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  1. I would think you have a 99.5% chance of a clear run and no problem. The M25 motorway can have its moments but if you are in a private car with live sat nav they should be able to cope with any problems O.K. We once had a trip back from Heathrow with a major hold up but the satnav took us off and round country lanes with not too much time lost.
  2. I appreciate this has come from SS but I would be very careful. Fusina is nothing but a commercial port/ferry terminal. There were no facilities I could see to even consider checking in and being tested there.
  3. I am still waiting for tickets for Shadow tomorrow and my TA is blaming the SS tech problems. Why have SS not just said turn up on the quayside which I intend to do anyway? It should not be too much of a surprise for them as they have booked my flights to get there.
  4. The Shadow 24/10 to 5/11 has also lost Madeira for a day at sea which is not a fair swap. Madeira is on the UK green list so goodness knows why. Also put in a thumbs up for Nafplion one of our favorites.
  5. For information here are the instructions for the new system at Venice. PRE-EMBARKATION: Due to operational reasons and as per a request from local authorities, all guests are required to undergo a pre-embarkation health screening and check-in at Venice’s Stazione Marittima (Pier 107). Guests enjoying Silversea’s Air & Sea package will be transported to Stazione Marittima, while all guests travelling independently are required to arrive at Stazione Marittima from 1:30pm. Following your health screening, you will be transported to Fusina Pier, which is approximately 25 minutes away.
  6. Has anyone completed their locator form for Italy yet? I have just done mine and it shows scheduled arrival “2021-09-08 12:05 Europe/Rome” 12.05 is the arrival time at Venice Marco Polo which I clicked upon and never made any reference to Rome. The line above with date of submission also shows “Europe/Rome” and that could not have been generated by me so I guess it is just their system. Just want to see if others are the same as paperwork is king these days I want nothing to get between me and my Pimms on deck.
  7. Excellent service from Viking. Any idea the percentage of U.K. pax on a Viking cruise? I suspect it is much higher than SS. The situation is not helped by SS being out of reach at the moment although this would only have been news to them yesterday evening. I do wonder if they may take the view that there are so few U.K. pax on board and do nothing. Another option is just to make it a sea day as I can not see another port that would fit and we already have an extra day in Corfu having lost our visit to Albania. The Fusina terminal in Venice is no problem at all although not the most scenic. An easy 25 minute run from the airport but not quite so easy from Venice central.
  8. So what now? This means UK pax would have to be imprisoned for 10 days upon return to UK. Hopefully SS will reschedule this one day or face a number of cancellations.
  9. Yes there are problems with MySilversea and phones. Expected to be resolved by tomorrow.
  10. If you hotel is close to the Zattere ferry terminal there is a direct ferry to Fusina. Otherwise you could take the local vaporetto from San Marco to Zattere and change rather depends on the amount of luggage you may have.
  11. Just received email from SS confirming that departure on 8th September in Venice will be from the Fusina terminal which appears to be mainland Venice. Also the stop in Durres, Albania is cancelled and replaced by a further day in Corfu. This is because Greek authorities will not allow docking after a call in Albania. Otherwise we hope all systems go.
  12. MSC are using Monfalcone which is 90 minutes by road. After check in at Venice they are taken by coach to the ship. No cruise facilities at Monfalcone. The cynic in me suggests that any announcement will be made with 29 days to sailing rather than any earlier..
  13. And Shadow is due there 8th September but nothing announced as yet.
  14. Just checked Blacklane prices for my Sept dates and they quote £179.57 each way and I am 52.7 miles from Heathrow. My usual service which I have used for years is £120.00 for their e class Mercedes and they will continue to receive my custom. I have used Blacklane and had some excellent cars and drivers but all overseas and found them to be quite reliable. Sometimes they have pretty well matched local taxi prices and others they have charged more but if they quote me too much I just make my own arrangements. I do not need SS do do this for me and the extra charge is just a way of trying to increase revenue.
  15. Les, How about asking Viking which insurers they consider have acceptable wording?
  16. Funnily enough when you were posting I was on the phone to my TA on exactly this point. The difference being I was not aware of specific guidance for cruises but was looking at the 4 countries due to be visited on my September Shadow cruise. Sadly I think what you state is absolutely correct and I do suppose those people who have been on the Moon from the UK have accepted the risk of travelling without insurance. My father had a major problem on one trip and often said the premiums he paid for the trip was the best expense of his life. Whilst I feel well enough to fully expect I would cope with 13 days out of the country without a problem I do not fancy the risk. Accordingly if there is no change in the advice when I am about 35 days away from sailing I shall be cancelling and taking the FCC. Even if the FCO changed the advice re cruising there is still the issue of advice in respect of each country to consider and I would not suggest that just staying on board at a banned country would work. If you have a problem on that day you could find yourself in the local hospital and with no cover.
  17. Disappointed yes, surprised no. It was always going to be a revenue raiser as the markup on tours is substantial. When you consider the cost of making your own arrangements against the price SS charge. We once took the helicopter from Monte Carlo to Nice Airport for leas than SS would have charged the 2 of us for the transfer by road through them. Sadly so many people fall for the “free” headline and fail to note the resultant hike in fares.
  18. My first bloom of the year on the latest addition to the garden which I just had to have when I noticed the name whilst in the garden centre. The nearest I have been to it for far too long…….oh the name….Silver Shadow.
  19. Does anyone have an idea why there is this expiration date on the certificate. I could understand say for 1 year but 1 month???
  20. There is a casino on Dawn but OBC is not accepted there. We have always booked any trips prior to boarding and they always appear on the account at the end of the voyage when the credit is applied.
  21. Thats a relief so there is still hope for Shadow although sorry for your loss. Your cruise does not appear on the SS site when searched although the one following still does. On another thread the Moon is said to be cancelled in June so looks like something may be in the pipeline for SS using Moon this summer or am I just getting stir crazy and clutching at straws?
  22. I presume you mean the 8th September on Shadow although nothing showing on the website as yet.
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