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  1. I cancelled my cruise a few weeks ago. We only had the deposit paid. Since we have 5 people in our family Royal Caribbean had the 5th person under a different reservation number even though our family of 5 was in the same cabin. We received the refund for the first 4 people but haven’t gotten the last deposit that was under the separate number yet? It has been about 2 weeks since we got the first refund. Should I wait it out or call the travel agency I used who will have to call Royal? I have had an issue before where I cancelled and Royal messed up and they needed to fix something for m
  2. I’m am looking to book a 1 week cruise June 2021. I have poured over all available options from NCl, Disney, Royal, HAL and Princess. I am left with NCl Encore which hits Glacier Bay or Royal that does not. We are a family of 5 which drives up the cost. These are the two options that fit our budget and are round trip since I am u able to get more than 1 week off from work. Between the two which would you pick? It will be Dh and myself -late 30s, DD 16, DD 4 and DS6. We have only cruised Disney and Royal. Serenade will be a balcony, Encore will be ocean view. I
  3. That is very helpful. Thank you! It looks like it might just come down to which cruise line has the week/itinerary I am looking for that June. It is also helpful to know streaming doesn’t work very well. I will have to download of few of the kids favorites before hand.
  4. I know this is a silly question but I am wondering how the WiFi on HAL and Princess compare? Also how is their television programming? I am trying to do research for Alaska in 2022 for my 40th bday. Our 3 kids will be 17, 7,5. We have only been on a few cruises which have included Disney and RC Oasis of the Seas and Anthem. I want this cruise to totally focused on Alaska not the ship features. I am leaning towards Princess or Hal. I am just concerned there won’t be much for the little kids to do on the ship but just want the back up of having movies and things available. We wi
  5. Thank you so much for your trip report. I came across it while researching on the Alaska boards. I am trying to get as much info as I can to hopefully book Alaska for 2022. HAL was probably last one my list but your report actually made me start to price is out as a possibility. We will be traveling with kids and I worry about picking HAL.
  6. I haven’t gone through the total 178 pages so I apologize if this is mentioned somewhere. How does Royal up work if you have a party of 5? We are all booked in a ultra spacious oceanview. So we are in the same cabin but they have one kid with a separate confirmation number because they said the system limits them to 4 per room. Would we just not be able to participate in bidding?
  7. I have never used a travel agent for Royal. I know that with a Disney cruise the price of the cruise never changes between agents it is just what extras such as OBC and stuff that differs Is that the same with Royal? I see on here how people get like 10% obc using agents but I don’t have an agent and not sure how to find a good online one. I did notice after getting 2 quotes that not only are the OBC different but the prices they quoted me are different(a few hundred less than Royals) Is this normal or is it bc they didn’t list a fee in there or something?
  8. Is there a website that shows all the rooms available on RCCL cruises? I remember years ago there was a uk website that had it but it’s been years since I’ve used it and forgot. I am trying to book a family of 5 on Freedom of the Seas next June and would like to see what cabins are available that are connecting or across from each other but it is so hard to do on the Royal website. Thank you!
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