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  1. If you dig down into the sand a little bit, you will see pinker sand. It gets bleached out by the sun.
  2. I called RC today. Found out that a copy of the death certificate was fine. Now to remind dad to make a copy and get it to me. At least he wasn't crazy that he didn't have a cremation certificate. The funeral home that took care of it and the funeral home who did the cremation were two different places. The one that did the cremation sent them a copy and they kept it for their files. The one that did the cremation is going to send me another copy. So I think I am all set. Just to make it through this process alone on my March cruise.
  3. I have done that. The form Royal sent me says death certificate and cremation certificate. Wasn't sure if a copy of them was fine. Looking into what a cremation certificate is. I have the contact info for the funeral home. I plan on giving them a call.
  4. Those who have done a burial at sea- is a copy of the death certificate fine? My dad doesn't want to send me the original, which I understand. Do you need a cremation certificate and what is that? Dad is not sure he got anything from the funeral home that did the cremation.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I wish I could have family with me, but I'm the only one who likes cruises and can take the time to do this. We were all together in last June to do the main sprinkling of her ashes in Colorado. But since my grandpa's ashes were spread at sea, we wanted to have part of her there too. Hopefully this can be done no the 1st part of the cruise. I've had her ashes since summer high up on a shelf in my closet. Been worried about my sneaky cats finding a way to get up there and knock her down!
  6. My dad is the one who can't find them. I will give him a few days to look for them since my cruise is in March. I know which funeral home she was cremated at since I have that container with her ashes in it. It's good to know that I can contact county recorder's office. I was not sure that I could get a copy not being a spouse or child but a grandchild.
  7. Thanks for this. That would be nice to have. My father has one for my grandpa went he was buried at sea on board the USS Ronald Reagan. He was a WWII vet. They had a nice ceremony. They sent my dad a nice DVD and we got photos of it from their ship's website. It would be nice to have one for my grandma. I have the original container from the funeral home. It will fly with me when I go. I have a small paper urn since it is only part of her ashes. Did you have to present a death certificate, etc?
  8. Thanks. I will check out that thread
  9. Has anyone had experience with this on Royal Caribbean? I have some of my grandmother's ashes that she wanted spread at sea. My grandparents loved cruising so my family thought this would be a great way to remember her. I've already contacted RC and have the permission and know to contact the front desk on the first day. Do I really need to have the death certificate and cremation certificate. My dad is not sure where he put them. I have purchased a biodegradable urn. Did anyone have to show a certificate showing it was biodegradable. But I am traveling by myself this cruise and my siblings would like to see some video of this. Can I have someone else besides me there if I can get someone from my roll call to come if they are not on my reservation? Do you think someone on the crew would be willing to take some video? I'm not planning on doing anything much besides tossing the urn. Maybe reading some memories my parents and siblings are sending me since we did the main memorial this past summer. Thanks in advance for your help.
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