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  1. But should not be as they have the choice of in or outdoor elsewhere where others are not affected. This only applies on the revised Shadow.
  2. A couple of weeks ago there were 2 offenders with cigars like torpedos who smoked them both outside Panorama and on deck. This is despite the efforts made to accommodate such people by building an open air conservatory which blocks the passage down one side of the deck. Both offenders were totally impervious to the looks and comments of others. Just goes to show that everything is in the timing and others will have missed these exhibitionists if they were not around 10 minutes either side of their shows.
  3. Yes all resolved sometime after midnight when our loo flushed itself so about 8 hours or so. The only drama today was one of the tenders breaking down and having to be towed back to the ship by another. Nothing much to say about the boarding house story other than to say that when I was a lad an exotic holiday was a trip to a seaside boarding house with one bathroom for all guests. En suites have not always been with us.
  4. The. colour of the hull and state of the air conditioning pales into insignificance with the loss of toilet facilities for 20 cabins and a strong smell of sewage in the corridor. This has been going on for at least 6 hours now and looks like the night will bring back memories of a seaside boarding house in the sixties whilst roaming to corridors to find suitable facilities.
  5. Just a note to be alert when inputting passport information on mysilversea. Not for the first time I have found that information I have inputted for my wife has been copied onto my passport details when I get there. Fortunately our dates are about 5 years out of sync so it is quite easy to spot but if in a hurry or not fully paying attention it could happen that the wrong dates are input. I do not think it would be a problem unless and until things are checked by the authorities at any port but just as well to be aware.
  6. Built during WW2 to defend River Thames known as Maunsell towers they were decommissioned in the 50s and one was taken over as an offshore pirate radio station. Later used by a local character who declared it to be the Peoples Republic of Sealand and tried to claim it as the smallest country in the world. He has since deceased but I think his son has taken on the mantel but dont hear so much about it these days.
  7. Speaking from memory, I recall reading that Royal Caribbean have their own dry dock in Grand Bahama and Shadow was due to go there in November. How this will be affected by the recent tragedy remains to be seen.
  8. This promotion goes against all that Silversea professes to stand for and can only lead to reduced enjoyment for the majority. We have already abandoned any thoughts of Christmas and new year cruises as was our custom due to the number of children getting higher each year. With 4 cruises in the pipeline our next one is September so unlikely to have much effect on that one. However there is time for this to impinge on next years bookings so some serious consideration will have to be given to our future commitment to Silversea.
  9. We got off Shadow last Monday and the CD was Allen King.
  10. You will find that La Dame tends to be the most difficult to book and is often shown as “waitlist for a number”. If you wanted it for a specific evening it would certainly be worth going on the waitlist. You could also then follow up when on board. We are on Shadow soon and the evening we have booked La Dame is now shown as “not available”. Although my booking is still shown should I be worried that they have taken the whole restaurant for a private party or is it just that the waitlist is now also full? Any ideas anyone?
  11. No but did receive an advertisement disguised as a card.
  12. Jeff by extraordinary coincidence The Attack version of Hi Ho Silver Lining was played on Sunday by Tony Blackburn in his programme on Radio 2. It was the record discussed by Tony with his producer and the closeness of the two recordings was mentioned. It must be many a year if ever that version this has been played on that station. If I recall it was in the second hour if you feel like tracing it on the i-player. My only recollection of those days on one of my rare trips to the smoke was an evening with Freddie Garrity and the Dreamers at a location I do not recall. The sort of interaction (having a few beers after the show) betwen performers and punters just would not happen these days.
  13. Good to see that all is well on board and hope the crossing stays calm for you all. We were nearly on board as we saw a very good offer from a TA we knew but had not used for a number of years. This was a couple of months ago and they offered a guarantee veranda cabin which we declined as there are some areas of the ship we would not wish to be in. A couple of days later they came up with a cabin number but this was not suitable so we again declined and for a number of reason looked elsewhere. What I am getting round to is how any passengers are on board as it appeared to be almost sold out a couple of months ago yet in the last couple of weeks I have seen availability in a number of grade cabins. I always thought the TA cruises were only about 2/3rds full which is one of the reasons we considered it apart from the good itinerary.
  14. Interesting that 25% discount has been offered to those invloved here yet only 10% to those on the Whisper 26th November cancellation. I was informed on 9th August and have still to receive the balance of my fare as I have booked a cheaper cruise. It is still showing on the SS website as "waitlist" and also on MySilversea where I can even make restraunt bookings. All in all I am less than impressed with the way this has been handled.
  15. SS have got off lighty as I have managed to cancel both hotels without penalty and saved them a lot of money especially as the first one was very expensive. So I am now reviewing the various offers they have put forward. They have offered a couple of cruises at no extra cost, one 2 days longer and another 5 days longer the first of which we are considering. We also have the option to cancel with full refund and have 20% off another 2 specified cruises or 10 % off any other. We are also considering one of the cruises with the 20% discount. However I have done my calculations and find that whilst both cruises are of 11 days the one with the 20% discount works out at more than the cancelled one. They are in the same month and same area so no great compensation involved there. Plenty to consider before I have word with TA on Monday to see what we do.
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