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  1. In todays Webinar Barbara Muckermann suggested that they were looking at ‘cruise only’ fares. This was in reply to a question about the inclusion of trips but I fear that any cruise only fare will also exclude the air element. The only reason for including the trips is to raise more revenue, anyone who wants to go and look at a church and taste wine at 8.30 would be able to pay if they considered the cost reasonable. It would be good if they did offer an excluding trips fare and given the feedback on here this would appear to something they should look at.
  2. Our Caribbean sailing on Shadow in January was upto standard and we have 2 more booked on Shadow for the latter parts of next year. Need I say more?
  3. Would agree with earlier comments. Hilton is absolutely fine for a couple of nights but any longer we opt for the Fairmont Royal Pavilion.
  4. There is no 696 but 658 is our cabin of choice, the 60? Numbers you show are too far forward for us. The same applies to deck 5 although never been on that deck the higher the number the better.
  5. An old family photo of my great great grandfather with his second wife and son (my great grandfather] from his first marriage. I got this from a cousin who has the same name as my gg grandfather who sent it to me a while ago. The lady was born in 1856 and my cousin who is now 79 remembers meeting her just before she died in 1950. Thus his great claim to fame is that he has shaken hands with someone born before the American Civil War. Sorry but getting this the right way up is a bit technical for me.
  6. Looks like Holland America have a sophisticated system in place.
  7. O.k my luvver. I also thought Jorge was looking after a family vineyard but did see him on TV a couple of months ago as the assistant restaurant manager onboard one of the Regent ships. It was the one they did a documentary about on channel 5.
  8. Just received email from SS to cancel Spirit sailing 17th July although they have not updated the website as yet. Looks like the next batch of cancellations is about to be released.
  9. 658 is my cabin of choice on Whisper and never had a problem on a few voyages on her.
  10. There not a company that I know of who will cover for longer than 12 months. However given that under normal circumstances you can cancel without penalty upto 6 months out I would not worry as you have no serious liability even if you have paid in full. Let things run and when you are 12 months out think again about insurance.
  11. An email from SS this morning says last chance to use EBD on July and August 2020 voyages. This suggests to me that EBD will stil be available for voyages from September 2020 onwards.
  12. But should not be as they have the choice of in or outdoor elsewhere where others are not affected. This only applies on the revised Shadow.
  13. A couple of weeks ago there were 2 offenders with cigars like torpedos who smoked them both outside Panorama and on deck. This is despite the efforts made to accommodate such people by building an open air conservatory which blocks the passage down one side of the deck. Both offenders were totally impervious to the looks and comments of others. Just goes to show that everything is in the timing and others will have missed these exhibitionists if they were not around 10 minutes either side of their shows.
  14. Yes all resolved sometime after midnight when our loo flushed itself so about 8 hours or so. The only drama today was one of the tenders breaking down and having to be towed back to the ship by another. Nothing much to say about the boarding house story other than to say that when I was a lad an exotic holiday was a trip to a seaside boarding house with one bathroom for all guests. En suites have not always been with us.
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