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  1. I guess that explains why the wall with the ATK logo looked like this on the the Nieuw Amsterdam:
  2. Aren't the all aboard times usually 30 minutes before the ship actually sets sail? If so, you should be leaving Cozumel as scheduled. I'm on the 1/4 sailing as well, and haven't heard about any changes from HAL or my travel agent.
  3. It was very windy there yesterday - other ships appeared to be using tugs for help as well.
  4. When the ship left to go to Freeport last week, at one point it was sailing at around 16knots. On the HAL twitter feed, someone asked if the system was repaired or if clearance was given to sail on one azipod - HAL's response was "The Nieuw Amsterdam has been approved as completely safe to sail with one azipod propulsion system by all relevant authorities." So, they didn't answer the question as to whether the system was fixed, just that it was cleared to sail on one azipod. Someone in another thread mentioned they'd like to see the display in the Crow's Nest that shows the engine speed, heading, etc. That would be a good way to tell if they're using both engines or not. Either way, I haven't received any communication from HAL about my 1/4 cruise being impacted - I would think if they were going to alter the itinerary, they would have contacted us by now. As long as I can get on the ship I'll be happy - I don't care where it goes!
  5. Now she's heading south, in the opposite direction of Freeport...
  6. Same here - but for 1/4. We've contacted our travel agent... I'd be happy if they just go to Half Moon Key for the week!
  7. Funny you should say that - I'm on the Holland site now looking at options, and that one stood out! We've communicated that to our travel agent, so we'll see what happens. Luckily we have a lot of flexibility before the cruise, so it's definitely a possibility. HAL recently changed our 10 day January 2021 cruise to skip one of the ABCs so it would be nice to get all of them! The other thing is we have the drink package on the NA voyage; I doubt it would transfer over.
  8. Does anyone happen to have a copy of the cruise cancellation letter if there is one? We're booked on NA for the 1/4 sailing. We didn't have anything planned at any of the ports other than beaches and shopping. I'd hate to have our cruise cancelled though...
  9. We were on the Miracle last week out of Tampa. The LGBT meet up was consistently at the same time and location. I've noticed on other recent cruises that wasn't the case. Our problem on this cruise was that it was at 10:30 every night, and we typically don't stay up that late, so we never went.
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