car was half the price of a golf cart. Just something to think about.
  13. St. John's is right by the pier, you can walk around the city. Don't know how safe it would be the further you got away from the cruise port. There is plenty of shopping near the pier.
  14. Loved My Time Dining. I made all the reservations for every night we ate at the MDR before we left for the cruise. Worked like a charm. Just walked right in and got great tables....Highly suggest
  15. Just got off the Serenade. The food was excellent in the Windjammer and MDR. Plenty of choices and the service was top notch.
  16. We are thinking of doing the Coastal Cruise to the Pitons through Royal Caribbean. Royal says it is a 4 hour tour, is that true? I only want a short tour to see the Pitons and be back to the Cruise terminal for plenty of time to shop. Has anyone done this tour? Is it worth the trip? thanks
  17. I loved the Serenade, very nice ship. We liked her so much we booked another trip on her for this Jan.
  18. We will be stopping in Bonaire in Jan of the Serenade of the Seas, I see a lot of people talking about snorkeling. We have snorkeled for 30 years on many many islands in the Caribbean. Is snorkeling better and different than say Aruba, Bermuda, Roatan or Cozumel? Should we make the effort to snorkel Bonaire? I'm at the point now in my life that I am thinking how much better can it be in Bonaire than other islands...Thanks for any tips or suggestions....Can anyone convince me? LOL
  19. Check out Serenade of the Sea, awesome ship, excellent food and itinerary....
  20. I don't know about MSC but you can find these forms on the Carnival site. Check it out and see if it is Carnival exclusive or not.
  21. Sorry if this is the wrong board, I am looking for info on cruising to Havana from Miami. I have read on the MSC website that you can not get off the ship unless you have a tour. Is this correct? I know Holland and Royal Caribbean let Americans off the ship if they just want to walk around on their own. Does anybody know for sure about this? Thank you.
  22. We were on the Serenade in Jan. We loved the food in the windjammer. Many varieties and the food was excellent. enjoy.
  23. What if a person is allergic to Dogs? Should this person's trip be ruined?
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