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  1. We’re also on the island and struggling to find somewhere to take the PCR test. Did you manage to get something sorted?
  2. In March we took a tour with Detention tours which was excellent. Samuel offers several tour options including botanical gardens, or dark view falls with pirates of the Caribbean and beach break. The water taxi to Villa beach is quick and convenient. St Vincent is a beautiful volcanic island and to really appreciate the scenery you need to take a taxi or tour.
  3. I fully agree, we have done this a few times and found it very easy. The bus is number 17 and departs when full or approximately every 20mins. When waiting for a bus at Nelsons dockyard we've found them to run every 20-30mins. There is no air-con but the windows open, however it can get quite hot, especaily when stationary.
  4. We have visited Villa beach via water taxi $15pp return a few times. The water taxi is on the left as you leave the port building. The journey can be bumpy if the weather is rough but always felt safe. There are loungers to rent for $20-$25 for 2 loungers and umbrella but also places to just lay your towel if you wish. The water is generally calm in the bay. There are people selling drinks and snacks and you can get local beer for $2. The beach is not huge compared to some Caribbean beaches but has never felt crowded to us. You can also get a $5 water taxi over to young beach from Villa b
  5. You are right, the following cruise is Tobago instead of St Vincent. On our cruise (28/29 February) Grenada and St Vincent was swapped around due to unavailable berth at St Vincent for 6 March.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. We have visited St Vincent 6-7 times and this time was looking for something different to do. It's always important to check cancellation policies in case the ship doesn't dock for whatever reason. Payment for this tour is on the day, no deposit required, so nothing lost if we don't dock.
  7. You can also get to and from these beaches by Bus route number 22. We've frequently used Bus route 17 to nelsons dockyard, which run every 20 minutes. So if everything went wrong you could walk to Valley Road and flag down the bus. The buses in Antigua are mainly mini buses and cost approx $1.50 each way.
  8. Apologies, didn't think other than a means of signposting to reviews. I can't edit the post to remove it. Sarah
  9. Hello We are joining Britannia 29 Feb but there is no roll call but generally P&O roll calls are quite, so i'm posting here. We have a tour booked in St Vincent 5 March 2020 with Samuel Demiron from Detention Tours. There are spaces available for this 5 hour tour departing 8.30am, visiting Fort Charlotte then a scenic drive through the western coast of the islands where we make stops at the Dark View falls then to Wallilabou bay(Pirates of the Caribbean) the Heritage park also in Wallilabou after which we will go to the Buccament beach . This tour is all inclusive fre
  10. You're welcome. Definitely possible to walk if you don't mind the heat and slight incline, but not strenuous. I believe we walked up north river road (passing multiple churches) and then onto the highway - you can see route options on google maps. As we got closer I think there were signs but don't remember any signs to start with.
  11. Hello, we've been to St Vincent a few times via cruise ship. You dock straight into the town of Kingstown, this is a very traditional Caribbean town with none of main Caribbean tourist shops (i.e no diamond international!). You can get a water taxi over to villa / Indian beach for $15 approx. per person return. The water taxi are quite high speed. Once there you can purchase 2 chairs and umbrella for $20-30. There are vendors selling drinks. You can also get a water taxi from there over to young island, we have never done this and from what I've read it depends whether they will allow you to u
  12. Going on MSC Preziosa 19 March from Barbados and trying to weigh up purchasing fun pass vs. pay as you go for F1 stimulator and bowling as not sure how often we would use them. I've had a search of the forum but struggling to find any recent costs for either of these 2 activities. If anyone has any recent prices I would be grateful.
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